Sunday, May 27, 2007


went for paintball last morning, coz technically its sunday already. was an R&R thing the company does every month with different activities, and this month it was paintball!

game of 6 -vs- 6. i tasted orange *water soluble* (like it makes a difference) paint. a pellet smacked into the wooden log barricade i was hiding at, and burst into my face mask, which had a mouth ventilation obviously! so yep, i tasted orange coloured paint.

i saw this scratch, quite disappointingly, on me. after hearing AND seeing all the sordid bruises people got after playing paintball (i've seen someone's skin pecah after getting shot), this was certainly rather... sad case?

this was on my forearm actually. had to twist awkwardly to get a clear picture.

i was expecting more, honestly. and even this was such a cheap shot. i had to wave the white flag coz my marker (aka gun) got jammed, and as i was walking out of the field, people started firing at me aimlessly, and one hit me from behind! unfair.

i did get shot a few times, but the pellets didnt burst so it didnt count. anyways, this was so far the only visible bruise i got, till i went to shower and saw...

i had another on my chest, and one more on my lower back. but those two barely protruding. this however, was as close as i got to those horrific paintball aftermath stories. its not painful actually. but the worse is...

THE LEGS! omg. climbing, running, breaking suddenly, crouching and the horror of squating again AND AGAIN. dah la that day's futsal effect not yet wear out, plus today's game, when i wake later in the morning, i could use an electric wheelchair!

but the game was AWESOME. serious fun. and serious exercise. its not just shooting. but taking cover and running IS tiring.

that said, it doesnt come cheap either hehe... luckily the company subsidized!

oh yea and the game was kinda in a ladang kelapa sawit. like damn outa town they built this place nicely, but theres other infrastructure nearby. so boss and i went to chech out the battlefield and she goes:

"waahhh this place if got snake how?"

ME: well then consider it your lucky day!


OMG i just finished Kevin couple hours ago. it was such an unexpected ending! the book was superb la. it kinda reminded me of Sixth Sense, the twist which i loved so much.

the obvious scare of raising a child, be it whenever, certainly protruded. Kevin's the absolute un-ideal kinda child u'd imagine for. as everything that could go wrong, will go wrong?

it just puts into prespective that its no small past time or oops-it-happen-accident aftermath having a kid. kinda scary actually. trying to find the faint hint of you in a younger and paler complexion, but to find otherwise. you'd never think, or at least I, that things could begin from so long ago. underestimating intelligence.

it was so friggin' scary.

but it also opened up my thinking, that everyone is different. the words 'spoken' through Kevin, although sadistically inclined, did bring about the *much forgotten by me* thought that everyone is friggin' different.

not everyone's looking forward to a picnic or a trip to the museum. not everyone is into computer virus or plain sardonic talk.

*realize this sharman*

same case in mind, not everyone wants to be a watcher. some want to be a wantchee.


vonblue said...

PAINTBALL!!!!!!bes giler!!!!me been to play since longlong ago!!!haha...wer izit??very far ke?n how much ah?danga bay oso got rite?haha...lucky u,company subsidise :P

Carol said...


Er, ouch to ur pics..=P

sharman said...

painball was AWESOME!!!! heard it was kinda expensive la, but not sure exactly how much. hmmmm we went to impian mas, DAMN far away. it FELT lk further than tmn u. can see the PLUS highway wan hahahaha...

danga bay also got, but shud b expensive there la. coz danga bay everythin also extra expensive hehehe

caroline: GO FOR PAINBALL. thats an order XP

Dilah said...

paintball...i tink if i play i ll be the first easy target.

Caroline said...

No PAINBALL plcs in sitiawan u know...hehe...i'll only go if someone manages to drag me there..=P

AdrenaLynn said...

Ahh Kevin... Kevin certainly scared be on the whole having a child and raising it issue.
Still scares me ....sighhhhh. Sometimes wish I hadn't read it..haha

sharman said...

dilah: its alrite, you'll hv more fun! lol

carol: drags u for PAINTBALL? why??? fun laaa

adrenalynn: OMG YAAAAAAAA!!!! its not the best book to intro ppl who hv not had children. readers should be old.

btw, thot of letting mom read it (coz once in awhile she reads some of my books), but not sure if its her type, esp since there was the whole masturbating thing hahahaha..what cha think?

AdrenaLynn said...

Well, mom's a mature woman who had 4 gtown kids.I dun think that will like shock her. Who knows she might suprise you :p

Let her try reading ah... the language and the complexity may bore some ppl before they hit the good part...that's the only part i think she may not dig..
then again.. after having 4 kids who knows, she may actually be able to relate to it somewhat.

sharman said...

hmmmmm *ponders*

Dilah said...

haha...kevin masturbates? right...

i think your mum has her fair bit from your dad =P sorry for the crudeness.

sharman said...

in the book, not only kevin masturbates.

but he has one weird fetish i tell u.

Dilah said...

foot fetish, anyone?

sharman said...

i think worse than that.