Friday, May 18, 2007


so we havent talked in a long time. but point to note, we never were close. seriously, there were a million topics to pick from.

we could have redundantly spoken about our future plans.

we could talk stale news of who's working where.

we could have relive interestingly of the boring last year.

we could condemn the horrific restaurant at the end of the street.

we could have exclaimed about the 90 bucks CK underwear.

we could validate the dirtiness of my once-white shoes.

heck we could even have conversed why birds poop with such accuracy!

but NO, instead...

he asked ME bout a bank loan.

a friggin home loan.

do i LOOK like i know bout home loans?!


do i even look like i give a effing care bout home loans?


Caroline said...

First things first. Who's 'we'? Lol. Home loans? Apa tu? Lol. Wait a minute, home loans or bank loans or both? *lost*


sharman said...

me and someone la...the other person is not important...

ermmm home loans from banks? makes sense tak??? *yipes*

Caroline said...

hehe..ya lar..dun worry i always get 'lost' somewhere in something...hope tht doesn't happen too often in Uni tho...cheers.

sharman said...

omg u better cure your lose-ness asap. skali go uni get lost some more, habis la u...hehehehe hv to put up "WANTED: CAROLINE" posters around campus then!

Caroline said...

Lol, i actually CAN imagine it happening!XD

sharman said...