Friday, February 26, 2010

Live Life Love Family

introducing, officially henceforth,
JoelGotGroove (JGG)
because his hair always got grooveee.
and yes,
he loves salivating his mr. green frog rattle.


let me let you in on a secret. shhhhh don't tell anyone. this is exclusive to YOU, loyal reader.

LCCT is the place to be. it's the scene. the new bangsar/zouk/mos/whatever. seriously. how else can you explain road blocks at 12 midnight on a thursday just outside LCCT? road blocks with urine test weiii... someone explain?!

don't say i never share.

" coz i was so high,
and now i'm so low,
and i don't wanna walk around alone,
solo. "

-addicted to: iyaz "solo"-

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You Took A Piece Of Me

" till i met you, how i used to think i just wasn't a good guy.
i've grown up in my family and that's what they told me.

and now, after all of it, i know that i'm a good man. and i thank you for that. because i know now that i'm good enough not to deserve this.

not to have to feel like this.
not to love you so much that i almost hate you.

deserve someone who will stay. "

i'm in my grey's anatomy cycle again. i might be MIA for a little while, hopefully. because unlike alex karev, my mind's not sorted. happy holidays everyone!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Ear To Ear With A Reason

finally, i am able to breathe again. after quite turbulent months, i finished line training. i don't want to do it again.

it's such a relief to be done with training, even though the reality hasn't sunk in yet. the studying will never end, but it's like a huge boulder off my shoulders now. every night before a flight, i used to feel like i was going to enter the exam hall tomorrow, stpm exam hall to be precise. it was so hard to fall asleep, because your mind keeps wondering, "did i cover this? how about that? how does it go again?". some nights, it felt like i didn't even sleep, because i kept waking up. too nervous, you know?

i think it's kinda of crazy the fact that my first training flight was to bintulu, and i ended the training with a flight to bintulu as well. were the stars, planet and moon aligned or something?

oh, and finally i can tell people i'm a pilot, not a trainee pilot anymore (wrong to be proud eh? :D ). some people don't understand when i tell them i'm a trainee pilot, and have to explain everything before they understand what it means. initially, they think i'd just sit and observe the captain fly the plane.

though the reaction after that would be, "so you're a co-pilot? when will you fly the plane?". sad i tell you. its a two man crew, and we both take turns to fly the plane. i'm not a seat warmer :P

tomorrow shall be the first day taking flight as a first officer. start of a new chapter, another huge step for my life, a new wave of responsibility here after. i love this job, and i wonder why i doubted my happiness during training last time.

plus, flying back to jb! see the stars, planets and the moon aligning for me yet again :D

p/s if you're wondering, basically our ranking system works like this: second officer -> first officer -> senior first officer -> captain.


once during lunch, ITT turns and tells me out of the blue:

"next time when i big, i wanna be like you uncle sharman. i want to fly the plane. be captain".

so enthusiastically some more. i don't need kids with nephews like these :)

then the other day in school, his class teacher did the usual "ambition talk", and typically she wrote police, army, firefighter, doctor on the blackboard and told them to choose.

narrating the story to my mom, my mom asked him, "why you never say you want to become pilot?"

ITT: because the teacher didn't write on the blackboardddd...

the envy :)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Worth What

i have no mood to blog anything about the "industry". everything's fine, don't worry. it's just, you know, tiring.

welcome february everyone. chinese new year is around the corner, and have no idea where i'll be to celebrate it. keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the moment :) how about you guys? what are the plans for the long weekend ahead? someone, confirm dating across the causeway la.

anyhow, the other day at the hawker, the waiter ask me what i wanted to drink. i said, "teh cina ais satu".

after awhile he returns, 100 percent looking somewhere else. so i ask, "berapa?"

he: dua ringgit.


he: ahhh. eh sorry sorry. empat puluh sen (then he sniggers)

it wasn't temporary insane inflation, or a joke. the fella was busy fixated on an ah moi. maybe he hasn't been lucky in awhile i guess. or maybe that was his version of megan fox. the love of his life he's been waiting for.

thank God he didn't drool into my drink.