Saturday, December 27, 2008


the rain pit-pats on my fake wooden walls. its chilly even with the fan switched off. the bed looks so cozy and tempting for an early night.

2 great parties happening at this instant. neither one in kb. well this wouldn't be kb if there were happening parties. if it did, then kb would be the new penang which is the new kl. now that would be shocking.

while everyone i know is busy getting warm and cozy with mr. jack, or getting low on the dance floor, i have much to prepare for tomorrow. a briefing that will be useful only in a very long time from now. a relatively early night i shall have compared to my counterparts who i'm sure are in awe and flabbergasted with self over-the-topness. or those just plainly curious as cats. that's family right?

prioritize what i want. what i need. sacrifices aren't easy to make. they sometimes feel like salt to wound. piercing.

well at least i've got my pills to accompany me. and antibiotics too. swell ain't it?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Lost & Found Bitter Pills

its been chilly for quite some time. the locals say, "the monsoon's not over, till kelantan floods". till now, i've only heard of terengganu flooding this year. so i guess we're expecting a second downfall soon.

more bad weather.

the hide and seek rain hasn't helped. came down with fever last week but have recovered since. due to the flying schedule, i made myself see the doctor so the fever wouldn't annoy my life long. i came back with a bunch of pills.

pills and i do not have a good history. when i was younger, i couldn't take the taste of medicine. the slightest taste of the bitter pill would see me puking gallons. worst of all are those pills that are easily dilutable. they intoxicate your entire mouth at the minimal-est contact with water. YUCK!

as such my predicament that till now i situate the pill as near as possible to my throat and quickly gulp it down with water. i can never comprehend how some can guzzle few pills down at once, or leave it in their mouth while finishing a sentence. i think i'd be laying over the sink for hours. but thank God for pharmacist who have invented tasteless pills. pills don't taste as awful now, as they did few years back.

this is with the exception of the stomachache pills. they taste as horrible as before. i took them few days ago and they started to dilute so fast. i almost started puking. it brought back baddd memories of bitter pills. even those bad memories made me feel like puking *urghhh*

i'm horrible with pills.

there is a lil form pasted in the laundry room titled LOST/FOUND, to inform people of lost or found clothings, coz sometimes buckets get mixed during the washing wait.
it goes something like:
date. name. found a renoma underwear. white colour. please collect from ...
believe this or not, someone actually lost a whole bucket full of clothes, ALONG WITH the blue bucket. that's so pitiful. i don't think he lost it by accident though, maybe someone dengki him? how can you loose an entire bucket?
maybe somebody wanted his g-strings??? hmmm...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i hate it

when people borrow my stuff, never return it (this part still ok), and when you ask them to return it, they give you a monotonous denial of ever taking it.

worst. is when the above situation, is replied with a double loose end; meaning they are pleading guilty but don't give flying fishes about it, or they just don't give a flying fish about the item coz they're through with em AND trying to indicate that they could have returned it even though there's no actual proof of the return transaction. could have.

yeah merry xmas. have a very merry xmas.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Don't Get Lucky

with the girls.

however, i unfortunately attract the very elder generation who equal my grandmother's age. i was at a mamak shop having dinner, then headed to the sink to wash my hands. i had to pass this really old mak cik to get to it. and she didn't seem like harm. sitting there with her probable husband of half a century on the opposite end, with a table clear of orders.

as i passed her, she stopped me with a wave and said,

she: adik nak pergi mana?

me: ermmm... basuh tangan.

she: duduk kat mana?

me: ermmm sana (while randomly points to the road)

i hurried away quickly. why am i so lucky? she had teeth as many fingers i have O.o

" which is worst,
not getting everything you wished for,
or getting it but realizing it's not enough? "
- OneTreeHill -

Monday, December 08, 2008

Transporter 3

it used to be Milla Jovovich. now someone else keeps staring at me. with those sultry pair of eyes. ruffled hair. pouting lips.

i'd like a Penelope Cruz pleaseeee???

we were at city square few hours ago. since it was still early, we decided to watch Transporter 3. i don't think i watched part 2, and i assumed correctly that part 2 had no connections whatsoever with part 3. so that was good.

i remember watching part 1, all because of shu qi. the porn star. but that was many years ago.

anyways, the movie was good. its an action flick, so don't expect much of a storyline.

what means preoccupied?

something interesting happen though. IvanTheTerrible and NigelTheBrat joined in. they were good at the movies actually. i expected them to be complaining or making noise or crying like usual brats in cinemas, but surprisingly they behaved. NTB however fell asleep probably 30mins through the show.

ITT enjoyed the movie. he didn't make noise. not until the end of the movie.

when jason statham's name appeared signalling the end, while ushers rushed to open the exit doors, ITT shrieked:


then the crying began.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Follow Me

not the brand, but an instruction to my blog. so tak malu heh?

hahaha... well, just realized someone is following my blog. thank you very much, don't know how i got your attention, but appreciate it very much since this blog has been rather small.

though i'm not very sure who you are. i think you're sy, but there's no blogs under your control, so that confused me. then again, there's the mas tie-clip and gold bars. but then again, industry says "internet"? hmmm...

y, please identify yourself. say POB, endurance, registration please. maintain following level. call again when establish chronicles.

thanks for the add again. i am unbelieveably honoured. i'd just add people on my "addictive list" to say i follow their blog. but i think this new widget makes life a lil more simpler, though its gonna take me time to get used to it.

it was an unwelcomed re-acquaintance the other day. maybe that's what he specializes in? though i'm not spiritual enough to be attending other ceremonies. i'd just sit and blink.
the entire time i resonated:
... i hate this part right here ...
circumstances, situations, fate never fail to surprise me with questions.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Since My Mom Decided To Go To Europe...

1) the fridge decided to defrost items we wanted frosted. its been sent to the repairman thankfully.

2) the lightbulbs and starters in the hall decided to malfunction, leaving us in darkness. luckily i've had many experiences changing it in the hostel in kb where voltage archings were common.

3) today the pipe in the toilet decided to come loose and burst out with gushing water. blank with no clue what to do, i turned off the main pipe supply outside. then there was the problem of air bubbles in the pipeline

i'm watching jimmy kimmel live, some repeated episode. he says:

there is a new show on mtv, Paris Hilton's New Best Friend. so there are 16 girls and one confused guy competing to be her new best friend...
she'll sing to me:
" ... but you're just a boy... you don't understand... "