Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slightly Overdue

i thought i got myself the best birthday present, because i brainlessly splurge without thinking. till...

i got this. hahahahaha the best present ever. thanks.

and thanks to all the family and friends who remembered. and those who forgot, thank you as well. i think i got just the right amount of people wishing me old. so you forgetting was kinda pleasant :P

and i'm feeling it now.

23 and rocking it!

Monday, March 22, 2010


apparently "clever males attract more partners".

not in the human world of course, but in the satin bowerbird kingdom. humans we are, animals and animalistic, but we just fail to adopt such animal traits unfortunately.

on a totally different note, pilots are one of the 10 most trusted professions in our asian region.

seriously. if you don't believe me on any of these two statements, then go pick up the march issue of reader's digest (that has datuk michelle yeoh's pic on the cover) and read it for yourself. in black and white yo!

as a conclusion, ladies, i think it's about time you started trusting me.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When A Crystal Mosque Isn't Enough...

thank God there's always family.

everyone has a right to be happy. let's not ruin things :)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

March On

and OMG I'M A PILOT! seriously. is that so hard to believe?

usually, when people ask where i work, i tell them i work with airasia. then they'd let go, "flight attendant" straightaway. now readers, stay calm. there is nothing wrong with being a flight attendant. their job is so important, people always tend to overlook them. without them, we could never take off. they are vital, you have no idea the burden they carry each day, and i respect each and everyone of them.

but why give me the awestruck jaw-dropping bewildered astonished OMG-you-can't-be-serious look when i tell you i'm a pilot. dude, i don't want to have your death on my conscience if you die of heart attack. you were the curious one.

is it so surprising? it has not happen once or twice, that's why it's a little frustrating. but don't worry, i'm still good. the job has been interesting, even if it's been much tiring. over the past week, many interesting flights. there was a cross-bleed start, fuel imbalance (just for practice), and few nights ago, terrible thunderstorm rain over in kl and medan, with windshear alert going off on the climb during take off. what an experience.

also, dear passengers, please be advised, like any other public toilet, please lock the door when you do your tinkling business. i don't like disturbing your concentration.


to my bb,

" you know you love me,
i know you care,
just shout whenever,
and i'll be there.
you want my love,
you want my heart,
and we will never ever ever be apart. "

-"baby" justin bieber-