Saturday, September 30, 2006

Its Another Friday ;D

" I.Want.You.To.Come.Be.With.Me
I'm.Here.When.Will.You.Make.Your.Move "

-Come To Me- P.Diddy & Nicole szhcvasgcate...or something like that! hahaha...absolutely like this song very much. A MUST HERE! But not a must see video clip, Nicole looks hot as usual but P.Diddy is just well, P.Diddy. He REALLY can't dance. He is THAT bad that he makes Nicole look as bad as a dancer as him!

*Nicole= lead singer from PCD

Yesterday I went to Season's Cafe with Shanz, and ate "lunch". Then one of the malay waiter passed by our table and stared at us and our "meal". Bloody hell, so rude!!! C'mon, what kinda ethics this fella got? Staring at people for what? NOT looking down at waiters, but hey you WAIT on customers, NOT STARE AT THEM!

Then later on it occured to me, MAYBE that fella thought I was muslim. CORRECTION, maybe that fella thought WE were muslims. Thus, eating in public was us setting a bad example for the rest?

Honestly, I don't have a friggin' problem with puasa month. I just find it irritating that I(or maybe us) don't get the benefit of the doubt! My friends don't mind me eating, why should you right? Am I wrong?

" Innocent until proven guilty! "
(hahaha so 'lawyer-like')

MAYBE I should paste a signboard on my forehead stating I'm chindian to abolish all suspicion. Maybe I should scream my religion before I entered the restaurant?

hahahaha but Shanz, did you realize that no one bothered about us when we entered the cafe? Nobody did the "Seasons!" hahahaha....

Anywayz, those who are puasa-ing, please do puasa and do good. Don't simply swear. For the following month thats coming at least. HAPPY PUASA-ing! Oh, and EVERYONE, enjoy the buka puasa bazaar's, food is nice!

For our sch magazine page, my class is doing cartoon characters. (will post my pic up when I'm free-er ;D )

(B is doing Betty Boop. Kok we're sabotaging and turning him into Stitch from Lilo & Stitch)

B: Should we write our name or change it like the cartoon name?
ME: I think cartoon name better. Like yours Betty Boop kan? Jadi Beatrice Boop la!
B: Beatrice Boobs! Hahahaha...Then Kok how?


-She Makes The Hairs On The Back Of My Neck Stand Up-

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Isn't She Hot?


Fellas, '" she's " all mine! MINE MINE MINE!!! muahahahahaha ;D

I'M SO LUCKY!!! hahahahahahaha

Monday, September 25, 2006

Tough Imagination

So I've sms-ed my long lost friend, Din. I'm still thrilled that we've got back in touch (hahaha so many times I've said this). Its nice to know someone who's known you that long.

BUT I am bugged.

Everytime we sms, I still imagine sms-ing that same old guy in primary sch. THAT guy in the blue shirt and red tie with the unchanged features. I mean how am I suppose to know what he looks like now right? THAT's bugging me.

ITS ABSOLUTELY WEIRD thinking he still looks the same. The same 4+ feet guy with same looks, UN-grown up and still smiling like he used to, then putting the face with the stuff he told me. Like WADAHELL? It really doesn't make sense. Its like picturing a midget or a stunted guy, which I'm VERY sure he's not.

So what DOES he look like? Spiked hair? Glasses? Is he taller or shorter than me? Is he still happily smiling or has he become more gloomy? WHAT can I imagine?

I always think that I didnt look MUCH different than last time. Probably just stretched vertically a tad too much but that's it. THEN when I uploaded the pri sch pic, thats when i realized the change. NO PIMPLES! ARGHHHHHH..missed those days! And I look totally different too.

Like about a month ago I met up with another close friend from pri sch. I met him when we we're in form3 again but then last month he totally look different. I don't know why but I always think I'll see their SAME pri sch face.

Then I wonder what Ivan The Terrible(ITT) and Nigel The Brat(NTB) will look like a decade down the drain. I DON'T want them to change. They look much better now! But hey, they've changed so much in the last few months and I never realized...

The Man In Black

*ponders* I only know one Sharman. I've met many Sherman's but not another Sharman. So MAYBE its unfortunate that I don't get to meet another Sharman, but I guess its good coz if one day you receive an sms saying "Hey, Sharman here!...", MOST PROBABLY you'll remember me I guess! Do you know any other Sharman's? (NOT shaman's!)

Anywayz, as I was driving back just now in Taman Pelangi around 2am, there was this man leaning against his black wira. As I approached his bearings, he started waving at me. No, he started flagging at me like how you'd flag a cab!

WEIRD considerations:
1. ITS BLOODY TAMAN PELANGI! Its not some isolated place. IF he needed help, he could have just gone across to the mamak shop right? YES ACROSS THE STREET! If he don't want them, got many other KTV lounges beside it.

2. All other cars were parked on the one side of the road. ONLY HIS car was on the other side!

3. The public phone was like ten steps away. Oh btw, he had a hp in his hand.

4. His car looked perfectly fine. I mean there wasn't any superficial damage that is.

5. IF he really needed help, he would have shouted "TOLONG!!!" or chased my car or do something like that right? But nooooo he just tried to flag me down, then when terlepas him, he just buat tak tau...mungkin he ushering me to parking space kot?

BUT no way was I gonna stop for him anyhow. Why? Coz he didnt look like the person who'd need help. I mean one of those ruffians with the black tight shirts and the 'bling bling' from 1970, who doesn't know his age. He definitely would have his kakikai's coming around soon.

SO WTF WAS HE TRYING TO DO? I will never know...

Whatever the case, JB ain't safe. No point helping someone coz there's a high chance they're faking it, waiting to pounce on your valuables! Be safe everyone!

- I just want to look you in the eyes...all day long...I wish I could... -

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Bila yang tertulis untukku adalah yang terbaik untukmu,
Kan ku jadikan kau kenangan yang terindah dalam hidupku.

-Kenangan Terindah- nyanian Samson

With respect to my previous post, I finally decided to send an sms to my long lost friend.

Honestly speaking, I was rather excited and scared at the same time. I WANTED to get back in touch with him. Hence the excitement. But then again, I was scared that he wasn't. I sent a simple sms saying who I am and the usual shit 'Do you remember me?'. Yes, VERY cliche. But what else can I say right?

So I waited for his reply. NO, I anticipated his reply.

"Hey sharman! Dude of coz i remmbr......."

Hmmmm, he never used the word "dude" before this. Well, time changes people! Time changes everyone somehow or rather. But we continued sms-ing.

I was damn thrill to find out he actually tried to get back in touch with me as well. He tried looking up the phone book, but unfortunately, you'll never find it coz its registered under my uncle's name! Kesian his percubaan...

So the reacquintancing continues. Its fun, and I'm really happy we've gotten back in touch. We spent 6 years in primary sch together, gosh the dumb and silly things we did together last time...which I don't remember much though! hahahahaha

Anywayz, I managed to dig out this really corny picture of me in primary school. I'm sure the pic is gonna get more attention than this post, but heck!

(cant remember when this photo was taken though. think it was probably in std 4 coz i remember being a prefect when i was in std5...I THINK!)

FYI: I'm in the centre row, centre guy. My long lost buddy is top row, on the left.

YES I know corny but heck! Oh I TRIED to improve the colour but its unsaveable to me!

ps: check out the Beyonce clip at the foot of this blog! ITS BEYONCE!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Stay The Same, NOT!

Kart was telling me about meeting up with someone she once knew, and how they'd change. And now my opinion prolongs...

Don't you wish sometimes people don't change? Like they would stay the same. When you first knew them. When you made many good memories. When everything was nice. What you missed now.

So I used to have a really good friend back in the blue pants days. We were really closed. We used to hangout and help each other a lot. We understood each other. Maybe it was the childish innocence and the lack of animosity, or maybe it was just the plain built-in ignorance, but nothing came between us. I was proud to say he was my friend. Gosh, we wanted to go study till dunno when together la! We were good friends, I knew, he should know, many did as well.

But as time passed, so does the days of our lives (hahahahaha), we moved on to secondary sch life. We went diffrent ways, and soon lost contact. Many MANY years have gone by. I know I've changed. I can't still be that 9 y'old kid ranting for new Hot Wheels! but...


Anywayz, as I was saying, I know I've changed. For better or for worse? I do not know. But I've changed a lot. More prasan? Selfish? Or just plain vain? (of coz taller! that I KNOW!)
And I know he's changed too. He isn't the same. He can't be. Or else there'd be something seriously wrong with him. I don't know what he's been doing, whether he remembers me, or even what kind of person he's like? Will I still wanna be friends with him? Coz he's changed. No doubt about that.

Well, I've got his number through a friend of his. Not sure if its fake, but think can be trusted right? Contemplating on whether to give him a ringer or not. I mean I'm excited to get in touch with someone I knew so long ago, but kinda forgotten in the recent years.

What if he's not interested in kenaling back? What if the meeting becomes a disappointment instead? What if it makes me regret meeting him again? What if it shatters the good memories? Will I have anyting to hold back on then? (besides Shanz that is...I'll grab on to her TIGHT!)

You know what I mean?

No harm trying. But hey, shit happens!

- We're all someone's lost childhood...or at least part of it -

Friday, September 22, 2006

Is Your Butt Cramp?

" I knew I had you,
as cocky as it sounds..."

-All I Have- J^Lo & LL Cool J

Well the post has nothing to do with the lyrics. I NEVER felt cocky, and I NEVER knew! But it was the last song that played when I reached home. It's stuck in my head. And I dont mind it.

So I met her today...YAYYYY!!! :-)

It was fun. Great. Superb. Wahahahaha everything just nice. Shall not get into the details. I'll keep it all to myself! :-P

But you do realize how small...or miniscule a plaza is when you bump into stationary people 3 times! Its about high time JB expanded its 'exercising' premises. If you could 'meet' the same person in less than 5 mins, well you know you're trapped! Thank God I'm not claustrophobic! (is that how you spell it?)

Well Rainbow Plaza was P-A-C-K-E-D with (not sardines or tuna!) but familiar people. Gosh. It was like, "Everyone who knew Sharman OR *ahemz* PUHLEZZZZ come to Rainbow Plaza today at noon!". The intros were endless. The giggles were endless. The WAVES were endless. Ma hai! Everyone was just there.

So unfortunate we had to meet craSy blue monsta as well. Teruk la that woman. Sadistic!



hehehehehe so not funny...but it is to me la! who else IS oka fish?! fine fine, my funny aint your funny...


Btw, did you know, patrick the tapak sulaiman (of Spongebob fame) can get BUTT cramps and drown? And they've got beaches UNDERWATER? Double U tee eff eff?

-tengah renovate-

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Right Now

I could do without the flu,
I could do without the fever,
I could do without the drowsiness,
Oh I wished I had nothing to do with em'!

Its making me feel horrible,
Its making me sick,
Its making me very hungry,
Oh its making me hate it even more!

Its taking so long,
And I'm not getting any better,
I don't want it no more,
I only want you right now!

*hahahaha so lame...but I DO feel awful la...this stupid many days, yet its not rubbing off! arghhhhhh!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So What's In It?

*am totally addicted to Panic! At The Disco- I Write Sins Not Tragedy
Honestly, I thought they were Fall Out Boy at first. Sounds the same. And their music genre also kinda same. Maybe it IS the same. And their song titles are just as long as Fall Out Boys'. hmmm, clones?

I've got pretty weird stuff in my pencil case. Its RED btw! hahaha...
I DON'T like black pens. I use blue pens most of the time. I have TWO rulers, coz i ALWAYS loose them. I've always had this problems with rulers. I used to ask mom to buy like almost every week when I was young, then kena la marah! nowadays I always keep a spare.

Anywayz, whats so weird about it? Well, I've exactly four 50cent coins, a name tag that says "AJK 5 ZEST", a box of mentos power gum (works wonders to keep you awake during tuition), and a bottle of Eye Mo...yes Eye Mo! hahahahaha...and today Jac added one piece of Wother's Original. Don't know when I'll have it though hehehehe...


Chemistry is getting dirty...or at least my mind!

Last week we learnt about latex. Well, I'm sure you know whats made from latex...

*hint hint Durex*

Then today, we learnt about silicon. LUBRICANT to be more precised.

...well my mind wandered off pretty far off...and Lemon didnt help the situation either. She just HAD to say it to me...

Its kinda interesting learning stuff that correlates every week huh? LOL!

Monday, September 18, 2006

So How?

So how do you choose your partner? Do you create a list of things they should possess? Or do you imagine for the guy or girl you THINK would be best for you? Or do you just pick someone out of random?
And do you look for someone who's just like you? Have the same (bad) habits? Thinks the same as you? And does all the same weird antics as you? Making your weirdness feel 'normal' in the presence of many?
OR do opposites attract like magnets? Finding the person who complements you, does EVERY single thing you would not imagine doing in your whole lifetime? And you find wonder in their every move, every glance, every step. They being the only who can change the square you into a scribbled line.


Well, speaking from reality and present tense(=P), maybe the very person who is as weird and querky as you, can ALSO be the person who is totally opposite of you. Yes, the one who complements you. The one who fills each corner of emptiness. THE ONE.
And it always happens when you're not looking. It evades you when you search. But suddenly brings the glimmer when you least expected. Sometimes even when you've finally given up on searching.

And you know what? It feels all so good.

Better than anything you've ever felt before...