Sunday, April 29, 2007

To Err Is Human

isnt it funny how we can be so fickle? easily have a change in heart and mind? the most exciting thing that once happened which u thought was the ultimatum at that time, but suddenly just change your perception of it later on when you've gotten tired of it?

take alec baldwin for example. he had nothing but praises for 30Rock (the comedy), saying how it was such a begining for him (at such an old age, its pretty much a great ending!).

now he's all I WANNA QUIT after the whole outburst with his only (legitimate) daughter.

its really fascinating. whatever. that's him, not me.

there is an absolute horror laying deep within everytime i'm forced to a decision. what if i regret my path? maybe the excitement and thrill of getting what i want at that time was just for that moment. maybe i wont want it anymore later on. maybe i'll even regret it.

but we never know till we try dont we?

sheer ignorance of the world is a pleasure. agreeable?

i'm constantly hounded by this question, surfaced by my own thinking.


why do we live? what do we need to achieve? where are we heading?

is life just about reaching the end of the tunnel? or is it bout how we get there?

i dont think anybody could ever google search an answer worthy to be thought about.

however, my friend once made up a thought, which surprisingly kinda makes sense.

"we're all searching for answers in life. we're born clueless, but through living we learn, and we unravel the uknown. we're slowly enlightened of life.

but once we've found out and known enough, ie closest to the whole point of life, we're 'brought' to away from our mortal bodies, so as not to share what we've learned."

since life is all about learning, its not nice i guess to cheat and give out answers, rite?

this thought calms me i guess. it allows me to be me.


Dilah said...

since you seem to be in the mood for nirvana, why not listen to this song. i thought it was indeed touching.

Do you know where you're going to -Diana ross i think. From Mahagony,

worth the listen =)

sharman said...

hehehe nirvana, rite. never heard of the song or the movie, will try out the song i guess.


Anonymous said...

u tentukan yr own purpose of life i guess.. jgn la jus buta-buta je, thats just pathetic kan.

sharman said...

anonymous: so all got diff purpose ke?

not buta2 laaaa...nanti terhempak dinding!

me said...

i mean, it's YOUR life kan? so diff ppl ada diff purposes lor..(but ada yg takde purpose oso) what YOU want your life to be about..that kinda thing.

sharman said...

hmmmm true...i wish i knew my purpose... ;D