Saturday, July 28, 2007

Leaving On A Jet Plane

i'll be leaving early monday morning for kota bharu. no idea what to expect. hope everthing goes well.

i'm still nervous/scared as hell. i guess the best way to put it, the reason of this 'fear', as one of the other cadets put it:

"don't you feel like you're trading your youth away for this?"

it is true. but like he also said, its an investment. let's hope he's right.

to all, take care. hope i can update soon.

good news is, i can 'ngam' with the oher cadets. hope settling in will be easy.

ok will leaving on a jet plane soon enough.

wish me best-y lucks!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Did She Actually Say That?

i hope the ring you gave to her makes her finger green.
i hope that when you're in bed with her,
you think of me.

- opening lines to K Clarkson's "Never Again" -

if you open the NST today, page 62, you'd find this interview with Channel V's Sarah Tan by an ignorant reporter.

either she's ignorant, or the reporter just sent Sarah a questionaire.

you be the judge:

Q: how do you maintain your fabulous figure?
A: i'm the world's worst when it comes to keeping fit and going to the gym and all that. the most exercise i do is walking the dog twice a day. its not something i'm proud of. i think i should be going to the gym more to keep fit. i'm just so lazy!

Q: what is your workour regime and how do you fit it in your busy schedule?
A: besides walking the dog, there isn't much i can tell you. (something something bout sarah not going to the gym)

Q: what is the best thing about working out?
(i cant believe she asked this question?!)

Q: what are some of the obstacles that deter you from working out?
(didn't she just admit she's lazy?)

Q: what is your one indulgence when it comes to food?
A: i like savoury food more than sweets so my biggest indulgence is the second or third helping of roast dinner.

Q: have you always maintained this healthy lifestyle or was it circumstances that lead you to adopt it?
(roast dinner is healthy lifestyle now?)

Q: what keeps you motivated to workout?
(if i was Sarah, i'd just commit suicide right about now)


oh yea Chris Brown's new song 'wall to wall', its not that great or anything, but the video kinda cool la.

its ala MJ's Thriller. vampires and dance moves.

and tiring leg exercise.


Monday, July 23, 2007


this, surprisingly, would mark my 100th post. maybe i've said too much?

NAHHHHH. not possible.

nothing much to substantiate this post, so i shall just ramble my rambles. have finished 7 Types Of Ambiguity, and finally realized why kinokuniya labelled it under literature. storyline was fantastic, but the ending was kinda blurry. hmmm... think i should read it a second time!

next on my list, To Kill A Mockingbird. never read it before, shall try. for the old timer's sake, i shall give mr lee the benefit of the doubt. dont know when i'll finish it, coz i dont know how busy i'll be. anyways, harry potter book 7, havent had the opportunity to caress it yet. dont know when i'll get to anyways. hopefully soon, but i doubt that.

hope its good. no spoilers please.

and no need to brag atta. i know you finished it in a somewhat record time. and as i've said, with or without your busy schedule, you'd have done it no different way.

on a different note, the worry. its scary. but i've calmed myself down. i guess its just the initial ultimate nervous washdown one gets when venturing into something totally new.

life changing in fact. omg WOW. life changing.

that's a big decision now isn't it? least to say, its mortifying the thought of it.

but OMG. it so surreal, maybe i'm just scared of waking up?


its alright if you dont know what i'm rambling about. its just the jitter bug. gosh how lame is that term 'jitter bug'?!

won't it be nicer if decisions weren't that big?

Friday, July 20, 2007


Those flashing lights come from everywhere
The way they hit her I just stop and stare
I'm love stoned from everywhere and she knows
I think that she knows
Think that she knows...

And now I walk around without a care
She's got me hooked
It just ain't fair, but I...
I'm love stoned and I could swear
That she knows
Think that she knows,
She knows,
She knows...

-J Timberlake's "Love Stoned/Think She Knows"-

this is an entry from my old blog.

i could use some simplicity of perception right now.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007


you may probably think that of me.

coz i QUIT uni.

heh. the joy of civilization.

even for just this short bit, incomprehensible.