Thursday, May 28, 2009

short stories

some people think i look chinese.

like the hawker that day who started speaking to me in mandrin. luckily understand, just cannot answer other than nodding my head.

some people think i don't look chinese.

like the taxi driver that started talking about how the chinese monopolized the durian business. before, they sold durians by the fruit. now, because of the chinese, they sell durians by the kilogram.

i can be so forgetful. today. my medical certificate was slipped inside my licence. i took the medical out and put it in my shirt pocket cause i needed to photocopy the licence.

then i misplaced my licence. started looking high and low for it. finally found it.

then got frantically panic, thinking my medical certificate had slipped out my licence, and fallen somewhere. many many frantic minutes later only had i realized i foolishly put it in my pocket for safe keeping.

-its been 5 months-

Thursday, May 21, 2009


somewhere in kl at a foodcourt, this guy shouts out his order to the man making the drinks.

guy: kopi-o satu kuraaang mani...

in the olden days, we had to... eh cannot say olden days,
our neighbour still practising it.
- random whatthefarrrk note coz i'm encouraged to blog -
on another random note, i just changed the housing on my 6121 to a black cover. now it looks like a smaller-and-without-a-joystick version of my beloved n73. ahhhh the memories. the sad sad memories...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Am So Uncivilized

venue: somewhere in kl

time: approximately around tea time

we headed down to a mamak for quick bite. i was dying for food. food that actually resembled and tasted like food, even though over-priced. food that didn't taste too sweet or filled with soy sauce. i needed to taste food that though mixed with unhealthy stuff, was not kb "food".

friend: bang, roti telur bawang ada?

i was trying to figure out, since when mamak shop will masak telur with bawang then stuff between two slices of gardenia bread. is this new hype? the new indomee double???

-.-'' then only realized, "roti" as in roti canai. i. am. so. uncivilized.


was in the car just now, and they played chris brown's "with you". i remember going back one holiday and IvanTheTerrible started singing it in the car. i was amazed. this kid didn't even talk much at times. and here he was singing to chris brown. the boy's got rnb! missing him and the other one and everyone else back home... just a lil while longer...

I bet his heart's all over the world tonight,
With the love of his life who feel,
What i feel when i'm,
With you, with you, with you...

-chris brown "with you"-

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Right Round

some supposed myth for today. in ancient egypt, the night before a wedding, the bride-to-be is entitled to dance one last time with any man of her choice, other than her future husband. her last dance before she becomes a married woman, before spending the rest of her life dancing (or not), with her husband. before she gets chained down, i guess.

i think, this tradition wouldn't apply much nowadays. isn't a dance, just a dance? would it really be off-limiting to dance with someone else, when you're married, or hooked up? and what if the life-partner's got two left feet? c'mon its just to past time... then again, this coming from a free-spirited guy who doesn't know much XP

though, come to think about it, with all the bump-and-grinding these days, it is worth some caution. dirty dancers on the loose. both guys and girls :)

*continuously contradicting myself* what about strippers for bachelor(ette) parties then? hmmmm i think i shall stop this, i might become schizophrenic with these contradictions...


You spin my head right round, right round.
When you go down, when you go down down.

i recently found out how wrong flo rider's "right round" can mean thanks to foxy. like in a 'chip n dale' kinda way. so very opposite -.-''

-mistakes are inevitable. sometimes you regret them-

Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm Gonna Cuff You Up

the other day after flying we headed down to the airport to have dinner at kfc. this kid stopped me and asked,

"are you a policeman?", wide-eyed.

i laughed, "no of course not. i fly those planes (points outside)."

"why? you want me to be policeman and take you to jail?", i joked. but he willingly obliged. so gullibe. or maybe he wanted to runaway?

white uniform, black pants, and pale shoes, the kid thought i was a policeman. misconceptions of the innocent. seriously, policeman??? never in my wildest dreams...