Saturday, July 28, 2007

Leaving On A Jet Plane

i'll be leaving early monday morning for kota bharu. no idea what to expect. hope everthing goes well.

i'm still nervous/scared as hell. i guess the best way to put it, the reason of this 'fear', as one of the other cadets put it:

"don't you feel like you're trading your youth away for this?"

it is true. but like he also said, its an investment. let's hope he's right.

to all, take care. hope i can update soon.

good news is, i can 'ngam' with the oher cadets. hope settling in will be easy.

ok will leaving on a jet plane soon enough.

wish me best-y lucks!


Anonymous said...

*waves byebye* tsk

vinitha said...

y ru goin to kota bharu?
what cadets?

Dilah said...

awww...someone's gonna miss you.

not me. =P

sharman said...