Friday, March 14, 2008


We're The New Face Of Failure,
Prettier and Younger,
But Not Any Better Off,
Only Proof Of Loneliness,
At Best.

Fall Out Boy- I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way..

since our lives here in the kandang is restricted to limited freedom, if any at all, there are very little things to look forward to, which are big to us, but miniscule to you all out there.
like every thurs night/ fri early morning, due to the convenience of McD's 24hour delivery service, we have a McD fiesta. regardless of what time, or how broke, we would find time, and scavenge or just starve a few days to have our fiesta. its become a ritual i tell you.
just shout out the magic word "MC-DEEESSS!!!", and a list of orders would come rolling soon after. its tragically contagious.
and i have this utmost high of highest obsession with McD's banana pie, very much the contrary with the apple pie, coz i ain't a fan of cinnamon, which is just not nice. but the banana pie! its gooey and bananaish and damn salivating.
at least to my opinion.
so usually i'd order my meal, and end it with a mouth cleaner of two banana pies.
but today morning, those friggin fellas sent me two pies, in the banana pie wrapper, but were in fact apple pie!
but u know, i thought i'd be very civic minded and since i'm like the good-est citizen, had in mind of calling them to inform them that maybe their wrappers were wrong so that they don't get screwing from other ppl who orders banana pies but gets tricked in having apple pies instead in their possesion.
i called their delivery line. i called the kb McD line. i called their hotline for complaints. but all didnt pick up my calls. the audacity innit?!
so hence my solution. i shall boycott McD's.
all together, for the good-will, for the GREATER GOOD, let's boycott McD's.
for one week. till the next ritual begins...
"Look out! This is me. There were none before me and there will be none after me. Therefore, that makes me the one and only. Young and single and love to mingle. Certified, bone fide, indoubtably qualified to bring you satisfactio, a whole lot of action. Look out, baby, I'm your lo-o-ove man!"
-Les Brown-

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Polls

so voting shall soon begin. wonder how they go to sleep each night. i'd have a disturbing conscience.

but anyways, back in f6, we used to have this really lame polls thing going on. students would have to form parties, and then go head to head to form the so-called government, which was basically a specified f6 society that controls and handles the 'welfare' of f6 students. the 'government' would last till the next year, when the junior batch arrives.

its a lot of shitting bulls. seriously. so called manifestos, but how much of the school can a bunch of students change? but there was the money involved. yum yum.

so anyways, i wasn't initially involved in this escape. i was one of the very few students who actually returned to sch to do f6 (not intentionally, but i'm not complaining now either :P). there was probably about 5% of ex-students, including me, and the rest were 'foreigners'. so being back to my territory, i obviously had some advantage even before i entered f6. people knew me. teachers knew me, and teachers had power to vote too.

there was 2 teams going for the grand elections. and one of the parties had members who wanted out, or left the school completely. there was openings, and they approached me, with the hope of getting a sure seat in the 'govern'. they paid my share of the money, they did all the work, talking, and lies.

i showed my face. for a horrendously named party. ZEST. which reminds me of an orange fruit. not helping was the fact their whole party was themed orange colour. though i love orange colour, but to be serious with the colour orange, something's wrong with ya.

well they thought they had a good idea with ZEST. Z for zealous, E for enthusiastic, and ST(d's). i stress, i was not in the original birth of this party. i was roped in halfway.

i won't give them any compliments for such brightness, but they did have absolute brightness in approaching me.

people knew me. let me brag. let me be arrogant. but it was the truth. people knew me, even if i didnt know them. i could remember their face, but i wouldn't know their name, as they would mine. and i'm not all that bad, i did give a few suggestions, whether they liked it or not, and i did show my face.

i did show my face.

so the voting went like this: president vs president, treasurer vs treasurer, secretary vs secretary, and 5 commitee members vs 5 commitee members.

i was a commitee member. if i wanted to, i could have formed a party and swiped this whole crap clean. but it wasn't worthied.

now i would get (some) power by doing nothing. i had them in my hands. they would beg me to show my face hahahahahahahaha...

but anyways, i won. unsurprisingly. people knew me, teachers knew me, seniors knew me.

and i received the most votes too ;D

more than the president, more than the secretary, more than the treasurer or any other member.

by a large margin too. hah! i'm such a brag eh? i just felt like being proud today.

so pls pardon me today.

" i wasn't really dying. i wasn't a host of cancer or parasites.
was the one little centre,
that the life of this world crowded around. "
edward norton, fight club.