Tuesday, December 25, 2007


i swear.

i think im gonna become effing racist.

you friggin arseholes. chopped off dicks.

sorry if anyone offended. it isnt u.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

If This Continues...

i'd probably crack my balls and go infertile.

futsal, i mean.

Monday, December 03, 2007

If I Was A Doctor

what kind of doctor would i be? i seriously thought i'd be a vet, never a doctor. but apparently i have the face of a penis specialist. if there's anything of such.

last weekend i was in a supermarket in kb town, minding my own business in the drinks section.


there was this old chinese man, working there, stacking up the pile of multicoloured bottles and cans. there was no one else in the alley, and suddenly he turns to me and our conversation awkwardly begins.

(conversation originally in malay)

ocm (old chinese man): u malay?

me: no. indian.

ocm: from india?

me: (gosh how shallow minded) nooooo. from johor bahru. i come here to study.

ocm: ooo... u don't look indian. u mix? mother chinese?

me: ermm... ya.

ocm: you can speak chinese?

me: no not really. very little. very bad.

then he starts giving me, yet again "i've heard it before" lecture, how important we should know our mother tongue. mandrin very important. go anywhere, english and mandrin most important. not malay. bla de bla de bla bla...

hence continues the conversation in mandrin. whoever who knows me can imagine how horrible my mandrin was. i could understand. but omg my replies were so friggin limited mannnn.

and oh yea after the lecture, he suddenly remembers i'm a student...

ocm: so where u studying?

me: usm.

the usm campus here is the medical faculty. just for the fun of it, my friends and i like to say we're from there. no reason. konon mysterious laaa...

ocm: ooooo so u gonna be a doctor?

me: erm yeaaa *and gleams*


ocm: can i ask u one question?

me: yea sure... (thought i was dead la he gonna ask me some medical Q)

ocm: do u have to go for operation or got medicine to make it longer and stronger?

remember. this is all going on in mandrin. i seriously tried not to laugh, but this poor man was so serious! so...

me: *honestly* i dont know.

ocm: isnt there medicine?

me: *laughs* got la, but no guarantee.

ocm: you know where to do or get medicine? now people here all have to go thailand. if you can do here, i assure u, u will be rich! i can bring u customer. a lot of ppl want to do, but too ma fan to go thailand. seriously, u do this, u rich. i know a lot of ppl.

me: *laughs some more* dont know la. never learn yet...

ocm: but really, got operation? or medicine?

(then he takes this drink. its VITA or something like that. its kiwi juice in a glass bottle, diametre pretty big)

ocm: *grips the bottle ala ...* like this. strong and long. then only women satisfied.

(at this point, i felt sorry but couldnt stop laughing at the man laaa)

ocm: you find out more can? then next time i bring u customer. a lot of ppl in kb i know want to do. sure good business!

me: sorry uncle. have to go ready. *still laughing*

ocm: oh ok ok. u find our more la. next time tell me what u find out. see u again!


so atta, what is your opinion?


dont know when i'm gonna go back there man.

Friday, November 09, 2007


i think J Timberlake is a reaaally sad case.

he sings:

"Ayo!!!! I'm tired of usin technology
Why don't you sit down on top of me?
Ayo!!!! I'm tired of usin' technology
I need you right in front of me"

doesn't that say something? hmmmm....

am very much addicted to this line:

*everybody sing along*


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dreams & SOT

SOT meaning "some other things". i haven't had much *insipid* inspiration to blog about so i guess most of my posts are gonna be SOTs. the blogging drive seems to have been depleted. i think its the KB air. or the lack of it.

i had this really peculiar dream last night. i was to deliver some sacred relic (do NOT ask me the timeframe) from somewhere to somewhere. don't remember the exact details but it involved Dato Michelle Yeoh in a green chinese fairy/empress dress, swirling around trying to gain my trust (don't know why either). see she was suppose to be some kind of bodyguard of mine against some mean guy who's also after that scared relic. and she could transform into weird creatures. talk about transformers!

dream went on, and as usual, it ended with apnoea.

APNOEA- cessation of breathing when asleep.

another random dream, not last night, but has been re-occuring a few times already, is bout my ol' fish tank. with gold fishes. in my ol' house. it starts with me in the house, realizing i haven't fed the fish nor cleaned the tank in awhile, turning around to find the tank spotless of algae and fish well fed. which amazes me, and i just stop and stare at the tank till i wake up.

anybody read dreams?


oh gosh i've got shit loads to read up on. the manuals manuals manuals. haven't opened it till today, and not to say i read much today either. i'm so friggin deadmeat in a frying pan!

then there's Met to read up on again. i am SOOOOOO gone.

being home isn't making it easier. its just been so long since i enjoyed doing nothing. then as the days go by, that awful remorse of not doing what you're suppose to be doing grows larger. i am such a goner...


Nigel"BiscuitBoy" (NBB) is so funny to watch. seeing him running. off balance. almost falling. hands waving everywhere.

then when he falls, he just lays there till someone carries him. such a biscuitboy. and he's so nice to hug. and nobody understand what he's yapping. AND he pronounces "5" as five-ish.

then there's ITT and his nonsense talk and endless "whys". imagine trying to give a logical answer to WHY i can drive, or WHY that stranger is talking on the phone by the road.

-i miss my bed in this house-

Saturday, October 27, 2007


few weeks back i had this particular dream which was kinda weird.

i rented this apartment. it was those with two floors (gosh i cant remember the word at the moment which is very frustrating). so yea THOSE kinda apartments.

apparently the timeline was after graduation from kb. so i was suppose to start 'working'.

the apartment was fully furnished. all white. like gila2 white and metal, you know those futuristic-styled furnishing? kinda cool la. had a bar. (i am NOT a drunkard). and everything was very white. with funny wuzzy shaped furniture! and the apartment was in kl. but very quiet area, though near clubs and sorts. and they had shuttle service right below the apartments to the airport.

all for a mere 4oo bucks a month. damn gila cheap man.

but the only slack part, the top floor was just an entry to the bedroom. an the bedroom can only fit one single bed (but it was those really comfortable looking bed on the floor with excess comfortability, if that makes sense). and it was already furnished with sorts of things.

and the whole apartment only got one bedroom -.-"

anyways, i think it was because i watched too much Good Luck at that time.

*Good Luck- japanese drama bout an ANA pilot

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Miscommunication & Blabbers

on the way back to kb, i took the train and got the lower bunk bed. the person who was supposed to be above me was an elderly chinese lady.

so she asked to switch places coz she's old and that kinda reasons, and i agreed since i'm such a good boy and all...

i overheard she was getting down before me (coz my stop is the second last of the whole country), so when thanked me for switching places, i asked her to inform me when she's alighting so i could go back down.

then she started:

(in malay)
" oh i came to visit my daugther here. my grandchildren all here. i visit them. they are ........"


maybe my bahasa gone case already laaaa


i seem to like alicia keys' new song "no one".

and i've also been replaying justin timberlake's tune "until the end of time". the remixed one. the duet with beyonce. hahahahahaha

surprise surprise...


i'm gonna freaking fly a plane!


well not so soon. but soon. gosh.


ppl have faith in me. gotta get used to that.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


or the likes of it. everyone is guilty of it, no matter how little of it, no matter how unfrequent it occurs.

egocentric: feeling of ego being the centre

its hard not to feel such. not to be such. or maybe its just me?

its hard to avoid being egocentric at times. but i do try to minimize it. i know its bad. whats really sad, is self denial. dont you think? i mean its all fair and swell if you're egocentric, but to deny the fact, even after being told out bluntly, shown clearly of what has become, dont you think its time for some rethinking?

maybe he has. maybe he hasnt. who knows.

egocentricity. its really just a sword you're holding, albeit pointing to your own heart. sadly.

i dont know why, but i'm reminded lately of something from the past. basically the time when you understood everything, and i knew nuts about you. and all the blame i could put on you, and neglect everything mostly coz of the lack of capacity and load of ignorance. the time when i could feel free and unsuccumbed to anything, even when the world was closing in.

the time when i was probably 4feet tall. or less. dont u miss those days? when you wanted to grow up fast, and barely took notice of anything. but when you do grow up, things aren't as nice as how you perceived it to be? regret not noticing every damn thing that actually was good?

things were much more fascinating from 4feet above the ground.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


im still counting down the days to raya. and back jb i'll be!

even for such a short span.

well food here has gotten from bad to worse. note the deterioration from what to what.

so anyways, food has become worst. its always like that since less people are eating lunch. fruits have been cut down to "too much sugar later turned to fat"-inducing kuih. the thing is, they already cook food with lotta sugar, is there really a need for more wasteful sugar?

consequently (i think), im coming down with some flu n probably tonsils too. "hooray"! the unbalance diet. the lack of vitamin c.

oh n i missed the mooncake festival. whatever la.

looking forward to oct10!

kak, rumah terbuka ada tak?


before i go, quote of the week (well said i think!):

there are no dogs here, except human dogs.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


dont have anything furtive to blog, so i'll just blog a joke i heard this week.

in malay though:

ali selalu di kelas menggosok rambutnya dengan air liur. setiap kali dia mengantuk atau tak dapat faham apa yang diajar, dia meludah tangannya dan menggosok rambutnya.

suatu hari, cikgunya tanya: ali kenapa awak setiap kali gosok rambut dengan air liur?

ali pun berkata: hari tu waktu malam saya dengar ibu kata pada ayah, "kalau susah nak masuk, letaklah air liur kat kepala..."

-the end-

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Just A Ponder

doesn't it sound rather untrustworthy:


may bank to you.


Thursday, August 23, 2007


usually people take a walk, or ride a bike in the evening. usually.

here, people ride horses. how often do you see that on the roads of malaysia?

Thursday, August 16, 2007


urghhh can't believe they want us to be dressed up in the common room (which is the cafeteria/lounge/tv room!)

like collared shirts/tshirts & slacks & shoes & socks!


its suppose to be a place for us to relax man. its so weird. already we got so lil freedom, some more now they do this! damn merepek right? some bull excuse say we gonna work in airlines, so we must always be 'proper'. so crap!

i bet i know which dumbfuck caused this.

urghhhh hope they cancel this rule la. this the only place with internet. takkan wanna dress nicely to use the (unreliable) internet n watch tv?! not like the food here some super 5star class...

oh yea the flies here are another bunch of dumbfucks. as in 'lalat' btw.

the other day while in my room, one stupid fly kept flying overhead in a circuit.

again and again and again.

then dont know why, it decided to fly into the fan and TOK!


one fat ass fly la to cause such a hard knocking sound!

you can find flies like this anywhere else in the world? i dont think so...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dedication To You

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

- "I Carry Your Heart" by E E Cummings-


Dedicated to you,

for everything yesterday, today and tomorrow has been;
for everything said, done, and hoped;
for every glance given, taken and shared;
for every word written, claimed, and thought of;
for all this period has brought along;

may you miss me even more.

as i do you too.


Thursday, August 09, 2007



everything's fine here.

just lagging on the studies.

will update more when lappie comes at the end of the month. hopefully everything will get better then!


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Leaving On A Jet Plane

i'll be leaving early monday morning for kota bharu. no idea what to expect. hope everthing goes well.

i'm still nervous/scared as hell. i guess the best way to put it, the reason of this 'fear', as one of the other cadets put it:

"don't you feel like you're trading your youth away for this?"

it is true. but like he also said, its an investment. let's hope he's right.

to all, take care. hope i can update soon.

good news is, i can 'ngam' with the oher cadets. hope settling in will be easy.

ok will leaving on a jet plane soon enough.

wish me best-y lucks!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Did She Actually Say That?

i hope the ring you gave to her makes her finger green.
i hope that when you're in bed with her,
you think of me.

- opening lines to K Clarkson's "Never Again" -

if you open the NST today, page 62, you'd find this interview with Channel V's Sarah Tan by an ignorant reporter.

either she's ignorant, or the reporter just sent Sarah a questionaire.

you be the judge:

Q: how do you maintain your fabulous figure?
A: i'm the world's worst when it comes to keeping fit and going to the gym and all that. the most exercise i do is walking the dog twice a day. its not something i'm proud of. i think i should be going to the gym more to keep fit. i'm just so lazy!

Q: what is your workour regime and how do you fit it in your busy schedule?
A: besides walking the dog, there isn't much i can tell you. (something something bout sarah not going to the gym)

Q: what is the best thing about working out?
(i cant believe she asked this question?!)

Q: what are some of the obstacles that deter you from working out?
(didn't she just admit she's lazy?)

Q: what is your one indulgence when it comes to food?
A: i like savoury food more than sweets so my biggest indulgence is the second or third helping of roast dinner.

Q: have you always maintained this healthy lifestyle or was it circumstances that lead you to adopt it?
(roast dinner is healthy lifestyle now?)

Q: what keeps you motivated to workout?
(if i was Sarah, i'd just commit suicide right about now)


oh yea Chris Brown's new song 'wall to wall', its not that great or anything, but the video kinda cool la.

its ala MJ's Thriller. vampires and dance moves.

and tiring leg exercise.


Monday, July 23, 2007


this, surprisingly, would mark my 100th post. maybe i've said too much?

NAHHHHH. not possible.

nothing much to substantiate this post, so i shall just ramble my rambles. have finished 7 Types Of Ambiguity, and finally realized why kinokuniya labelled it under literature. storyline was fantastic, but the ending was kinda blurry. hmmm... think i should read it a second time!

next on my list, To Kill A Mockingbird. never read it before, shall try. for the old timer's sake, i shall give mr lee the benefit of the doubt. dont know when i'll finish it, coz i dont know how busy i'll be. anyways, harry potter book 7, havent had the opportunity to caress it yet. dont know when i'll get to anyways. hopefully soon, but i doubt that.

hope its good. no spoilers please.

and no need to brag atta. i know you finished it in a somewhat record time. and as i've said, with or without your busy schedule, you'd have done it no different way.

on a different note, the worry. its scary. but i've calmed myself down. i guess its just the initial ultimate nervous washdown one gets when venturing into something totally new.

life changing in fact. omg WOW. life changing.

that's a big decision now isn't it? least to say, its mortifying the thought of it.

but OMG. it so surreal, maybe i'm just scared of waking up?


its alright if you dont know what i'm rambling about. its just the jitter bug. gosh how lame is that term 'jitter bug'?!

won't it be nicer if decisions weren't that big?

Friday, July 20, 2007


Those flashing lights come from everywhere
The way they hit her I just stop and stare
I'm love stoned from everywhere and she knows
I think that she knows
Think that she knows...

And now I walk around without a care
She's got me hooked
It just ain't fair, but I...
I'm love stoned and I could swear
That she knows
Think that she knows,
She knows,
She knows...

-J Timberlake's "Love Stoned/Think She Knows"-


this is an entry from my old blog.

i could use some simplicity of perception right now.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007


you may probably think that of me.

coz i QUIT uni.

heh. the joy of civilization.

even for just this short bit, incomprehensible.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Life Begins Here...

or so to say.

tomorrow i shall leave for kl, and the following evening will be off to ulu-ness of a place called nibong tebal. sigh.

tonight shall be the last night, before many nights have passed, i will be granted to have a comfy sleep in my comfy bed.

today shall be the last day, in many days to come, for me to be on this computer.

more than 600km away from this home, i dont think i'll be blogging much, or even allowed to be reading updates on all your blogs. one of my daily routines gone.

dont think i'll be online in msn soon either.

i will miss food.

i'll meet new people.

well let's all hope what i've blogged today wont materialize ;D

coz thats what i'll be doing. join the fun!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mrs. Doctor & Mr. Dentist

Somethin' bout the look in your eyes,
Oooh it just makes me feel so right.

Joss Stone- Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now

i have a liking to joss stone's songs. not all of em, but most of em. i think she is rather under-rated. she could be a much better singer.

(ok i think that is the drugs speaking)

i'm down with tonsils again. and fever. morning i went to see the doctor.

doctor: its been awhile since i last saw you.

ME: well isn't that a good thing?!

hehehehe...so i've got my dose of fever medicine, something for the swelling, and antibiotics. i hate the after taste of med. it sticks in your mouth for ages! yucks.

and i'm awfully hungry. i tend to get VERY hungry when i'm sick. but the thought of eating isn't very enticing. with the tonsils swelled up, chicken curry isn't enticing. damn!

anywayz, have bout a week plus left in jb. gotta report for uni next sunday. actually next saturday, but think i'll miss that, and go the next day for pretty good reasons. will be moving WAAAYYYY up north. i just hope they've got wifi. proper food, coz good food is pretty impossible. and clean toilets. yep CLEANNN toilets.

oh and i might get my own lappie! yay! not confirmed yet. anyways, any suggestions what should i look out for? i'm bad with techtalk. i understand RAM, but whats the Ghz for? and the rest? and isnt intel celeron old?

oh and the blardy surat tawaran and whatnots have not arrived! so i'm a bit freaked out bout my uni admission!

ok randoms randoms randoms.

earlier before going to the clinic, i went to the dentist coz i was having some bad stinging pain everytime i had cold water.

you have very good teeth.
no decay!

so the stinging pain was because of the thinner enamel of my teeth. have to start using sensodyne toothpaste now.

i've very good teeth. the dentist said so.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


one year passed with a silent dash,
like a gush of wind,
effortlessly through gaps of my fingers still.

one year passed with a momentous wave,
swallowing me in its very direction,
a sudden push and a halting drag,
to bring a perspective of somewhat luster.

one year passed with thorough form,
sketching fables in forsaken caves,
ruffling the calm of dangling green leaves,
once under thy unspoken sovereign peace.

one year passed with an unavoidable begining,
one year passed to bring this day of last,
rises the ubiquitous sun again some time.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

In The Office Pantry

i've bout 5mins to blog before Heroes starts so lets zoooommmm

scenario: office people talking bout me wanting to become a pilot. coz everyone seems to be on break together, so choose a silly topic to bombard and blast. with me, or against me.

note: KD thinks its a bad choice. she thinks a plane crash is as common as a car crash on KESAS highway. KY thinks otherwise. in my favour.

KD: eh tak sayang ke muka cantik mati cepat?

me: well, dah lama idamkan. sooo tak pe ahhh (i've already told her its not likely to crash)

KD: boleh setuju lagi! hahahaha... tapi kesian lah. kalau crash nanti.

me just laughs.

KY: yak'lah. hidup lama pun, DOSA JE LEBIH!

-k needs to rush downstairs. bye bye!-

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


God has pity on kindergarten children.
He has less pity on school children.
And on grownups he has no pity at all,
he leaves them alone,
and sometimes they must crawl on all fours...

Yehuda Amichai
if you've read today's NST papers, you'd notice at the top, just below the words "New Straits Times", in a banner-like note about friendster.
it reads:
3.1 million users make us No. 1 on social networking website
(i'm too lazy to snap a pic a bluetooth it to the comp, so check it out yrself)
such an 'honourable' accomplishment?!
at least it make sense now why there's just TOO many locals being 'connected' to every ang moh out there.
and i guess they failed to TRULY analize the accounts. i know quite a few ppl who create multiple accounts, or even create fake personas. that would decrease the 3.1mil figure quite i bit i'm sure.
well at least they were fake identities of humans.
RRonaldo created an even more awesome account. for his dog.
i cant seem to insert the url here. blogger having some prob lahhh damn irritating.
wonder how many woofing accounts are really out there...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Debate 04'

quote of the day:

well it's really how you spend that one day.

i watched Pirates3 (FINALLY!) and Shrek the Third :D

anyways as i was on the bus back home, a familiar face got on the same bus. i didnt know him that well, but he was a familiar face from the past lol so lame...

he did hold a significant part in my highschool life. see going into form5, my english teacher sent my name for the debate team. at that time, i wasnt even interested in debating. worst still, the debate team i was in, was a bunch of virgin-debaters. none of us had ever gone to watch a debate, or even wanted to be there.

but soon it all changed when the training started. the head teachr was fun. i think he's more into competitions than into teaching, but i didnt care so long as he wasnt my class's english teacher hehehe...

the build-up to our first debate wasnt so bad. since none of us were debaters before, expectations were low. but i was pretty determined not to make it just a one-round-er team. i wanted us to last at least a few rounds, make an impression, and lose with dignity.

and i was true...except the last one. which turned out a long story of could-be betrayal.
(never expected such a dull thing as debating to turn out into such a soap-opera eh?)

we were granted many permissions to skip classes, we gleamed. we were allowed to practice in comfortable rooms, we gleamed some more. we were given extra long breaks at the canteen, we gleamed even more.

we got left behind in add maths class, we sucked it up. we got picked on during add maths class BY our own add maths teachers, we tried to suck it up lol...

so the familiar face on the bus? well he was a member of the first debate team we faced. their 1st speaker sent a shiver down our spines when he first opened his speech. he walked out front resplendently. he stood bravely. he spook fluently. greeting the judges, us, and the audience. he opened his speech, straight from his mind!

we sat at the other side of the room nervously, cold and sweaty palms. DAMN! they memorized their speech! we needed our speeches in hand for reference!

then suddenly, swiftfully, he reached his back pocket with his left hand and shook a folded piece of paper into a straighten front. and started reading word by word.

you have no idea how relief we felt from that moment on. imagine losing at home grounds! at least now we stood a chance. and we did. we won 3 debates. lost the last, but managed to salvaged some dignity for my school in that one :D

it was also in that first round where i went on questioning the opposing team in one POI (each POI 20secs only i think), refusing to sit down, coz he wasnt answering my Q. everytime i was ready to sit, he would say something which i had something else to refute, and so i looked like an ignorant fool refusing to take his seat. i remember my teachers in the audience giving hand signals to me to sit, and the head teacher covering his face with his hand at that moment hahahaha...

surprisingly, i got the best speaker that time hahahaha... no one could believe it.

the 3rd round, was against an all-girls school, and they went on some weird ground saying prostitution are the longest known carrier and somewhere along the guidelines it never caused social ills.

i retaliated with "do you see prostitutes knocking on your doors at home? hey do you wanna have sex with me?"

that got the audience laughing and the opposing team's reply couldnt be heard hahaha...and i didnt get best speaker, no surprise i think.

so that was that. meeting the guy on the bus, GoodPerson, reminded of that time.

GOSH its been 3 years! so fast...so much has happened since that 3 years. and i still remember him, and he remembers me! (although he DID think he met me at chess, which i dont do, then i said 'debate?' and we both 'ahhhh yes' together and confirmed our acquintance) usually i'd act not bothered, but dunno y yesterday i didnt.

so whats gonna happen 3 years from now? hmmm...

word of the day:

fistula: a hole in your rectum that bleeds foul-smelling pus and faeces all day long.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Is He?

in the livingroom watching tv with family, when the maroon5's advert for their new album goes on.

and he sings:

give me something to believe in, coz i dont belive in you, anymore.

the infectious tune of Makes Me Wonder played over the telly. initially, i did not like it, but it did grow on me.

anyways as the advert went on, and i soon found myself singing along not-so-loudly, my sis makes a remark about "avril lavigne's bro" adam levine, the lead of maroon5:

sis: sharman, he's gay.

me: why u say?

sis: look at him. the way he dress up, the way he walk. haizzz so wasted. such a handsome guy... but he's gay.

me: maybe he's metro
(i know some words k. think i even used it for SPM essay paper. the evolution of clothes coined this word lol)

sis: noooo.

*i dont want to argue over something i do not bother*




Monday, June 04, 2007

Think About It

about the original cast of power rangers, did you know?

Red Ranger dabbles in gay porn.
Pink Rager works mostly as an extra on hollywood films these days.
Blue Ranger looks about 50 years old now!
Yellow Ranger passed away in a car crash back in 2001. RIP.
the funniest has to be black ranger. Get this…he was in House Of The Dead 2 as “Locker Zombie”. It was an uncredited role.

-taken from Little Girl In A Reverie-

its sad what's happened to them dont you think? a porn star, an extra, an old man, an RIP, and a zombie? guess their teen star didnt shine as bright as justin or britney. bluerghhh.


last month when i went up to KL, my cuz Nurse lectured me on STDs. think she got the wrong cuz to lecture, but it was enlightening in some ways.

scary too!

but anyways, she was telling me the main STDs (if any others), other than HIV, which were siphilis, gonorhea and herpes (excuse the spelling please. i only know the last one is correctly alphabetically arranged).

so anyways today i will touch gonorhea. i hope its the right one i'm blogging about.

yea so she was saying gonorhea, explaining the physical transitions that could happen to your 'sacred instruments' and what not.

did you know (again!), that if you've got gonorhea, you're sacred instruments would start smelling like fish?

imagine opening your fly, to be whizzed into a fish market! euwwww...

whats worst if its a girl who has it. you could smell the fishy stink if she's sitting beside you!

SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY...is it from under your skirt?


and its no wonder, that whoever it is, had the inspiration to coin this saying:

"if it smells like rotten fish, don't stick your tongue in it"

he/she must have created it in bed i'm sure :D

Sunday, May 27, 2007


went for paintball last morning, coz technically its sunday already. was an R&R thing the company does every month with different activities, and this month it was paintball!

game of 6 -vs- 6. i tasted orange *water soluble* (like it makes a difference) paint. a pellet smacked into the wooden log barricade i was hiding at, and burst into my face mask, which had a mouth ventilation obviously! so yep, i tasted orange coloured paint.

i saw this scratch, quite disappointingly, on me. after hearing AND seeing all the sordid bruises people got after playing paintball (i've seen someone's skin pecah after getting shot), this was certainly rather... sad case?

this was on my forearm actually. had to twist awkwardly to get a clear picture.

i was expecting more, honestly. and even this was such a cheap shot. i had to wave the white flag coz my marker (aka gun) got jammed, and as i was walking out of the field, people started firing at me aimlessly, and one hit me from behind! unfair.

i did get shot a few times, but the pellets didnt burst so it didnt count. anyways, this was so far the only visible bruise i got, till i went to shower and saw...

i had another on my chest, and one more on my lower back. but those two barely protruding. this however, was as close as i got to those horrific paintball aftermath stories. its not painful actually. but the worse is...

THE LEGS! omg. climbing, running, breaking suddenly, crouching and the horror of squating again AND AGAIN. dah la that day's futsal effect not yet wear out, plus today's game, when i wake later in the morning, i could use an electric wheelchair!

but the game was AWESOME. serious fun. and serious exercise. its not just shooting. but taking cover and running IS tiring.

that said, it doesnt come cheap either hehe... luckily the company subsidized!

oh yea and the game was kinda in a ladang kelapa sawit. like damn outa town they built this place nicely, but theres other infrastructure nearby. so boss and i went to chech out the battlefield and she goes:

"waahhh this place if got snake how?"

ME: well then consider it your lucky day!


OMG i just finished Kevin couple hours ago. it was such an unexpected ending! the book was superb la. it kinda reminded me of Sixth Sense, the twist which i loved so much.

the obvious scare of raising a child, be it whenever, certainly protruded. Kevin's the absolute un-ideal kinda child u'd imagine for. as everything that could go wrong, will go wrong?

it just puts into prespective that its no small past time or oops-it-happen-accident aftermath having a kid. kinda scary actually. trying to find the faint hint of you in a younger and paler complexion, but to find otherwise. you'd never think, or at least I, that things could begin from so long ago. underestimating intelligence.

it was so friggin' scary.

but it also opened up my thinking, that everyone is different. the words 'spoken' through Kevin, although sadistically inclined, did bring about the *much forgotten by me* thought that everyone is friggin' different.

not everyone's looking forward to a picnic or a trip to the museum. not everyone is into computer virus or plain sardonic talk.

*realize this sharman*

same case in mind, not everyone wants to be a watcher. some want to be a wantchee.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


But to stand with you in a ring of fire
I’ll forget the days gone by
I’ll protect your body and guard your soul
From mirages in your sight

Anggun's Snow On The Sahara

i've just been too lazy to update. Kevin has started getting very very interesting the past few days. i've still got less than a 100 pages to go, aiming to finish it by this week.

i've held it hostage too long. its time i settle it X)

Kevin, here i come!

Friday, May 18, 2007


so we havent talked in a long time. but point to note, we never were close. seriously, there were a million topics to pick from.

we could have redundantly spoken about our future plans.

we could talk stale news of who's working where.

we could have relive interestingly of the boring last year.

we could condemn the horrific restaurant at the end of the street.

we could have exclaimed about the 90 bucks CK underwear.

we could validate the dirtiness of my once-white shoes.

heck we could even have conversed why birds poop with such accuracy!

but NO, instead...

he asked ME bout a bank loan.

a friggin home loan.

do i LOOK like i know bout home loans?!


do i even look like i give a effing care bout home loans?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Short Bytes

- melinda dolittle got voted off. sure she'll be making lotsa money, but this has just thrown the entire season wide open. blake -vs- jordin? no idea. would be fun to watch no doubt.

- elliot yamin needs a hair cut.

- i saw ONE piece of underwear by CK for 90 bucks. must be really lewd whoops i meant good comfort.

- just saw the new beyonce advert for samsung hp's on tv. hehehehe XD

cool. but the hp looks kinda ugly la... she's still beautiful.

- today my nephew ITT learned the alphabet V in nursery.

me: what does V stand for?

ITT: vegetable.

me: how to spell vegetable?

ITT: v-e-g-e-t-a-b-one-e

hahahaha funny guy. apparently he hasn't learnt the alphabet L. hence, the misconfiguration of alphabets and numbers :D

the number 23

-nonsense post-

let me make this clear. if it weren't for me, this number would never have made it big.

seriously, why suddenly it's used callously? it has some depth, that number i tell u.

and its all because of ME. yes me. coz i was born on the 23 of march. undoubtedly my favourite number for no plausible reason, but its because i liked it first, that its become such a BIG number.

micheal jordan took that number when he joined the washington wizards.

david (gosh i almost typed micheal bechkam hahaha) beckham put the 23 jersey on in real madrid.

jim carrey has a movie called THE NUMBER 23! (which i havent watched laaa)

SEE. only AFTER i was arrived on this earth, this number made such a huge ass deal. its because of ME!

oh and last night, watching heroes, dr suresh mohinder's hotel room was number u-can-guess-what!

23 always affiliated with me. they should give me some rights and pay me dunno-what-for money la.

i've been back from kl since monday noon. life's been back to routine. but i have been awfully tired the past few days. maybe its because of my flustered mind. too much flusterings goin on. hence the absence of me from my forsaken blog.

my typing's been off ever since i've been back. no i'm not drunk. haven't had alco since that friday/saturday. i keep pressing in between the buttons. haizz irritating me. especially at work. need to get my "skills" back.

good news for me. they gonna show reruns of heroes. missed last week's episode la. luckily can get back on the wagon.

in the office now. lawyer's gone outa town. nothing to do.

no phone calls (thank God!). no letters to type (YAY!). no couriers to stamp or sign. the cleaners didnt come (think coz i was late hahaha). so here i am on the net. blogging.

with my home-made cheese and tomato sandwich. very early lunch this is. but its soooo gooey and syiok. unfortunately there wasnt any aluminium foil at home, or the cheese would melt oozily. thats damn syiok. if u havent tried it, you should. just plain cheese and bread in aluminium foil to contract heat is awesome.


Thursday, May 10, 2007


i was listening to a sg radio show, and the dj goes:
chaplang means to mix match and bla bla de bla blahhh

-_-" chaplang does NOT mean mix match or of that sort. it means ciplak. un-original. tainted. and the likes. get your facts right first la.

today on the bus i felt hungry and had the unavoidable thought of getting myself a Loacker Kakao waffer snack. so off i went to the BHP station mart and guess what!

it was only 1.90! not big deal, but usually it cost 2.60. i mean the small pack btw. so i bought two, which saves me enough bus fare for a trip to town! then again, i dont buy snacks everyday XP

but is it really coincidence that the day i wish to eat Loacker (hums the tune) and its on offer?

THEN the other day when i got a lil wee bit (let me be humble la SIL!) intoxicated, i was offered the bin to throw up the excess puke. right next to me bed, supposedly puked by me the bin laid.

so my bro wakes me up half an hour late for class, and says: dont forget to clean it up. think u vomited.

i digressed. so i smelt it, and it smelt perfectly fine! kinda sweet actually. then i reply: no i dont think so.

he walks out of the room and i hurriedly have me bath and goes off.

later that evening my bro in law reminds me, yes reminds, me to clean the bin.

still i dont believe his words and reply: no i didnt vomit laaaa.

"yes u did. dont forget to clean it, after become worse", he says.

so off i go, rather late at night (or was it the next day already? hmmm) and empties the bin into a plastic bag coz there was rubbish. i held my breathe, but released to be welcomed by a perfectly SWEET scent!

if thats how my puke smelt, really why should anybody have a problem with it?

i was kinda amazed/proud of my good smelling puke.

ok before u think i've gone bananas or have a weird fetish for puke, let me explain what i found in the bin.

besides puke that it.

i found the old air freshner can i threw away couple of days ago, with the new fresher's cover in it! hence the smell!

maybe i wasnt blessed with such good puke (for an instant it did fool my mom too), but do u think that was entirely and purely coincidental? i puke and there's air freshner to wisp it off?

NO. i say,



before i go, today at work someone wrote a cheque to somebody. think it was meant as:

amount: RM XXXX.00
to: ***** Pemborong Sdn Bhd

but the fella wrote instead:

amount: RM XXXX.00
to: ***** Pembohong Sdn Bhd

(lol) needless to say, the cheque got rejected!

-will be off to kl in a few hours, hope everything goes well-

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


i just watched spiderman3 few hours ago. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

OMGGG so niceeee!!!! but why did they have to make it so sad? make me feel so miserable.

starting starting i thought harry osborn was damn good of a psychopath. make me laugh whenever i see his expression. so psychotic his smile, although i think it was meant to be genuine.

THEN i saw toby maguire...

and i laughed like a mad fella!!! ended up being a horrible movie goer la. everyone so still, i sat and laughed like mad. why???

1) toby maguire trying to act cool.

2) toby maguire dressing ghotic.

3) toby maguire trying to dance!

damn funny. u should see it to believe it yourself. if you're like me, you'll laugh too.

i've decided, granted with a hopeless imaginatic wish, i dont want to be spiderman or any other superhero. i just want...


wa laooo so cool!!! i also want. anybody interested in making it for me?

super fuyohhh gadgets stuffed inside. then out of nowhere those slicing things can shoot out. and looks damn cool to surf like that la. so slumber he navigate. plus it looks cool hahahaha...

spiderman3 was worth my 11bucks.



Monday, May 07, 2007

Moralitic Story

Well, come on let's go, let's go, little darlin'
Tell me that you'll never leave me
Come on, come on, let's go again and again and again and again
-i watched La Bamba AGAIN last night-

my maths teacher aka Lau Ban/Boss used to tell us this story since we sucked with add maths.

there used to be a priest, who lived through a very pious life his whole life. he never sinned, he practically had a golden ticket to heaven with his way of living.

unfortunately he ran into some problems. see, the church he headed, had run into some financial problems due to unforseen circumstances. he was trying to figure the best and fastest way to solve it, since he had many obligations to be done.

he thought hard, and he thought long.

finally he decided, he'll try his luck with lottery! he knew it wasnt a sure shot, but he had no other options. he needed money fast.

so he prayed each night. asking God for help, let him strike lottery.

let him strike so he doesnt have to shut the church down.

let him strike so he can continue to serve the people.

let him strike coz he's never sinned.

let him strike coz he's been following all God's teaching.

let him strike etc etc...

every night he kneeled down by his bed and said a prayer like that.


God said:

i had, a very long time, agreed to fulfil your prayer since you've been so good. but...


moral of the story:

without effort, dont even think about success. nothing's gonna fall into your life for free.

except misery.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Name

S You are very broad-minded.
(very meh?)
H You are not judgmental.
(so wrong)
A You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
(very true)
R You are a social butterfly.
(i aint no butterfly. i live more than 3 days!)
M Success comes easily to you.
(yea rite. what success again? all paid for k.)
A You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
(ABSOLUTELY very true)
N You like to work, but you always want a break.

hehehe someone sent me an email. the N was the true-est for me hehehe...

funny how sometimes these emails can hold some truth. so randomly thought of, yet makes sense.

btw, my blog has (finally) got 1000 hits! lol...so lame but yeaaa

Saturday, May 05, 2007


vertigo has set in. u know its bad when you have no recollection.

a famous local blogger has written a nice entry.

it was so simple and honest.

it reminded me of stuff. it reminded me so much of everything.

but most of all, it was so relate-ble. i felt i was reading my own thoughts or talking to myself.

like speaking the words i do not dare say out loud, but shrieks inside on loudspeaker.

it was nice to read something so relate-able. touching in fact.

sorry very very very big much CMIT. didnt mean to.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


i dont want to end up in local uni.





*should have studied more, bodoh.*

Monday, April 30, 2007

Who That?!

its kinda quizzical how she plans to read a book, which i'm currently on.

i was out with gorgeous CMIT and She-Could-Have-Used-The-Extra-GoodCharlotte-Tix (aka SCHUTEGCT) in CT Cafe to meet their ex-collegemate FizzyFiza.

my first time meeting FizzyFiza, was around her for less than 5 mins, walking around looking for a place to sit when she passed one of her collegemate (from here known as exhibitA) who asked her who she with.

FizzyFiza: ohh this Sharman, CMIT and SCHUTEGCT.

i was genuinely surprised she remembered my name hehehe... but what was MORE suprising:

exhibitA: oh i know Sharman.

wtf?!!! you couldn't have imagined how stunned i was at her answer! i seriously had no clue of her existence. she did not look at all familiar, even after she told me we studied BM under the same tuition teacher, i was wondering "WTH?!".

the good news however was that she recognized ME, not my bro, which people usually tend to do so -_-"

then we sat and chatted, and there was a couple making out at the next table, and FizzyFiza goes:

wanna make out all, get a room la. or go home. i'm sure nobody will mind.

hehehe she damn witty la. ok maybe it dont look so here, but in real life she is.

funnily, i knew the male half of the couple. he was the same guy that worked at hip hop shop a couple years back.

i was looking through the jeans when he popped up loudly:


in my head: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! coz i seriously do not remember your face. or even you. HOW YOU KNOW MY NAME?! namestealer.

of course i didnt say it out loud, it would be mean, right?

i'm no mr/mrs dummer boy.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

To Err Is Human

isnt it funny how we can be so fickle? easily have a change in heart and mind? the most exciting thing that once happened which u thought was the ultimatum at that time, but suddenly just change your perception of it later on when you've gotten tired of it?

take alec baldwin for example. he had nothing but praises for 30Rock (the comedy), saying how it was such a begining for him (at such an old age, its pretty much a great ending!).

now he's all I WANNA QUIT after the whole outburst with his only (legitimate) daughter.

its really fascinating. whatever. that's him, not me.

there is an absolute horror laying deep within everytime i'm forced to a decision. what if i regret my path? maybe the excitement and thrill of getting what i want at that time was just for that moment. maybe i wont want it anymore later on. maybe i'll even regret it.

but we never know till we try dont we?

sheer ignorance of the world is a pleasure. agreeable?

i'm constantly hounded by this question, surfaced by my own thinking.


why do we live? what do we need to achieve? where are we heading?

is life just about reaching the end of the tunnel? or is it bout how we get there?

i dont think anybody could ever google search an answer worthy to be thought about.

however, my friend once made up a thought, which surprisingly kinda makes sense.

"we're all searching for answers in life. we're born clueless, but through living we learn, and we unravel the uknown. we're slowly enlightened of life.

but once we've found out and known enough, ie closest to the whole point of life, we're 'brought' to away from our mortal bodies, so as not to share what we've learned."

since life is all about learning, its not nice i guess to cheat and give out answers, rite?

this thought calms me i guess. it allows me to be me.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Get Me Bodied

probably nobody's gonna layan this post, but i'm gonna go ahead anyways :P

i'm newly hooked on beyonce's new song (no surprise in there huh? XP)

well not sure if u can call it new since she released her whole album, as in there's a video for all her songs on her album. crazy la she. too much free time i guess hehe...

but Get Me Bodied is different. a lil bit retro and island-ish (as in can imagine people on islands singing and goofing arounf to this). not a sure shot, but its fun to listen hahaha...even the video clip is FUNNY!!! hahaha...like a really lame muscial BUT FUNNY!!! lol...

listen out at minute 3.50, like the song from there. BUT MAKE SURE U WATCH at 4.10!!! damn kelakar!!! ooooo and see how low she goes at minute 5 onwards. OUCH!


hehehe then if you're so free, watch this version. really good how this guy managed to get clips according to the lyrics!


(btw could someone please give me the html code/teach me how to post videos again? forgot la...)

i want beyonce's Bday Deluxe Edition laaa... dont think it'll be released in M'sia


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Book Galore

ok just a quickie for now. kinda tired, needs to sleep and wake up early later.

i've finished A Walk To Remember quite a while back ready. started with We Need To Talk About Kevin, and due to its intricate details of every milimetre of aspect, its gonna take awhile for me to finish it.


that didnt stop me from splurging on new books!!!!

i really have an obsession for books. i admit. clearly.

got Carry Me Down (randomly chose) for 20% off, Seven Cases Of Ambiguity (been wanting to get it for long time ready but couldnt find it in JB) for 25% off AND...

FOR ONE MORE DAY (yes carol!!! XP XP XP) for 50% off!!!! HALF PRICE!!!! all at kinokuniya in KLCC. couldnt resist with such an offer. could you blame me? heh.

was really good buy, saved more than 30bucks, which is equivalent to a new book. dont know when i'll actually start reading either of the 3 yet, since i'm still far from over with Kevin. and though i have no idea what Carry Me Down is about coz its all wrapped up like the other 2 new ones, i will TRY not to read it or its synopsis. i will not be unfaithful, yes unfaithful, to Kevin.

i will not neglect my books. i MUST finish them :D

but theres such a joy with new books. cant wait to open them. read while savouring its fresh paper scent. its print deep and subtle. creaseless. unwrinkled. skin so smooth. its depth yet to be adventured into. its virginity waiting to be stripped?

dont you agree? XD

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Dear juniors,

Please dont forget to study.

Else face rejection.

A lot if em'.

My 2 cents worth,


i'm off to watch Good Charlotte live in KL!!!




2 Locals and A Jap

the irony, when we have japanese for lunch, we meet a japanese later. an authentic japanese, not like those behind the local sushi bar.

unfortunately it was a guy. but still, the irony.

of the tens of people around him, he chose to walk up and ask us. yes, us! that's including ME!

its really rare to find a stranger walking up to you and speaking to you, let alone a foreigner. or maybe not, coz they seem to be more friendlier hahaha...

besides, the hoots about how those locals will jampi you, where you'll find out later you've been stunned and ripped of your belongings! its seriously not safe to talk to locals, so i've heard @_@

yea so we were walking out of the photo shop/entrance of Mcd, and he comes up to us! MAYBE we looked liked the kind of people that spoke english. MAYBE he thought wrongly, coz he asked:

jap: do you speak english? (with a faint jap accent)

me: yes.

obviously he wasnt interested in me, coz he kept staring at the GorgeousOne beside me. and she just nodded. soooooo

jap: do you speak english? (eyes on her)

me: yes.

GorgeousOne nods again with a smile.

jap: you speak english? (eyes STILL on her)

GorgeousOne laughs and says 'YESSS!'

hahahaha it was funny la. he must have thought she was one of those show-offs who just nodded.

you speak english?
you stupid?
*nods with a smile*

luckily she wasnt. but i think he was just perverted since he kinda ignored my existence XP

anyways, it was kinda sad situation. the poor fella wanted to SEE the malaysian lifestyle. he was dismayed to be in rainbow plaza. seeing it being all moderny.

the saddest thing of all, i couldnt think of anywhere malaysian-y in JB to suggest to him! closest was town, but i dont want him to be ushered then frightened by the mamasans of WongAhFook.

he kept on saying market. gosh, takkan i wanna tell him go TebrauWetMarket rite? thats JUST a market. then GorgeousOne said pasar malam, malaysian-y but the sun was pretty much blazing.

we cracked our heads, but to no justice. there just wasnt a malaysian-y place enough that would wow him, since he didnt want malls or modern stuff.

now i begin to wonder, maybe i wasnt the sad case. maybe he was wrong to think he'll find a kampung lifestyle in JB. sure its not crazily developed, but its still rather urbanized, dont you think so? i mean its not a place where trishaws and cow crossings are a norm, nor are paddy fields and sarong clad people. its pretty much malls and badly managed buses.

maybe he should take a bus! thats kinda un-modern.

but we dig it. the malls i mean. not the buses! we're rather westernized. since when hang tuah took hang li poh to a mall or *oooh wow* Segget Walk? things have changed since then.

tar-ed roads. LAMP POSTS. cinemas. MAMAK SHOPS. fences. HANDPHONES!

see, we're not that different. you're just at a wayyyyyy higher degree of standards i presume. but still the same.

its like the book i'm reading,

"there's food everywhere. but its still just food."
(or somewhere along those lines)

or is it really sad that we're not so asian anymore? shedding it for a more western society? hedonistic perceptions rule us i guess. its hard to fight, BUT WE DIG IT.

now is that really sad? or is it just a whole lot easier? cutting all those tradition lines of sorts...

think about it.

on another note, he saw me carrying a maths book and quizzed:

jap: you mackintosh?

OMGGG i had no friggin' idea wth he was taking about! seriously, i was gonna spill out:

No, i'm a microsoft windows user!!!


fortunately i saw his eyes on the book and i quipped:

me: oh i just finished my A-levels. (like la he'll understands wth is STPM)

but he gave a wide mouthed "ooohh", which kinda consoled me into thinking mackintosh was some kinda education programme. or maybe he just thought i was a loser who didnt know wtf was 'mackintosh' and replied me with a complimentary pathetic "ooohh".

he did ask me though what i majored in.

CERTAINLY, as GorgeousOne said, NOT tourism.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Same Old Prob...

in the mamak shop sat 2 seniors, so i went over to say hi, since it was in my path anyways.

seniorA was an engineering student, seniorB was a business student.

both asked me what i wanted to do, and when i said 'engineering' (coz its my back-up plan and more understanding *it seems* compared to my priority), A got a sick excited gleem in his eyes while B kinda rolled his own, but both invited me to sit down.

cuts things short else it'll be too long.

A was saying how money as an engineer was good and about the passion (something i've blogged before) in physics and maths! ok, i dont mind physics (save your rude OMG look/comments for yourself), but maths...ai yai yai...

i dont mind maths, but im just not good at it. sure i can do a few sums, but give me a test and if youre lucky, i'd be lucky if i could do half the paper! it is enjoyable (i hear some groaning from some, except *inserts HER name here*) at times, but it easily frustrates me. i had a failing streak throughout form6 with maths, BUT i did enjoy class. ironically, i was kinda disappointed with my maths results (probably still am), ALTHOUGH as mom has stated out wide and loud,


wow. reality check. i just refuse to accept the truth, but it is (sickeningly) nice to be able to solve maths equations, when you DO achieve it. when you fail, its soooooo horrible.

back to topic, i still dont know what the friggin' hell im passionate about?! *inserts title here* what job requires me to read fiction, without any expectation of a worthy review? i'd accept that gratefully.

B on the other hand was saying how more interesting bussiness is. its not constricted, given you have the capital to start your own company (which i dont have btw). you can where whatever you want, work whenever, go wherever. engineering is so normal and just there. 9 to 5. probably white shirts and a tie. each day for a month, get your pay, and the month begins again. then he said,

"i know a guy who sells popiah at the pasar malam who has enough money to pay his monthly bank loan dosage of 1.7K for his Evo8!"

in my head: must be helluva great tasting popiah!

"i know another guy who deliver vegetables to restaurants and he earns 30K each day!"

phua chu kang boots anyone?

the income sounds good, but hey not everyone's gonna make it. there are the good, the bad, and those that turn out REALLY ugly. get me? BUT i ain't giving bussiness a hoot of interest coz i dont have any in it! theres no 'oooohs' and 'aaaahhhs'. at least in my view.

then theres RRonaldo who so into bussiness as well. wanting to be a millionaire by 30 and retire early. wanting to live life after that, and spend money like crazy, while earning more money doing nothing.

to me, i dont really care if i dont die a millionaire. its not in my wish list to be a millionaire. like hey, if once u get the money, people you dont know are gonna be by your side. and what if something happens to u before u are able to spend it? all goes inherited to your kids (if any).

blashphemy! no way i'm gonna let me kids have a extravagantly good life since young. its not fair. they deserve, they NEED to feel despair and worthless and unwanted and NOT get everything they want. they can crave for many things. they can envy their *good-looking/charming/handsome etc etc* father spend money on himself and the missuss, but cringe at the sound of 'NO!' i tell them when they ask for things.

not all the time. just most times.

they will learn the value of money and earn it themself later on.

gosh i sound like a horrible future father. I SHOULD NOT HAVE A CHILD.

maybe my views will change it time about them. i think it will, since i'm still so ignorant now anyways.

but honestly, money makes the world go round? i certainly dont expect to be filthy rich, although i'd be nice, but i dont craze about it. money is just a bonus to happiness. if i dont get it, then whatever.

self happiness in little things would be nicer. a good family. not just with the spouse, but continuous good relationship with the sibs (recalls present time bout others). lotsa good memories. and lotsa good food!

hehehe good sex too! hahahahahaha...(granted i'm married XP)

but seriously, simple things would be nicer than money. makes me feel whole.

gosh i sound so weird today. but at this present time, i dont really care for excessive cash(for now laaa). as long as its good money with a lil extra so splurge, it'd be fine i guess. happiness can be found more perfect in a different aspect other than cold hard cash.

maybe waking up the next day and knowing who exactly slept beside u?

or not needing money to find a person who's willing to bed u?

awesome food on the table?

picture perfect family portrait?

or really just a good book on a lazy day!

*reassures self* cash is just bonus.

and i dont want to have *inserts future child's name* Sex Tape going around.

what about you? think about it. life IS about happiness, not?