Tuesday, June 12, 2007


God has pity on kindergarten children.
He has less pity on school children.
And on grownups he has no pity at all,
he leaves them alone,
and sometimes they must crawl on all fours...

Yehuda Amichai
if you've read today's NST papers, you'd notice at the top, just below the words "New Straits Times", in a banner-like note about friendster.
it reads:
3.1 million users make us No. 1 on social networking website
(i'm too lazy to snap a pic a bluetooth it to the comp, so check it out yrself)
such an 'honourable' accomplishment?!
at least it make sense now why there's just TOO many locals being 'connected' to every ang moh out there.
and i guess they failed to TRULY analize the accounts. i know quite a few ppl who create multiple accounts, or even create fake personas. that would decrease the 3.1mil figure quite i bit i'm sure.
well at least they were fake identities of humans.
RRonaldo created an even more awesome account. for his dog.
i cant seem to insert the url here. blogger having some prob lahhh damn irritating.
wonder how many woofing accounts are really out there...


Dilah said...

oh tell me abt it..people who like, have two or more accounts but they added the same friends in it are just....so merepek.

sharman said...

hahahaha YES I KNOW!!!!!

friendster's getting lame la...too many ppl...too congested