Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Miscommunication & Blabbers

on the way back to kb, i took the train and got the lower bunk bed. the person who was supposed to be above me was an elderly chinese lady.

so she asked to switch places coz she's old and that kinda reasons, and i agreed since i'm such a good boy and all...

i overheard she was getting down before me (coz my stop is the second last of the whole country), so when thanked me for switching places, i asked her to inform me when she's alighting so i could go back down.

then she started:

(in malay)
" oh i came to visit my daugther here. my grandchildren all here. i visit them. they are ........"


maybe my bahasa gone case already laaaa


i seem to like alicia keys' new song "no one".

and i've also been replaying justin timberlake's tune "until the end of time". the remixed one. the duet with beyonce. hahahahahaha

surprise surprise...


i'm gonna freaking fly a plane!


well not so soon. but soon. gosh.


ppl have faith in me. gotta get used to that.


Dilah said...

ah...good that you'll be flying soon.

You owe me a RIIIDDEEE!!!!


FOC kay? =DD

TKDaddict said...

OMG! ur going to be flying a plane soon!!!!

sharman said...

dil: u dtg kb laaa hehehehe

tkd: OMG YES!


Sashillia said...

like fuh-yohh. :P sharmeni's a pilot lo...

sharman said...