Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This December

december is always a bittersweet moment. the end of the year to reflect what exactly we've done, achieved, and reached short of. it's a time to soothe the mind by saying "we'll get it right next year", but do we ever? there's nothing like broken promises with ourselves.

it's always easy to forget the little important things we've done, at least for me. the friendships we've gained, the memories we've saved, the things we've learnt along the way, and situations we swear never to get involved with again. this year, i will acknowledge my shortfalls because i am only human to make mistakes. but this year as well, i am more thankful for everything i have. i am only getting older by the day, why live in regret?

december marks important birth dates for me. two of 'em my nephews. IvanTheTerrible on the 1st, and NigelBiscuitBoy on the 12th. it cracked me up when NBB grunted, "kor kor always celebrate his birthday on december one. mine on the december 12. next year i want to be first. i want to celebrate on december one". how do you explain to a kid that he can't choose his birth date?

then there's ITT. i was 16 when he arrived and officially "upgraded" me to uncle status. now he's seven. it's amazing to see him all grown up, but can't say the same with the uncle :p

the other day, he started reading my not-so-kid-friendly tee. "please do not touch, lick, stroke, or mount the exhibit". wowww kid. since when you learnt how to read so well?! thank God he didn't know the meaning.

it's so easy to get drifted away with the unnecessary. i just wanna live it to the fullest, love family and friends, and enjoy life while i can. wishing all a helluva year-end fiesta!


" if you can make it through the first weeks and months,
if you believe that healing is possible,
then you can get your life back.

but that's a big 'if'. "

-grey's anatomy s07e10-

Friday, December 17, 2010

On The Breakfast Medley

Aircraft: establish localizer 11 right.

Controller: are you sure?

I burst out laughing when I heard that. Its not standard words to be used, and the way the controller questioned the aircraft, I wasn't sure if it was disbelief or just trying to fool around.

I know lame. But who cares. Its STILL my blog.

Anyways, as I looked through the newspaper, there was an ad about an education fair. As usual, one of the highlights were career guidance, to see what "profession" suits you best.

I'm thinking of heading there just for the fun of it, and see what they think I should be doing. Wonder what they'll make of "my future"...

Never really believed in it. Do you? I mean if certain people were meant to be doing only a certain type of job, then I don't think life would be what it is. There won't be excitement or diversity or versatility or creativity or controversy if everyone was just like-minded and hey-ho-hum-dee-dum-dum agreeable on everything. Sure, there'll be a lot less miserable people, but I don't believe in stereotyping.

I don't wanna live inside these lines you drew for me.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Toiletbowl Read

The internet at home is out, got struck by lightning. Hence the absence from the cyber world. Oh gosh. I'm such a tech noob, even noob would be an overstatement.

Anyways, as always so much to say, so lazy to type it out. Especially now from the bb. Will leave y'all with a pic instead. Seriously people, don't you have standards to go by before you go public? Some people need to be damned for such an eyesore.

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