Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Did She Actually Say That?

i hope the ring you gave to her makes her finger green.
i hope that when you're in bed with her,
you think of me.

- opening lines to K Clarkson's "Never Again" -

if you open the NST today, page 62, you'd find this interview with Channel V's Sarah Tan by an ignorant reporter.

either she's ignorant, or the reporter just sent Sarah a questionaire.

you be the judge:

Q: how do you maintain your fabulous figure?
A: i'm the world's worst when it comes to keeping fit and going to the gym and all that. the most exercise i do is walking the dog twice a day. its not something i'm proud of. i think i should be going to the gym more to keep fit. i'm just so lazy!

Q: what is your workour regime and how do you fit it in your busy schedule?
A: besides walking the dog, there isn't much i can tell you. (something something bout sarah not going to the gym)

Q: what is the best thing about working out?
(i cant believe she asked this question?!)

Q: what are some of the obstacles that deter you from working out?
(didn't she just admit she's lazy?)

Q: what is your one indulgence when it comes to food?
A: i like savoury food more than sweets so my biggest indulgence is the second or third helping of roast dinner.

Q: have you always maintained this healthy lifestyle or was it circumstances that lead you to adopt it?
(roast dinner is healthy lifestyle now?)

Q: what keeps you motivated to workout?
(if i was Sarah, i'd just commit suicide right about now)


oh yea Chris Brown's new song 'wall to wall', its not that great or anything, but the video kinda cool la.

its ala MJ's Thriller. vampires and dance moves.

and tiring leg exercise.



Dilah said...

haha. reporter bengong nyer.

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