Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not The Ice King

i ended up going ice skating with my cousin's two kids. (they're 15 and 10, so able to hang out when i'm in my not so sane mood).

its been years since i've been ice skating, or even roller blading, basically anything else than shoes/slippers on my feet. the last time i went ice skating was with the doctor and his brother the dj. remember when atta? cause i don't. could it be a decade ago???

i did not fall, lucky me hahaha... but ya know, one thing i realized, if you know how to roller blade, its pretty much the same with skates on ice. it all starts with being able to stand up, that's the hardest part. then its just trying to glide.

no, i'm not even 1% of an Xgames person. but i think i can survive pretty well from looking like a complete fool on blades. just make sure its a straight and level path ahead, thank you. else it'd be disney on ice.

after all these years, i found out one main ingredient about surviving on blades. its all about tying your laces. i admit, i'm the most laziest person and never used to tie em up to the top. that explains why my legs kept bending in like a freakin duck.

what's so thrilling about ice skating besides feeling like a mighty duck zooming in to take the penalty? well i'd have to say, the other joy from it is watching people fall. its quite hilarious. especially those who think they're really good at it. they prance around showing off their skills, then they fall, along with their egos =D

most valuable lesson i've learnt from skating:

if you're going relatively fast (in your own opinion), the easiest and fastest way to lose all that momentum, is to crash into the wall. saved me more than once from banging into others :)

happy merdeka people!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Terlalu Istimewa Untuk Dikongsi

wahai kawanku berjejari tulus magikal bagaikan si tuan maksim,

seribu patah takkan mencukupi untuk melafazkan kepuasan aku tertawa sepanjang hari semalam, hingga kini. kegembiraan hujung minggu lalu, sukar difikirkan sempurna sekarang tanpa kau, selepas membacakan dan merasakan keperitan perutku yang tersekat-sekat ketawa tak mengerti budi pekerti.

usahku fikirkan masa depan, sebab percayakan publisiti mu memang pasti akan membawakan dewi idaman ke arah hala tuju hidupku.

wahai kawanku yang suka ria bermanja-manjaan dengan si beritma gegendang barat,

terima kasih setinggi-tingginya atas segala nasihat dan kenangan manis akhiran dua tahun yang lalu. tanpanya, bergelora hidup aku bagaikan nakhoda di lautan terumbang-ambing. ku amat bertuah kerana bertemu dengan sahabat yang begitu baik, takkan ku lupakan kegilaan mu, tak pernah ku fikirkan sahabatku mampu merasakan tahap kebanggaan begitu sehingga kini.

sahabatku yang menakjubkan,

kau memang buat aku tersenyum lebar bagaikan lelaki terlepas hospital yang ramai katakan indah permai. ramai juga mesti tertanyakan diri, wujudkah sahabat begitu dinamis sekali rendah diri bagaikan kamu? nasib baik aku dikurniakan dengan jawapan "ya".

moga kita saling menghairankan diri hingga ke akhirat,
eksibit pertama mu.


for those who are oblivious and actually stayed on till here to read, please proceed to:

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Fruitful Recollection

its time,
no more putting off,
procrastinations or delays,
of what i must,
before it breaks,
and before they rot.

i gathered all i could muster,
placed them to bask,
but its been there too long,
and the handle is about split.

its time,
to put some in the cooler,
for another day,
some for now,
not just for me,
some on the dining,
a show off for the new,
and save for a bite of dessert later.

but most importantly,
i'm taking back the shiniest one,
i know undoubtedly will turn sour,
that longed your wanting,
craved to stay in your view,
never intended to be forgotten.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Think, Enjoy A Little Bit More

we tend to jump into things abruptly, without much thinking. from petty little things, to huge steps of giant leaps. that's human nature, not?

i obviously cannot act guilt-free of this.

the thing is, as much advices and warnings we get, sometimes we just itch to do something we know obscurely about. we hope what we've been advised and warned about, would not be true. adventurous, and sometimes wanting to prove them wrong.

sometimes, i just want to feel it for myself. i feel, people give negative input, cause maybe it has really good reapings, and they wanna keep it for themselves.

reality check, as prone as we are to give out advices to someone else about something we know is seriously damage-bound, i sometimes just hate being the receiving end. the other person handing out the advice, would just seem naggy, and know-it-all. and the more i wanna defer them.

i perceive in life, we just gotta taste it for ourselves. get shot in the bum, burnt on the hand, and broken in confidence. observers would end up lamenting, "i told you so". yet, we need to experience it for ourselves. we can't always be taking their words 100%. and so what if they were right, to err is human, don't you agree? and from damages, we bounce back with avengence!

as much as i'd like to disagree with someone, maybe this time i shall hold back my words from sounding like a wet blanket. i shall progress instead, and allow things to happen, away from the norm. i shall be the ab.

and honestly, how sure am i of the outcome. conclusions are just perceptions and thoughts chronicled in my head by my skeptical mind. life is not a maths question, with a definite formula.

in the words of highschool-ers, "cuba, try, test" is the way to go.

Friday, August 14, 2009

You Must Be Outta Your Mind

ever had the experience of being disappointed by things out of your control?

like if you had a pet, and you thought it to cook pancakes or identify the countries on a map or something spectacular like that, bragged about it to your friends, but when they come over, your pet just stares at you with blank eyes hinting "i'm just a pet", and your friends declare you a weirdo henceforth?

or even present with a proud parent who shows off their child who just spoke his/her first word, yet when the parents prompts the kid to do so, the kid just blinks his/her eyes or runs away? and you'd stand with self-contained laughter watching the helpless parent, then force yourself to say some comforting words?

or something more personal. ever had a spoiled item? which after days of not working, you decide, its time to see the doctor and get it fixed. but when you reach the store and the hands of God checks it, its working fine. damnit!


i had the last experience recently. with the car radio. i was driving back from kl to jb the other day, and just before getting on the highway, the radio goes out. damnit! no radio! but i already had plans with the cds and what song to singalong!

its ok. i was still in happy mode driving back down even without the radio working. next day, radio still malfunctioned, i bring it to the workshop. and ta dah! its working now.

so the worker thinks i'm hallucinating. i tell him, it could be the wiring, please check it. he goes, "no la. radio problem. need to change". i'm telling you its the wiring, coz the radio's on, but there's just no audio. realizing its not going anywhere, i said nevermind, maybe the radio miraculously repaired itself. and so it worked fine the next few days.

the day i'm heading back to kl, just before i hit the highway, audio goes "kerk kerk... *silence*".

bless the creation of mp3 handphones, though.


today, someone asked me, what does the " A/L " in my name mean. "anak lelaki", or "son of" in english, i said.

reminded me couple years back, while announcing results, this particular educator announced my name,

"sharman al-rabendharen ..."

arabic suddenly. yo habibi!


the other day, someone called my friend's bro, "habibi". he actually googled it out.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dunk The Junk

has anyone of you checked your junk mail before?

side note, after one email that changed the rest of my life went into my junk email previously, i make it a habit to check the contents to confirm they are junk. don't want a deja vu of that event. hence the reason i check my junk mails, if you're even wondering why i bother.

its disturbing to find an overdose mails about penis enlargement pills and viagra. is that such a huge issue? ok gosh, no pun intended.

i don't know about you, but its pretty frightening to see such an amount of advertisements. is the market so viable? are there sooooo many unhappy men? or men unhappy with their boys? hmmm...

then there is the countless UK lottery mails i get, saying i won millions. IF ONLY IT WERE TRUE. a lil extra cash never hurts ya know!


i hate when songs get stuck in my head.

like today, cascada's "evacuate the dancefloor".

it kept replaying over and over. the same sentence, cause my brain can't remember the whole song. its annoying cause it affects my flow pattern.

but that doesn't mean i hate the song hahaha


speaking of songs, i think i have a pretty good ear for good stuff. don't know if you guys noticed, but lady gaga's wave actually took some time before it became a phenomenon. hitz tv was already playing "just dance" way before it hit the radio airways in our region.

i got hooked on it then.

bout a week later i went clubbing with my sis, and they played "just dance" but very techno-remixed, which screwed the song, but the lyrics are just too catchy to forget. so sat in the club, bouncing my head to the lyrics. sis went, "you know this song?", in a very wth kinda way, coz it sounded damn feng tau.

probably a month later, people started noticing "just dance". and i started switching radio channels everytime i heard her song, coz i was sick of it already.

utter random post, don't you agree?

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Broken Barrier

i met someone the other night. a person i knew from the schooling days, but not personally. human contact was minimal, the basic hi and bye, occasional one or two questions exchanged a month if need be, or else none, even though we met at least once a week for nearly 6 years.

that's a lot of meetings come to think about it. but i wasn't the social elite, nor did bother to be one growing up. hence the no communication.

after many years, we found ourselves at a common place.

back those days, both of us would never bother exchanging words. the other night, it was different. i found myself starting out with petty conversation, you know the type where you say stuff just because you have not met in years, and act interested. i felt obliged, courtesy's sake.

then the awkward happened. i found myself having a normal conversation, albeit i must admit certain topics went ways i had not planned. kinda basically stepped on his foot, and downgraded his other half, unintentionally.

if i only knew.

the thing is, when we talked, it seemed like we actually were friends, instead of mere acquaintances which was the truth. i found myself amused at the situation. does maturity break down barriers? or was there a reason to hop over the wall?

i shall not think further. the important thing is, i'm happy with where i am, and who i am now. life makes surprising twists. accept it, then maybe you'll see the point.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Wish I Could Scratch

down with an itchy throat, and instead of sucking on the strepsil's i bought, i'm chowing down on marshmellow. who created this stuff anyways?

empty calories. pfffftttt. for now, i don't care.

marshmellows ---> :D

Thursday, August 06, 2009


think i woke up wrong side of the bed when these two situations occurred. no other explanation for my annoyance i can find :P

@fast food joint 1 (famous for chicken)

local customer: can i have a hot drink instead?

cashier: yes, sure. coffee or tea?

local customer: tea.

cashier: ok.

local customer: tea tarik?

cashier: errr no. just normally tea, you add sugar and creamer yourself.

i never knew america had teh tarik, oh wait, i mean tea tarik. the slang won't help cover your 100% asian looks, and 100% asian knowledge!

@fast food joint 2 (famous for floats)

caucasian customer: ... i'll have that and ice lemon tea.

cashier: no, sir. cannot change drink. you must take ala carte then.

caucasian customer: (totally oblivious to what she says) yes, i'll have ice lemon tea.

cashier: so no set, sir. one ala carte "something" and ice lemon tea?

caucasian customer: no, i want the set. but i don't want the float, get me an ice lemon tea.

(this goes on for another 2minutes with the slowest two-way understanding conversation. then remember there are not one, but two caucasians, and the other guy follows suit and has the same do-or-die situation, so the cycle replayed again. THEN the cashier says, no ice lemon tea, peach tea, okay? it felt forever to my turn.)

caucasian customer: *tries to joke* no flies with that.

hmmm. ha ha?

cashier then goes: ok sir, total is RM xx.xx. burger nanti kita akan hantar.

aduhhhh pompuan, prasan tak kustemer tuh orang puteh. kau ni apasal nak berbahasa? nak bm pun, beli lah dia orang dewan bahasa & pustaka dulu. belas kasihan lah dengan si ngok-ngok kat depan kau tuh, ngok.

-sometimes i get ideas. then i forget them. shit-