Saturday, March 26, 2011

24 And More

turning 24 didn't have any of the hype as the previous years. there wasn't a countdown like I usually do. it was a quiet one as i ran off to cambodia.

and what a blast i had. it's the little surprises that leave such a sickening smile on my face. life will only get better here on forth.

sometimes we need to see the worse to appreciate all the good in life.

and sometimes we need a wild night to give life a much needed wake up call. a reason to work, a reason to get out of bed, a reason to laugh and have a ball.

keep the beat thumping, cheers all!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'd Catch A Grenade, But Not This

do any of you out there shop at jusco?

there has never been anything more annoying mankind has created, than their autopay machine. you know the annoying yellow one that talks and talks non-stop even though you're ahead of her instructions by the speed of light. yes, that one!

well i found out, it can get even more annoying.

try playing it in bahasa.

suicidal, i swear.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Runny Brains

march is here, and we keep marching on. for what, i'm still searching for the answer.

anyways, did any of you read about the varsity elections few weeks back? honestly speaking, i have no idea what's with the big hoo-haa of it all. seriously, how much power and authority are you going to gain? or maybe the experience? really how many employers are going to give a damn about that in your resume?

especially with the ridiculous child's play that went on. SERIOUSLY PATHETIC PEOPLE INVOLVED, you guys go on a rampage destroying public property for?! you expect people to put trust in you when you behave like that? whatever monetary allocation that could have been put to good use (a subjective thought considering money always go to the wrong people), now will be used to repair the damages. it annoys the freaking hell of me because for one, i'm a tax player. that money you waste, is my money too.

number two, seriously why are we wasting money sending these kinds of people to study, when obviously it's a deficit, rather than a gain to society?

number three, omg the money. what a waste.

number four, is this any indication of our future politicians? i seriously think WWE is far more entertaining. with the tv switched off nowadays. but at least they are being paid for the entertainment, not in this case. let's get ready for a bigger zoo negara.

some people will never grow, will they? which brings me to the Interlok debacle. the intentions maybe "wonderful". but let's be honest here. not everyone involved in this whole situation, are mature and would look at it, the way it is suppose to. there will always be the cynics, the minorities, the ignorants, the fools. be it student or educator.


usually during departure from runway 04 out of penang island,
you'd most likely see penang bridge on the right side.
the co-pilot's side.
the other day as we took off,
captain turned to me and hastily said,

"look outside....
penang bridge clear or not?"

"urmmm. yes?", i replied.

"faster call hitz fm. be a cruiser.
tell them the bridge clear".

it was so long since i laughed so much at a lame joke.
i think i teared up.