Saturday, August 30, 2008


I got tagged by Miss Drumma Boi and so here is the game.
Requirement: Write about the age that you wish to go back to, and why.
Tag Mode: 5 bloggers. (I'll just tag a few.)
1st - You link 5 bloggers you want to tag and link their blogs.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc. (Somehow the instructions are pretty weird.)

ok i've been thinking hard about the age i would wanna go back to, and i couldn't really choose a figure. for days i've procrastinated this.

finally just now while having some thinking time on the toilet seat, i came to a consensus with me myself and i, that i'd like to return to the age of 13.

just after i turned 13. coz 13 was also the year you enter highschool, i needed time to settle in. so just after i turn 13 was kinda nice. i knew the school, people, and had a trustable ring of friends. which i am very thankful for coz i still have them.

at 13, school wasn't very heavy? there wasn't any major exams, so mediocre passing marks achieved was sufficient. more than sufficient actually. and subjects weren't that tough as well.

what else what else what else?

at 13, i didn't have much to worry. i think it was pretty care-free. i know it doesn't sound eventful, but i guess 13 had lesser downs compared to the other years.

though 13 didn't have much ups either, but i'd prefer returning to an age where the downs weren't so drastic. so yea.

don't think i started drinking at 13 also :( hahahaha

-the end-

whoever reads this, consider yourself self-tagged. i'm not gonna name drop. too lazy to give. if you read this, have some conscience to do it. coz YOU are TAGGED!

k k sounds so drama ready. maybe coz of my sleeping disorder. past week can't sleep properly. keep waking up early. can't sleep as long as i used to. i'm sleeping less than the average actually.

especially on the weekend! damn!

have a pleasant weekend y'all!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

GH 1, 2, 3; Solo 2,3; Cct Revs!

OMFG. its been a tiring week.

been flying with 04 the past four days straight. first time i'm flying with him, and you really gotta do good man.

he is an amazing pilot. hands down. the man can land an aircraft with just the play of the power. can you imagine it? like using two fingers to land a friggin aircraft?!

flying back to back, four days straight is really tiring. preparation, mentally.

i've become a coffee addict. before flight, i'll take approximately 2 black cuppas. and i usually fly in the evening. morning there's another cup! not like i like coffee, but i need to stay awake.

so anyways, we flew GH 1 & 2, and TWO Cct Revs coz i sucked and needed to do my solo circuits before proceeding with the next exercises. i don't think i flew that well, but i think i'm getting it. i think there's much to absorb from this man. i do feel a lil more confident with what i'm doing. i think i'm begining to understand airmanship and captaincy. just a lil bit clearer, its a longgg way to go...

and though everyday is really hell on earth, but the man is awesome during debrief thus far. and to know he thinks i'm safe to go solo (solo 2 & 3 and GH 3), i realize i need to learn more.

its been an amazing day. i almost felt like i didn't want the rain to stop. but instead i flew. and had the bestest day. flyin 1.5hours solo.

next week, i presume, shall be somewhat the same. little by little, i think i can. its exhausting, maybe its just me.

luckily its the weekend. finally. i went to school at 8am, returned only at 9.30pm today. it doesn't help i had many unsleepable times the previous nights... i'm just tired. merdeka. woo. who.

*GH= general handling.
(i know i didnt really type much. excuse me, i'm tired)

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Incans

i was watching The Motorcycle Diaries, which brought me to wiki about Tupac Amaru, not the rapper, but an Incan king. here is something i found:

In Cuzco in 1589, Don Mancio Serra de Leguisamo — one of the last survivors of the original conquerors of Peru—wrote in the preamble of his will, the following, in parts:

"We found these kingdoms in such good order, and the said Incas governed them in such wise manner that throughout them there was not a thief, nor a vicious man, nor an adulteress, nor was a bad woman admitted among them, nor were there immoral people. The men had honest and useful occupations. The lands, forests, mines, pastures, houses and all kinds of products were regulated and distributed in such sort that each one knew his property without any other person seizing it or occupying it, nor were there law suits respecting it… the motive which obliges me to make this statement is the discharge of my conscience, as I find myself guilty. For we have destroyed by our evil example, the people who had such a government as was enjoyed by these natives. They were so free from the committal of crimes or excesses, as well men as women, that the Indian who had 100,000 pesos worth of gold or silver in his house, left it open merely placing a small stick against the door, as a sign that its master was out. With that, according to their custom, no one could enter or take anything that was there. When they saw that we put locks and keys on our doors, they supposed that it was from fear of them, that they might not kill us, but not because they believed that anyone would steal the property of another. So that when they found that we had thieves among us, and men who sought to make their daughters commit sin, they despised us."

-source wikipedia-

if some people stayed where they are, maybe life would have been better now?

but don't you think its amazing? this great civilization had so much... moral?

and look at what those greedy bastards did.

if the penjajah's never came, if those great civilizations were maintained, would we still have what we have today?

Sunday, August 17, 2008


its quite ridiculous how sometimes the mind wants to do things that doesn't excite the heart.

the other night someone asked me what was written on my shirt, and i didn't know. even though i had worn that shirt many times, i wasn't sure whether it wrote "boarding" or "surfboarding" when asked.

i could have just looked down, and read what it wrote. but it's kinda sad that we tend to overlook such simple stuff. it makes me wonder, what else i let pass me by, unnoticed. so many things may have slipped through this gaze. so many good and bad memories in front of me, absent in the mind.

all went unnoticed.

last night, i was reminded of the old kampung house i used to live in. i tried to remember the finer details of it, especially the second hall. try as i might, but the only thought that came was the fact that it had been congested with stuff. what stuff exactly, i couldn't really remember.

is my memory really failing me? or do we just take things like this lightly? hmmm...

i like to reminisce the past, but it gets disappointing when you come to a halt. your train of thoughts crashes into a boulder of mystery. the familiar self-told story starts looking for a new story-teller.

anyways, speaking of the old kampung house i miss, it had quite a number of trees in its compound of tales. back then, i used to take things for granted. now, the mentality has changed because:

1) after the realization that rambutans and mangoes aren't free, coz we used to pluck them or let them fall off and rot coz we were sick of eating them, or were down with sore throat.

2) and people actually paid for pandan leaves!

hahaha i never bought pandan leaves. we just took the knives and cut them from the plant. that perception lasted for quite a number of years, till i found them at supermarkets. i was shocked.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cct Rev

i flew on sunday doing my circuit revision, after slightly more than a month of not flying because of exams. i took up to the skies with a new instructor, 16, and he was pleasantly different.

so basically a circuit is a standard pattern flown above the aerodrome, shaped like a race course. we take off, fly till 500ft, then turn 90degrees right into what we call crosswind, then after sometime we'd take another 90degrees to the right into downwind, where we'd be flying parallel to but opposite in direction of the runway. this is also where we would level off at 1000ft. then once we fly past the entire runway, we turn another 90 degrees right into base leg where we start descending, then turn the final 90degrees into finals where we make our approach for landing. i hope you can imagine that.

well i was thoroughly unfocused the night before, i don't know why. and it showed the day after. the lack of preparation was obvious.

the thing about circuit flying was, though i flew it many times before with 09, but 16 had a different approach on the turnings. with 09, i'd use landmarks to guide when to turn or to make sure of the correct circuit pattern. for eg:

wing approaches water tank, start turn to downwind.
wing touches river, turn base.
when flying downwind, make sure the mosque comes between your legs to fly straight!

this was so much easier to do, but this knowledge was limited to the KB aerodrome only, coz you weren't gonna be finding rivers, water tanks and mosques at other airfields. so i tried learning the 16 way, which was to use my own judgement of distance and fly the circuit.

damn it was hard. i kept turning too early, and i was too near the runway on downwind. so my descending went wrong and the circuit pattern just went out the window.

i was always too high on finals, so i had to keep coming in at a damn steep approach. it was sooooo stupid. no. I was soooo stupid. ridiculous flying man.

one of my friend kinda complimented: eh just now your landing nice man.

me: no la. you crazy or what. it was damn fucked.

friend: no la. you were coming in damn high, but at least you land nicely. you did what, practice force landing or glide approach?

me: ermmm. normal approach laaa.

friend retracts his compliment: oh then quite fuck up la.

which ends up in both of us laughing. pathetic. i tell you, i was damn lucky i was flying with 16, and not 09. else i don't think i'd even be able to be blogging this out. 16 is one patient man, and in the words of another friend, he treats you like a king in the plane. i call it the 16 treatment. absolutely good instructor, with a disappointing student.

then today i was scheduled to fly with 06, who's so kind when he speaks, its unusal and uncommon. but when i turned the ignition key, the engine didn't make a sound at all. the propeller didn't even move an inch. tried another time, but still fail.

aborted start up. all the pre checks for nothing. we got out the aircraft for a cuppa tea. hopefully next week goes better.

note to self: never go unprepared. don't be a lazy ass.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Brand New Day?

i think its time to wake up, and realize the things around you.

i think its about time for you to wake up, and notice that the world is never waiting for you.

i think its time to wake up, and do some self reflection and put into their shoes.

i think its about time for you to wake up, coz you're really not all that special.

i think its time.

Friday, August 08, 2008


It's a thief in the night to come and grab you.
It can creep up inside you and consume you.
A disease of the mind it can control you.
It's too close for comfort.
(this post is gonna be some random things about cadets here)
i don't usually dislike a person, but there's one particular junior who's been on my list of unwanted-ness ever since his first week here.
the first week he came, as usual they were all quiet and kept to their batch and didn't mingle much, pretty much the same like what i did. but the least you can do, if someone smiles at you, is to acknowledge the person. instead when i greeted or smiled, he shows a dildo-up-my-ass (DUMA, for short) face.
fine, maybe he was just nervous on the first week, so i let go. but incident two, i was washing my hands at the wash basin, and i turned to pump some soap, he comes from the side and uses the same tap, no problem. then as i bent down to wash my hands clean of the soap, he turns around and switches the tap OFF with his DUMA face. TWICE this happened!
another day i was on the bus, i sat on the window seat, and people were getting off the bus. as the bus was clearing up, i lifted the arm rest of the aisle seat so it would be easier for me to get out. less than 2seconds i put the arm up while waiting to get out after this guy passes, this guy walks pass and dengan slumbernya pushes the arm down like as if it was a boulder blocking his path, with his DUMA face.
i don't care if his DUMA face is his natural face, but he is annoying. i now choose to ignore his existence even if he stood right beside me. i'm not one who's big on seniority respect, i don't expect any. but you should differentiate respect with plain courtesy/manners. damn these people.
the principal praises one of the most junior-est batches, let's call them batch X, that they were the 2nd best batch of the school. according to him, they should compete and become better than the best ever batch the school has had, batch F.
now batch X seems to think they really are that good.
you may think i'm jealous, but hold on and read on. let me tell you something else. before batch X existed, all the while from batch A to W, the best ever batch that existed were batch C, not batch F (who were just okaay laaa). the principal told everyone from batch A to W, that batch C was the best, not batch F. batch C was always the yardstick.
so, was the principal just trying to motivate batch X to pull up their socks? if he was, its working i guess.
an instructor has nicknamed his students Freddie and Jason. as in Freddie vs Jason. i think the names can give you a very good indication of their acquired flying skills, don't you think so?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Geography Class

(this happened between a friend and someone who used to work in his house)

he: so where are you from?

she: UK.

he (?!): UK? okaaay. which part?

she: LA.

he (now confused): LA as in Los Angeles?

she: yeaaa. Los Angeles, UK.

wtf?! hahahaha... i couldn't stop laughing.


receiving an mms, very normal.

receiving an mms from my grandfather, very odd.
i think my grandfather is too pimped for me ...