Wednesday, September 26, 2007


im still counting down the days to raya. and back jb i'll be!

even for such a short span.

well food here has gotten from bad to worse. note the deterioration from what to what.

so anyways, food has become worst. its always like that since less people are eating lunch. fruits have been cut down to "too much sugar later turned to fat"-inducing kuih. the thing is, they already cook food with lotta sugar, is there really a need for more wasteful sugar?

consequently (i think), im coming down with some flu n probably tonsils too. "hooray"! the unbalance diet. the lack of vitamin c.

oh n i missed the mooncake festival. whatever la.

looking forward to oct10!

kak, rumah terbuka ada tak?


before i go, quote of the week (well said i think!):

there are no dogs here, except human dogs.


AdrenaLynn said...

"kak, rumah terbuka ada tak?"

Now who are you directing this to ah??

Anonymous said...

oii .... u back from wen to wen?

Uncle Jack Daniel waiting

Dilah said...

im so not in the mood to celebrate raye this yr lar. A levels. Haix.

not only food has gone worst.

My grades too. sobs.

Sashillia said...

there are no dogs here except human dogs. hahahahahaha. me loves that line.
how are u? got loads to cakap2. will call soon.
iv got a new blog, btw. tadadadum.
take care!

sharman said...

bro & sil:think ive answered yr questions already...

dil: relax a bit for JUST ONE DAY. maybe it'll help. maybe when raya comes, then u'll be more festive? hehehe

sash: well tat line is true good :D .. ok will change the link soon