Saturday, March 31, 2007


-THANKYU very much to cheryl of for making me work this eroding brains of mine. now i have to THINK. long time never do that redi tau!

the game goes like this, list out the 6 weird things about yourself, then tag another 6 people to write another 6 weird things, and list out the rules. (the rules which is write 6 weird things about yrself i guess...cheryl pun never blog it so i dunno)

btw, i AM normal.

weird fact 1
i always say 'rizzle' although i mean/meant to say 'drizzle' (as in light rain?!). maybe its because when i was young, i THOUGHT it was rizzle and not drizzle, so when i found out it was actually drizzle, i never took the initiative to change it hahahaha

weird fact2
i like to make my milo with creamer. i dont like milk. i can vomit at the taste of milk on my tongue, except condensed milk. but condensed milk very troublesome so i prefer using creamer. weeeeeee

weird fact3
i have NO IDEA how many alphabets there are. i NEVER EVER counted. hence, i do not know, and do not plan to know.

weird fact4
although i am relatively tall, but i always feel like i'm not so tall. if a person looks tall, but in actual fact he/she is shorter than me, i still feel i'm shorter. somehow i don't feel the 'looking down on you' when i speak to a person. hmmmmm...

weird fact5
i think i have a sleeping disorder. i always seem to have NOT enough sleep. i can sleep for HOURS AND HOURS, as in more than half a day continuously, and yet feel sleepy. have 6-8 hours sleep, go to school/work and feel tired. BUT when i get less than an hour's sleep, i'll be freakishly awake and won't even YAWN! i can pay attention to class/work the whole day and won't feel tired. any name for that disorder?

weird fact6
I LIKE SHANTI A LOT! hahahaha... now not sure if that's weird... but i can safely say, she doesnt like YOU as much as she does me XP XP XP

ok, now its my time to torture 6 other sapians. i choose those who i know actually read my blog pretty often and have made it known to me, which is by leaving comments hehehe... don't be sad if you weren't chosen though, there's a next time! the chosen 6 are:

-dr. atta
-miss drumma boi
-craSy monsta yvonne


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

2+0= 20!

the previous post wasn't empty. there WAS a post, but when it got 'published', it got lost as well. tragic ain't it?

*sings Ain't It Funny*

my burfday was last friday. i've turned twenty. the big 2 OOOOOOO

no more teen. old redi. or old-ing for that matter.

i also was on the way up to kl last friday. *insert fake happiness now* i celebrated my burfday with a bus ride! *ends fake happiness here*

so everyone i met in kl who found out my burfday was on friday last weekend asked me, 'how did ya celebrate???'

me: i took a bus ride (said with a rolling eyes smile)

so cool isn't it?


now, doesn't everybody do that on their burfdays?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Short Bytes

- 2 strangers talked to me today. one was a passer-by who asked me where was Kampung Melayu. hope i told him the right place *oops*
- the other man was the bus conductor. was an old bus, so hence the conductor, although its pretty uncommon now. anyway the fella started talking to me about shoes hahaha ... asked me how much my DC pair cost and whether good for jogging! hehehehe..

he was talking about how expensive shoes are nowadays. saying how his RM60 Carlton shoes are so comfy for his daily jog at 5.30pm everyday. he was, however, disappointed when i said my shoes were not meant for jogging coz the soles were HARD. but he did say it looks nice hahahaha ... and i agree coz although its damn simple, but i prefer it to the rainbow-ed ones.

- when i went into form6, i was worried about the curse ruining me. but during form6, i was worried that i couldnt live up to the curse. after the results, i'm thankful for the curse. but what is the curse?

well all through my life, in public exams, i am ALWAYS short of an A compared to Dr.Atta. from upsr to pmr to spm and just recently stpm. ALWAYS. last time it used to be annoying, now not so bad.

but the best news so far, there's no more exams to compare with him! coz we'll be doing different courses hahahaha... at least i hope so la! coz losing out on him quite irritating, but then again, he's the smart one, so one A not bad la :D ...

-btw, fyi i did fairly well for stpm hehehe. better than expected. to other out there, good luck for the future!

- are soooo frustratingly irritating! so many things to answer. so many things to read. singapore Us had so many interesting courses. at the juncture AGAIN, to do science or not? that is the question...

- malaysian courses are soooooo confusing coz its names all in BM so kinda lost what they are. i mean the arts one la since everything like the same only. science quite ok though.

- THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAHASA INGGERIS AT PERINGKAT STPM! so why do they put that as a requirement? its been dropped. NO MORE in stpm! sooooo un-updated website

QUOTE OF THE DAY (nigerian proverb):
it is when there is a stampede that a person with big buttocks knows that he carries a load.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Banana Angst

i've been fiddling with the html codes for the other skin. some have worked out. some have not.

frustrated with the comment link. it exist, but cannot be seen! trying to change the colour, but to no avail. arghhhh...

anyways, i ate banana just now. bananas are suppose to make you feel happy.

doesn't seem to be working on me though. or maybe its just the lack of sleep. or the anxiety.

almost choked on the banana. ate too fast, forgot to chew properly, hence the choke. proves a lot that i can't be a kobayashi. there goes one dream...

Current time: 4.20am
Approximated time remaining: 6.33 hours
Status: frustrated and irritated and annoyed with results. worried too.
Attention: returning to bed, maybe read a few pages of my book.

-i HATE results-

Pre-Result Post

Current time: 2.02am
Approximated time remaining: 9 hours
Status: Horribly worried
Attention: Heroes on Star World

the whole to and fro of excitement and scared shyt-ness has been sliced to just pure scared shyt. the results are coming. Soon. there's no turning back.

initially i was excited about the results for a moment. i'm not sure exactly why, but it probably would have been because of the thought of celebrating. you know when you finally do good in an exam, you don't go back and study. you have fun. with your friends.

i guess i missed that part. especially like the one we had after the SPM results. it was one of the best days of my life. the after-celebration. just hanging-out. i missed that.

i am no where near confident about this results though. so many have failed before. like seriously just fail. and i am also NOT confident with my answers. horrifying answers. i studied...

well if you believe in last minute studying, then this is it. this is the person you seek. i actually finished 2 years of chapters in a day. especially chemistry. the audacious 3 books, i finished it overnight without sleep. a closed eye session of maybe 20 minutes at most? and maths too. but maths i COULD have understood slightly. oh yea, physics too. general paper, do we really need to study for that? its such a crappy sub.

so what do i deserve for all those last minutes? i dont know. i've done it before. all my life. but for form6? that's not very wise. it's stupid actually.

but that's how i study. that's how i've grown up to be. it's MY way.

clock is still ticking. damn, my heart beating damn fast la! friggin nervous.

the pressure is all on me, by me. i feel the need to do well, not for publicity, not to be the best student coz i now my limitations (bad way of thinking? no. i just know what i can do). i want to do well, but doesn't everyone? i want to do well.

gosh how do i sleep? there is just so much going through my mind, as always prior to results. though this is the first time anyone has ever been given the chance to divulge into it.

anxiety. its one of the worst feeling. silence is music. your heartbeat is an earthquake. words are confusely constructed.

i really dont know how i will react to my results. i know people say 'one day its just gonna be a piece of paper', but in this day without a relatively attractive piece of paper, your ambitions could almost certainly be deminished. its your first step to realizing your dream job. i really dont want to end up at a desk for 40 over years doing a routinely boring unwanted job.

although ambitions can be debated of whether realizing it is possible, since most end up just dreaming about it.

BUT I DONT WANT THAT. i wanna realize my ambition. i dont want to end up dreaming. i dream enough every other day. i dont want to be average.

these thoughts have been jumping frantically. what is in store for me?

i feel like eating. eating makes you feel good.

but i also feel like pissing and dumping and swearing and shouting for no reason. i feel like i dont want to know my results.

by the time you read this post, i have no idea what has become of me. results has already been settled: marked, rechecked, and decided! no point hoping and praying and wishing for better results now.

yet, i'm still gonna be hoping like a penniless fool for an attractive piece of paper.

Current time: 3.15am
Approximated time remaining: 7.8 hours
Status: Feel like eating, crapping, shouting, running, swearing, and killing this damn keyboard! ARGHHHHHH anxiety is NOT fun...
Attention: Probably gonna get back to editing a new blogskin, unless this awful mood of self anger gets the better of me!

-inwardly shouts-

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

These In My Head

why does playing in the rain get you sick, but the shower doesn't?

i have been totally neglecting the fact about results which will be out on Thursday. Mainly coz i'm too happy(refer to previous post *gleams*) about the other news.

but when Monday came, with the SPM results released, and when cuz Sash called me all hyper through the hp about her exciting news of A's, it struck to me, DAMN! results are gonna be out on thursday.

it got me nervous. worried. scared. and whatever not.

it distracted me from work.

why exactly, i'm not very sure. but it did bug me. for quite some time, till the other thought returned and brought joy back to me. the other news.

so i've been having a case of hypothermia, for awhile thrilled, next scared shyt, and back again thrilled, and so on and so forth...

but the fact remains, results will be out soon.


SPM- Siapa Paling Maksimum?

thanks for the thought Caroline.

congrats to all who excelled. but a string of A's seriously doesn't guarantee you that you're capable of becoming a doctor (since that's what EVERYONE wants to become...)

do form6/a-levels/matriculation(not Matriks) or whatever that actually tests your brains and not your attendance, and if you STILL excel, then deem yourself fit to be a doctor.

SPM is cheese dudes. (again, thanks Caroline)

in the words of the carpenters: You've Only Just Begun...

...or something like that :P ...

-excited/scared shyt-

Saturday, March 10, 2007


nobody knows what's going on yet. only me.


it's not yet even confirmed, but AT LEAST its some kind of acknowledgement! hahahahaha

i'm not gonne tell anyone YET (not even my mom, my sis, my bros...) till i know fully what's happening. i want it sent CLEARLY. i'm pretty superstituous in the fact that i might just blow it off. and there are so many more to come. but its some kinda sign!!! hahahahaha so HAPPY!!!!!

after so long, i'm suppose to go and sleep, but now i dont think i can sleep or even concentrate on my 'work' which i've delayed the past week!!!

very very happy. you need not know why as yet :D no cross fingers, just hoping it's true!!!!!

never expected that it was gonna be helluva packed weekend to be looking forward to, seriously never. but currently, i shall be selfish for that weekend, sorry. i shall let go of some of my previous wanted onbligations.

to whom it may concern, PLEASE just do as you've said.


Movie: 300

i was hooked when i saw the trailer to the movie 300 on channel V last year. it also got good review from that channel, one of the lookouts for this year. a computer-generated imagery (CGI) compact movie, it looked more of a game rather than a movie. which was a bit of a put-off when i saw the ad's on tv a days ago.

but generally the movie was good. the plot was nice. 300 Spartan men against millions of Persians. some kind of epic if i'm not wrong. gruesome at times, but cool.

it was weird however, coz the persians had Immortals which looked like samurai's, and wild animals and magicians, and all different types of warriors in their army. diversity i guess.

what i didn't like though, were the costumes. you have to watch it to know what i'm saying. first the oracle. with all the censoring i got, they might have just cut that part all off. reason for censorship was due to the amazingly transparent cloth she was using. only a cloth. white cloth which bore her nipples. like they weren't rich enough to afford better cloth?

then there was vesvec. OH GOSH! never have i seen such a transvestite looking of a leader before! seriously, being murdered by him would not be anywhere near as bad as being alone with him. think micheal whacko. but it was funny to see HIM as the leader. i just couldn't believe it hahaha... i could imagine his threat to him army going somewhat like this: "ATTACK NOW OR FACE THE FURY TIME ALONE WITH ME!"

and the platform things they pulled their persian leaders on, it reminded me of thaipusam! like kavadi's la. even vesvec's piercing's reminded me of thaipusam hehehe... but his dressing was just WHATDAHELL? perhaps its been really too sunny over in the Gulf, which could explain his skimpy-ness.

and i didn't get the cape the Spartan's wore. it got in the way when climbing a mountain. and how silly it'd looked if someone tripped over their own cape? ahhhh but it give's them a better spawn-like effect rite?

NahP said it was probably used to wipe their sticky and dirty hands covered with blood during wars. you know, cleanliness and hygiene purposes.

i say its just to cover their asses.

or to wipe their asses. you never know kan? hahaha...all these Fartans...

and i never knew spandex was created so long ago. everyone seemed to be wearing it in the movie. was the in-thing eh?

oh their body damn buffed siut! even WWF (currently WWE but WWF sounds better XP) wrestlers kalah.

but hey, CGI-ed too? hehehe all things are possible in this day and age.

Friday, March 09, 2007


do you really have nothing better else to do than to read THIS?

money money money...i want more money!!!

should i just empty my savings and get a new hp? which one?

damn irrational

Rokr E6 -vs- N73 ME

E6 can double up as a webcam, and can play AGE OF EMPIRES! hahaha...i love that game
and it uses a jack headphone! but its touch screen...i can get used to it...I CAN I CAN I CAN...i think

N73 ME just looks so cun with its black exterior. 3.2MP camera lagi. And got flash! But the stupid headphone is a plug-in thing, not a jack (hahaha so fussy)...BUT the headphone damn cun wei!!! got remote thing on it, can skip song easily...

DAMN E6 no flash...but i'm not a camwhore wat...I'M NOT ok? or maybe i WILL be...and its so much more affordable than the N73 ME...the latter will just dry me up...

materialism, spoilt by choices. i wish i had more money... *sigh*


one of the most irritating questions i could ever encounter:


ok that's TWO questions... but it just happens! not like i WANTED it!

isn't vitaminD good for the skin? well i tell u this, the polluted air has much greater effect than vitaminD, coz i've been walking in the sun, in the morning for many weeks ready, and my face has gotten nowhere near BETTER. unless i've gotten my learnings wrong, coz i've forgotten much of my biology :D

its damn friggin' disturbing and annoying to feel yr face all itchy everyday. and when you scratch, damn painful pulak. then there's the puss when it gets bad. and blood. bleeeeedingggg...

i've switched to a different face product to fight against this problem, the previous one worked, till i suddenly got immune to its effect about 2 months ago...this new one DOES NOT make a single difference la!

i think i should go see someone... someone special...atta why don't you become a dermalogist(ok its spelled wrong, think there should be a T somewhere) instead? THAT would be helpful... hahaha i'm so crap-ful...

its gonna cost $$$...

...i should start saving more...

i should just start saving.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Living In Denial, This Post I Type!

- I'm ALMOST halfway through my book, its been more than a month since I started it. It's taking so long. And before I've even finished it, I already bought books. bookS for after this current book!

Current book: About the rise of Hitler, the wipe out of Jews. History in fiction. Its interesting la, just got so many stories going on at the same time surrounding different people. All somehow connected (hehehe sounds like Heroes kan?!).

Books I bought: Let's Talk About Kevin. A Walk To Remember. Space Between Us(or something like that)

1st book I already wanted to buy quite long ready. 2nd book long time I've been wanting to read since the movie was nice. 3rd book just bought coz read a good review bout it.

Dunno when I'll actually start ANY of the 3 books yet. Lol.

- I'm quite commenting-ful. The last batch of mandrin oranges were small and wrinkly, fruit was OK, but very small so wasting time to kopek and eat such a small fruit.

New batch (ok la not so new, just been in the fridge for long time ready), bigger and looks so nice. Bright and ORANGE. Bad part is: the skin too thin, very troublesome to kopek.

Ishkkk soooo fussy.

The form has been filled. Just need to mail it out. Still thinking. So long still thinking. You don't need to know what I'm rambling about :) its so lame.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stereotype Fair

My horoscope for today: It seems that many Aries have been lucky in love lately. The good news is that the excitement's not over by a long shot... YAY!

*ahemz* Yes I'm an Aries. Aries's month coming SOON. *cough*

Sometime last month I went to Innova JC in Singapore coz someone missed me dearly.

And wanted to meet me.

Anyways, they were having a fund-raiser fair. For what exactly, I'm not sure. What I heard sounds grotesque for a reason, rumour perhaps. So I shan't say it out loud.

I was kinda thrilled going there, wanted to see how different it was compared to the M'sian school-held fairs. I remember once at the Dataran in JB they held a fair, and one of my friend's friend, whom I had just met, started throwing water and flour at me. So I replied the favour, manners kan? Sekali she started crying. Boohoo!

So SmuggCop guided me through to Innova, and led me to TallLankyGirl who started jumping and shouting "YOU CAME!", whilst ignoring my existence for a few secs. She wasn't what I expected, but damn friendly as her online persona.

So we started ronda ronda-ing around. Most stalls were kinda same. The usual food stuff. Mixture of asian and western stuff. But they did go all out to decorate the place. Which was nice to see. Liked the blower thing they put, the one people normally put at circuses. Those powerful fans aimed vertically upwards attached with long luminous-coloured tube-like cloth that starts flapping in the air? Yea that one if you managed to picture it.

I was also surprised (in a VERY GOOD way) that they managed to rent (I think) those giant blow-up jumping castles. You know the one for kids? Like the movie Norbit where Rasputia's hat gets stolen by the kids and they end up in that jumping place? Yep, THAT one. And also they had the Gladiator thing, 2 stilts where 2 people hit each other down with giant cotton buds.

Those stuff must have cost a lot. Unless of course they managed to get good sponsors. Who knows?

So it was interesting. TallLankyGirl getting wet. Lotsa times. Other girls too. Hehehe...

The bands playing were good too! Damn good!

Oh yea they had some artist invited over too. Reality contestants and a (crap) DJ.

Overall it was good. Much more organised and (definitely) cleaner than the M'sian fairs. Had a great time meeting TallLankyGirl and her friends.

Anyways, I was chatting with my working colleague (fuyohhh berlagak sehhh) and he was saying something abt Singaporeans being too corporate-minded.

I think he was just being TOOOOOO stereotypical. It would look so bare if everyone was the same. Saying that all of them were of the same thinking.

I always believe that everywhere you go, even in an office, no one will be the same. Sure TV proclaims many in offices to be very corporate minded backstabbers. But in reality, it doesn't have to like TV. Everyone is different.

Even IF, in the worst case scenario, everyone was the same, you needn't be the same. Break the barrier, BE the standout.

Walking around with SmuggCop and meeting his friends, I realized that they were like the people I know. Got some very proud of themselves, some just goofy, some weird, some more serious, some cool, and SO MUCH MORE!

They weren't serious or studious as how my friend perceived. Nice to be around ppl. Since of corz its a JC, there wouldn't not-so-good ppl like the ones you find around Wong Ah Fook or the bus station. But I'm sure you'd find ppl like that somewhere in Singapore too. You just have to search.

But its TOO stereotypical to say Singaporeans are corporate minded. Yes they are more competitive, but they aren't dont-touch-or-even-talk-to-me kinda ppl.

Don't you agree?

Or because I was with SmuggCop, that's why ppl were so nice. Hehehe...


Another thing, do me and SmuggCop actually look alike, TallLankyGirl? Hahahahaha I REALLY dont think so. But one of his friend did ask him, "your brother ar?"


Not the first time THAT has happened.

And then one of TallLankyGirl's friend thought I was her bf instead of SmuggCop.

Oh yea, I know this is really irrelevant, and maybe inappropriate. But I'm gonna type it out anyways. I'm not racist in anyway k!

One of SmuggCop's friend is a chinese mix punjabi. You know that stupid little joke?
"What do you get when a chinese and a punjabi has a child?"

Hehehe I had friends who'd asked me that question, and another who'd introduced himself as that mixture even though he wasn't even close to it.

First time I'm meeting one though, or at least I remember la. Hehehehe...

-worthless read. sorry.-