Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Chairs

two chairs stood there,
you sat in one,
it looked like you were waiting,
"for me?" i kept thinking.

two chairs stood there,
nonchalantly you whisked me everywhere,
like i knew your past and you knew mine,
on my face you painted a smile so childlike.

you rattled stories seemingly careless,
unknown to me this beguiling world of yours,
piece by piece i patched the scene,
no time i had to even ask your name.

second day and you quizzed my day,
as soon as i walked in you had your first say,
i lament the mundane; what was going through my head?
you took no note then went ahead.

first out came the past,
trivial matters of the lost,
then the sorrows ensued,
my knees went weak and in that chair i slumped.

following day you were by the window sill,
you began with all your wants and will,
i noticed for the first time you were an enthusiast,
i drowned at that sight while sinking into seat.

through the window pane the beams gently fell,
such a beauty had got me under a bewildering spell,
then in all fascination it occurred to me,
i knew your past, your future, but never your name.

two chairs stood there,
you sat in one,
it looked like you were waiting,
"for me?" i kept thinking.

but darkness had fell over the room,
and the light in your eyes was covered in gloom,
i took the seat and asked if you were okay,
"this chair is taken", and you turned away.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Am I In This Alone

back home in jb for the weekend. i need a break. it's been a low in april. i need a dose of happiness. and maybe some tlc? nothing home, can't cure. who knows what else i might find here that i haven't already found. everything changes, right? life unexpected.

currently addicted to this song. hope you guys enjoy it. it took me nearly a week trying to figure out the artist and title. nearly made me go crazy. i'm like a level below curiosity killed the cat. i'd probably get checked into a mental hospital instead of an ICU.

" Normally I try to run,
And I might even want to hide,
Cause I never knew what I wanted,
Till I looked into your eyes.
So am I in this alone?
What I'm looking for is a sign,
That you feel how I feel for you,
Baby please don't let me go."

love the musical feeling of the video from the first chorus on. a day dream of sort. like a wedding. which reminds me, bring on the bride and groom next month! it's gonna be a celebration.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

If Darkness Falls

what would you do?

sometimes i fear this happening. what if i open my eyes one day, and everything turns black? there is emptiness staring me dead in the eyes, yet i know it's not the case. sight is everything to me. i love to read, i enjoy movies, i need it for my job.

little things we always take granted.

if only all of us could take life in it's stride like how zach does, i think we'd see life in very different angles. please do read this.

it's worth your time, guaranteed.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Price Tag

the other day, the sister and family came up to kl for a surprise visit.

so the next day during breakfast, there was only wholemeal bread in the house. again, it was a surprise visit, and hence i couldn't prepare their "welcome". now no kids i know actually likes wholemeal. they prefer white bread, and if i knew they were gonna be staying with me, i'd buy white bread.

i was being too nice. kids hate wholemeal bread.

so when IvanTheTerrible saw me chomping on my bread, he quizzed:

"uncle sharman, why you buy the wrong bread? this not nice one. yuck".

ahhhh brutal kid honesty. but how do i explain that i intentionally bought that bread? because not a single reason seems to be good enough to overcome the "yuck" statement.

on a random note. i wanna own a house sometime in the future. i don't really care what the house looks like, but i want a big lawn. i want a house and lawn because i wanna keep a dog. a golden retriever. and he needs to run. yes, it will be a he. if he's behaved, he'll have his own bitch. she will be smaller. maybe one from the pound. i think it's pitiful if you keep a dog and not allow it to run. and being in kl, there's no parks to bring your dog for a run.

and being in kl, that kinda house, i can just dream of owning with such a price tag.