Sunday, June 28, 2009

You Rock My World

let me jump on the bandwagon about the king of pop like every other news out there. i'm sure it was a shocker to all. everyone either liked him, or hated him. everyone knew the name and the legacy. everyone knew the man. quite a feat, but then again he's been in the limelight since he was like 9?

could all the scrutiny throughout his lifetime been the cause of his uniqueness? it is a possibility no doubt. i think the saddest thing of it all, is that he left in a time when he wasn't in the brighest of light. he never got a chance to redeem his fame.

but how else do i remember him?

when i was in secondary 2, somewhere nearing the end of the year. the english language society was having its farewell party, and each sec had to do a performance. just the day before, michael had released his latest song "you rock my world" (although it never garnered much popularity, but i still think it was awesome. maybe the problem was that it seemed a similar formula to his previous hits. it had a very distinct michael jackson sound. something from the 80s/early 90s. but people were already living in the new millenium)

in between those acts for the farewell party, they started showing that video on tv. everyone just stoped and stared at the screen.

odd thing is, the tv wasn't hooked up to the audio system in the hall, so we were watching the tv, but listening to some melancholic draught. still we watched, and waited till somebody fixed the audio without getting out of our seat. see the power?

then there was the other unforgettable incident. occuring at the time of the infamous bashir interview, heightened by sexual allegations and bankruptcy. where i made a public outcry that i wanted to be michael jackson.

that michael jackson was my inspiration.

that he was my idol.

public speaking 2003, impromptu speech section. dazed by watching the bashir interview just the night before, i gleamed when i read the title for the competition, "inspiration".

my logics and gist? well, at a time of such trouble wooes, debts running up USD300mil, people still adored him.

people still paid for his appearance. he was still earning millions more. and people would still die to meet him. and he'd never get stares for grabbing his balls in public. no, people want to see him grabbing his balls. who else had such a grip over so many? i was overwhelmed that a person with so much flak that could erase all of him, still had the other side of the world backing him.

i'll never get a chance to see him perform live. rumours say he faked his death to get away from all the spotlight. if that's true, michael if you're reading this, please stop the act and let me be your audience.

but, if that's false, then rest in peace mikaeel jackson. you rock my world you know you did!

Friday, June 26, 2009


is a crowd.

Monday, June 22, 2009

H2O Bomb

i have been guzzling more water down my throat than usual. i've had this sudden breakout of pimples that is just excrutiatingly annoying the life out of me. its indescribeable.

i do admit that i had not been consuming enough water lately BECAUSE i was too lazy to boil water and wait for it to cool down. i was also too lazy to buy some from 7-E. even on good days i already have sufficient pimples to keep my face swollen. so this sudden breakout was damn intolerable. maybe i needed more water. and that was my solution.

now, i find myself visiting the toilet so frequent as though it was the powder room and i was a budding star over conscious of my appearance. the toiletbowl is as clear as Evian water when i'm done. i think a litmus paper won't change colour.

but at least its working for now.

problem number 2 is trying to contain myself from letting go the f-bomb unnecessarily, and especially at home. its become a daily vocabulary for me, that i say it without knowledge. don't you think its the most multi-purpose all weather word in the world? it can sound crude, obscene, vulgar, yet pleasant too? but the problem of the evolution of the f-bomb, nobody forgets the root.

away from home, this isn't such a problem. back home, its not a convenient word with two kids running around. i've had some help from miss db about this extension of vocabulary, and the closes that i can agree with is "freaking". the only fault i find, it sounds a lot like the f-bomb. like fish too. i want something more discrete and less obvious that i'm swearing.

hmmm... "obviously" fits as well. less enthusiastic though :P

any other suggestions? your kindness is very much appreciated.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


reduced vertical separation minimum. it allows more aircrafts to fly in the highways above us. of course, only with auto-pilot on because the higher we are, the higher degree of accuracy is required.

without the auto-pilot on, hand flying an aircraft to maintain level, let's say to our assigned height of 30,000ft (or more professionally, above 13,000ft onwards, we refer it as flight level 300 /FL300) is not easy. additionally with bigger jets, its not instant reaction everytime you make adjustments. it takes time.

plus, flying so high up in the sky, making these adjustments can be very dangerous. with a mere 150ft tolerance (though it may sound a lot, but really it isn't) to attain the assigned altitude, auto-pilot is the way to go. breaching safety codes, ample reports which could jeopardize your career and licence would come your way unavoidably. thank God for auto-pilot!

with RVSM certification for both the aircraft and crew on board, it allows airliners to fly in densed traffic areas, fitting in more aircrafts in one airway. at higher flight levels where 2,000ft separation was previously needed, can now be reduced to a separation of 1,000ft. so with less separation, more aircrafts can fly up in the sky. although you can't see it from the ground, but it really is busy up there. like kuih lapis. and now, i'm RVSM certified too. give me the pleasure of making you into kuih lapis? :)

him: why you look so sad miss s?
her: i'm not feeling well... i feel like throwing up.
me: are you pregnant, miss s?
her: yea right -.-''
him: you should see a doctor. i'm a self qualified doctor!
note to self: drink more water.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saying Goodbyes

i just want to remind you. you must not be good. you must not be very good.

then sir?

you must be exceptional! and in everything you do. not just your profession, but as a gentleman and everything in your life.

yes sir.

that is why i give you that name. what do i always call you?

superman :)

yes that's it. don't ever forget it!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Give It Two Good Blows

i've always wanted to learn how to do cardio pulmonary resusitation (cpr). don't know exactly why. probably because its heroic to be saving a life. imagine how phenomenon it'd be to give jessica alba or beyonce the kiss of life! watching too much grey's anatomy i guess. or was it baywatch? (rofl)

but i didn't want to be attached to a licence to kill as well. plus, 5-7 years in medical school would definitely make me go bonkers without a doubt. no, i was never willing to give up that much of my life, no matter how noble i found the profession. i think i could serve the world better in different ways.

today, i got a chance to learn. well, it was unavoidable frankly speaking. its part of the areas we need to cover. just as a matter of caution. general knowledge kinda thing. because if something were to happen requiring cpr in-flight, the flight attendants would assume the primary roles. we in the flight deck, can't leave the aircraft unmanned. unless situation really deteriotes to an unthinkable point.

so if a person is seemingly unconscious, what do you do? you look for Dr. Abc!

D - dangerous. clear area of anything that may harm the fellow like sharp objects.

R - response. check verbally if the fellow really unconscious. squeezing his testicles is considered sexual harassment. instead, ask him, "sir are you ok? sir can you hear me?". if no reply, then safe to say he is unconscious. then shout out to a passerby, "call 911!".

oops. 999 i mean. 911 tak laku over here.

A - airway. not airways like golf466 and whiskey525 fellow airmen out there. it means to make sure he can breathe without obstruction. especially his tongue doesn't block his breathing. also check if there are any foreign objects down his throat. like fishball, furball, or maybe his own balls.

B - breathing. confirm no breathing by looking for movements of his chest, listening out for an exhale, and feeling for warmth of expired air. confirmed no breathing? proceed.

C - circulation. give him 2 good blows. the 2 best blow job you could ever give. ventillation, i mean. then proceed with 30 chest compressions, for every 2 ventillations.

remember, the secret is all in the hands, and your 2 good blows. after the blow job, lookout for an erection. eh REACTION, not erection!

the other day i was listening to FlyFm,
they were talking about weird names,
and one caller said he met a girl named Abcd,
pronounced as "ab-see-dii". creative!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Always The Minority

taking this path, hadn't been easy. i had next to zero knowledge when i jumped into this industry. i wasn't the stereotypical "my dad's a pilot", as you would find in flying school. but thank God for friends who were alike. the minorities amongst the majority in this tightly knit world.

there is something about flying that is so irresistable to me, that some people cannot comprehend. especially lady teachers (but this is not limiting to them only). i received some flak when i decided to quit university and pursue this licence. maybe they had some pretty nasty rendezous with pilots in their high days?

truthfully though, i guess they had envisioned me receiving a scroll for mechanical engineering. all because of my big mouth.

teachers always asked, "what are you gonna study after form6?". and if i said, "i wanna be a pilot", they would give me this face like "what the hell is a pilot?". the thing is, teachers expect you to proceed to university. full stop. no doing things out of the ordinary. unless of course you do really bad, and decided to be an entrepeneur and set up a stall selling ramli burger.

and there is no such option of "piloting" in the public tertiary education. so i also face this typical question countless times, "what university offers piloting?". been there before? tired of answering them with a speech, i decided i'd tell them i'm gonna study mech engineering. coz it was the closest to piloting in those public university forms @.@

they will never comprehend the fact that i had given up my would-be batchelor's in mech eng for a driver's licence. never. reactions are hillarious. but what's done is done. my life, my choice.

its sad how there is no room for exceptions. at the end of the day, people only want to see you get a scroll, and you're king just like that. a momentary feeling of pride they'd feel for you. then when the fizzle is out, back to the daily norms, and you could be regretting it for the rest of your life. i don't think its fair how society oppresses itself based on such age-old thinking. we've come a long way since the 50s, there are many other ways to be successful. don't make it a point to stay old-fashioned, just because you were forced to back then. else it'd be a never ending regressional cycle. plus with the abundant pointless degrees for who-knows-what and limitless universities springing out, there is gonna be a time when everyone successfully holds a batchelor(cert or human) with nowhere to go.

but did you know, piloting licence is recognized to be equivalent to a degree abroad? "but not in malaysia", you say? sijil luar negara lagi powerrr what...

from flying school, to the jets. to be more precise, the airbus, is gonna be worlds apart. how to endear, i wonder. i don't suppose they have a handbook for dummies out there? because the quick reference handbook, doesn't look so quick.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Saturday, June 06, 2009

My Silent Encounter

we sat opposite each other,
not knowing the other's destination.
you looked like an angel,
flawless skin,
thin pink lips,
flowing hair without gravity.
i smiled a little not knowing where to,
then reluctantly looked away.

your frames,
hooked faithfully on your bridge,
but i have to say,
your shirt seemed too big,
could they be hiding your wings?
could it be underneath your deep blue shirt?

i tried,
i really did try,
but i could not stop myself,
from stealing glimpses of you.
how could i?
but how could you wrong me,
where else should i look,
if not straight ahead?

that's not a crime,
not a crime to look straight ahead, no.
but you my dear,
yes, you know you were wrong.
not because we interlocked,
neither because you hid your smile.

as he entered the train,
i had already noticed the uniqueness,
you took awhile,
only once he sat beside me.
the trojan was an eye-catcher,
the blonde made it attention seeking,
yet you my dear,
did not anyone tell you its not nice to stare?

so you were guilty,
of staring at him,
at his uniqueness of awkwardness,
and i caught you there and then,
if only i was a man in blue,
instead all i could do,
was laugh at the wide-eyed you.

i simmered down the laugh,
and smiled pleasantly,
as you shifted glances my way,
i could see it in your eyes,
the guilt of staring you realized,
yet could you not help yourself,
as i could not help myself,
holding back laughter in your view.

we parted ways,
how i wished we had not.
i'll still think of you,
and the fun we had,
or at least on my part alone,
and maybe we'll meet again.
maybe on the train again.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Establish Bachok...

NO MORE! the infamous Buddha statue of bachok, kelantan. for all those flyers out there, familiar?

the statue is actually located at this double dragon temple fyi. (cool right 'double dragon', reminds me of that micro genius game) last day in kelantan and my first day actually stepping foot at the east coast beach. now i can say, been there, done that!

the joy---stick in between the crotch.

the footwork,
that took me a long time to get accustomed to.

the cockpit. display is powered if you look carefully.
- i've been travelling on this road too long... -