Thursday, May 10, 2007


i was listening to a sg radio show, and the dj goes:
chaplang means to mix match and bla bla de bla blahhh

-_-" chaplang does NOT mean mix match or of that sort. it means ciplak. un-original. tainted. and the likes. get your facts right first la.

today on the bus i felt hungry and had the unavoidable thought of getting myself a Loacker Kakao waffer snack. so off i went to the BHP station mart and guess what!

it was only 1.90! not big deal, but usually it cost 2.60. i mean the small pack btw. so i bought two, which saves me enough bus fare for a trip to town! then again, i dont buy snacks everyday XP

but is it really coincidence that the day i wish to eat Loacker (hums the tune) and its on offer?

THEN the other day when i got a lil wee bit (let me be humble la SIL!) intoxicated, i was offered the bin to throw up the excess puke. right next to me bed, supposedly puked by me the bin laid.

so my bro wakes me up half an hour late for class, and says: dont forget to clean it up. think u vomited.

i digressed. so i smelt it, and it smelt perfectly fine! kinda sweet actually. then i reply: no i dont think so.

he walks out of the room and i hurriedly have me bath and goes off.

later that evening my bro in law reminds me, yes reminds, me to clean the bin.

still i dont believe his words and reply: no i didnt vomit laaaa.

"yes u did. dont forget to clean it, after become worse", he says.

so off i go, rather late at night (or was it the next day already? hmmm) and empties the bin into a plastic bag coz there was rubbish. i held my breathe, but released to be welcomed by a perfectly SWEET scent!

if thats how my puke smelt, really why should anybody have a problem with it?

i was kinda amazed/proud of my good smelling puke.

ok before u think i've gone bananas or have a weird fetish for puke, let me explain what i found in the bin.

besides puke that it.

i found the old air freshner can i threw away couple of days ago, with the new fresher's cover in it! hence the smell!

maybe i wasnt blessed with such good puke (for an instant it did fool my mom too), but do u think that was entirely and purely coincidental? i puke and there's air freshner to wisp it off?

NO. i say,



before i go, today at work someone wrote a cheque to somebody. think it was meant as:

amount: RM XXXX.00
to: ***** Pemborong Sdn Bhd

but the fella wrote instead:

amount: RM XXXX.00
to: ***** Pembohong Sdn Bhd

(lol) needless to say, the cheque got rejected!

-will be off to kl in a few hours, hope everything goes well-


AdrenaLynn said...

I remember being the one asking you if you've cleared your bin before i left for SG that night...

anyways.. chapalang or chaplang as you spelt it.. is used for like any sorta rubbish..a whole mix of stuff... etc.

i.e: "you can find all sort of chapalang in his drawer!"

i find that mainly the chinese uses that word alot though

Dilah said...

eh? u puked coz of wat?

Caroline said...

sharman said...

adrenalynn: gosh...i never used it in that context before...

of yea u also told me to do tat hahaha...quite a few keep telling me to do.

dilah: intoxicated. hint hint.

carol: *nothing* hahahaha

Carol said...

wat the..=)

Dilah said...

ouh...i din know u drink..

seems too baik to drink


sharman said...

lol just for fun dil...not everyday... dont worry

Dilah said...

arh...i see..

manelarh tau, hardcore drinker ke..

like some people i know. puked over themselves. eeeewww.

sharman said...


Anonymous said...


sharman said...

u sound lk someone i know.