Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Will Never Get

my dog just died. back home in johor bahru. i kinda had expected it, because she kept running out of the house. she was so smart, she was "toilet" trained, and knew how to sit and shake hand. what do we make of death? i'm still trying to figure that out.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Miss O was publicly molested today.

i sent her to the car wash.

+ if you asked me for two minutes of my time, and then i made a scene at you for using more than two minutes of my time like how you would if we were delayed, how would you feel? random.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Getting Lost At The Sideline

pmr results were announced today, and i'm suddenly thrown back into memories. for me, i've always been chasing good results. i was never the straight A's student, but i always believed in having a nice-to-see results slip. A's and B's were all i told myself to accommodate with.

thinking back, i don't know why. maybe because i like to see things orderly, somewhat? hmmmm... as i spoke to a friend quite some time back, she told me how happy she was when one of her students passed all subjects. something i found a little hard to relate at first, but later understood. not everyone wants to chase for the A's. sure its nice to have them, but how does it really help? i've met people with amazing results, who also think they're royalty. i've met people who rattle of chemistry formulas and spot calculation mistakes instantly, but can't hold a simple conversation.

i'm not saying i am the perfect human being on earth. i occasionally loathe making small talk, though i think i feign interest well. back to the point, some people search for the A's, yet others don't really care. some just want to pass. results don't make a person, it just generalizes us into science or arts. then classifies us "successful" or not. for exams we are forced to sit for, some don't want to comprehend. we are a diverse lot.


IvanTheTerrible will soon be starting standard 1. it is kind of crazy thinking about this. 6years ago, i couldn't believe i was an uncle. then he started calling me uncle. then he attended nursery, and kindergarten. soon, primary school. time flies so fast.

he is excited about his new school. the other day he was telling me how big it was, that he's going to standard 1 next year, with so much enthusiasm. the kid doesn't know he's got 11 long years of school ahead of him. ONE DAY, he's gonna hate it. yes, i'm slightly evil. i just hope he'll enjoy the moment while it lasts.

it is the festive season, and i've got treats for you. some *not very clear* pictures of the three knights, by order of appearance on earth:

thanks to NigelBiscuitBoy for his photography skills, except the last one.


i'm getting quite the attention for my personal message on msn. it reads:

you. me. us.

words from my beloved beyonce, to me.

fine. from the video "if i were a boy", can't i imagine?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nod Your Head Nick

i realized how easily it is for some people to mistake me for being drunk on the phone.

me: hello. where are you?

cousin: just finish work, on the way back.

me: ooo ok. i miss you laaa...

cousin: oi. you drunk is it?!

i wasn't drunk. it was just to annoy her into thinking i was drunk, while she was busy with work, and others were not. slightly evil.


the family and i headed down to 1Utama because there was a nickelodeon event going on last week. holiday treat for the nephews. it was kinda disappointing, over-hyped, and a cheap advertisement for the company. but i guess kids are easily pleased (somewhat), and they enjoyed themselves with the limited activities.

anyways, the host was kinda weird. it was this lady in her late twenties. she was sitting on the stage, kids sat on the floor in front of her, and she tried to entertain them. at her wits end, she asked the kids to guess her age. kids ranging from 3-6 years old. one of the kids thought she was 12. kids do not know how to judge wrinkles, my dear.

i think the host was sticking to her job because it paid well. she finally decides to introduce herself, and says she's from johor bahru. again, kids don't know geography. then she asks, if anyone's from there.

was she expecting anybody to acknowledge her? of course she was. LIKE ME! i raised my hand. and we ended up having a "conversation". she on the stage, speaking through the mic, me about 30 feet away speaking and hoping she reads lip.

she: you also from JB?

me: yes.

she: have you seen me before?

me: yess i have. (with utmost semangat)

she: where?

me: errrr. city square!

she: where have you seen me before? (guess she didn't get it)


she: oooo. during one of the shows?

i nod my head vigorously.

she: oh okay. later i give you present okay?

i smiled back politely and gave her a thumb up.

i'll tell you something. i have never seen her before in my life, but city square is the only place where events like this would take place. i was *fingers crossed* hoping my blind shots would hit the target. apparently it did. because at the end of the day, i got two limited pink dora the explorer lanyards.

as much as i wanted to keep it for myself and wear on board to work, i felt gracious to my nephews and let them have it instead. see, it "pays" to be from JB, and told you she's just in it for the money. for a temporary period, i was the "kid" she was paid to entertain. why do we have to grow up again?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chinese Tea Furrow

dinner at the frequented chinese restaurant, the lady boss zapped me with a reply i wasn't expecting.

me: teh cina panas, satu.

lady boss: cina teh panas, you kata teh cina panas. aiyooo...

was i really wrong? almost tempted to go on a Hukum DM spree, but decided not to because clearly i'm not some DBP member. and of course because the boss always like to talk crap to entertain us. you know, coffeeshop talk. randoms.


talked to NigelBiscuitBoy on the phone few minutes ago, and it went like this.

NBB: now i'm four years old!

me: wowww. four years old?! now you're such a big boy!

NBB: noooooo. i'm still small. i am only FOUR years old.

the only kid i know who doesn't want to grow up. why didn't i have his mindset back then.

-there are some people i get so close to strangling them-

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Little Wonders

on the morning of his birthday, NigelBiscuitBoy woke up and asked his mother, "is uncle sharman coming back?"

she: no. he is working.

NBB: why he need to work?

she: because he need to pay for his car.

NBB: i got money. i can help him pay for his car.

he meant the RM5 in his "kitty" bank. don't you want kids too? even for just the temporary satisfaction of innocent joy? :)


yes for those who actually read this blog, i got a car. lack of an update on it eh? things have been a lil rough that it overshadowed the enthusiasm for my beloved car, sadly.

well initially she had been named Miss O, not to be mistaken for Oprah, but due to the fact she's orange. last night, i officially blessed her and she's now hindu.

so mom asked me, "then shouldn't your car have an indian name too?"

me: "hmmmm. point noted. ok her indian name shall be Miss Om".

i really didn't want to deviate too much from her birth name. and yes, she. the love of my life hahaha...

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

One Step

stop peeling the petals,
she said to me,
it is too soon,
she warned me.

i dived reluctantly,
back into the ocean,
to find normality and my position,
of distanced fear.

a remoteness ensued,
in the once comfort zone,
paradise was where you were,
not like hanging over this edge.

the tone of your voice,
i could feel how somber,
your unwilling eyes,
only to me.

only to me,
you had spread your arms,
only to me,
the restricted was table talk.

yet only to me,
everything of the ordinary,
that made perfect sense,
were intangible in reflection.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Lack Of Armor

sometimes i just wanna give in...

the title is stolen, but i found it appropriate.


happy birthday.

i wonder how it would have been.