Friday, August 17, 2012

Burnt Words

" People talk too much. Humans aren't descended from monkeys.

They come from parrots. "

Friends gifted me this book, and I've been glued to it. So many twist and turns, and beautifully written. I can only imagine how much more amazing this book is in its original language. Wished I read spanish.

Endless time I'm left shocked and awed. It's addictive. I almost need to map out the less-than-6-degrees-of-separation between them characters because my mind can't comprehend all the revelations that keep coming. I love how everyone has a tale to tell, true or not. The story just keeps going. Akin to my harry potter fascination.

" Destiny is usually just around the corner.

Like a thief, a hooker, or a lottery vendor:

its three most common personifications.

But what destiny does not do is home visits.

You have to go for it yourself. "

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Like A Toy Airplane

The other day IvanTheTerrible and NigelBuscuitBoy were playing badminton in the porch when they spotted a red jet aircraft flying past. Excitedly (expectedly) they ran in the house screaming and shouting.


"Uncle Sharman your aeroplane flying! Come and see! Come! Quick quick!"


Oh boys, if only it were indeed my own aeroplane. I could afford a lot of other things too ;)

Anyhow, it's much better than my fate in the eyes of their younger brother. JoelGotGroove always takes his toys to the bathtub. Unlike sesame street, it's not yellow rubber duckies, instead cars, robots, or a toy aeroplane.

One fateful day during his bath he flew his aeroplane around pretending I was the pilot in the said plane. Suddenly the plane took a dive and he exclaimed, "oh no Uncle Sharman! Aeroplane falling down. Oh no!"

Then he crashed the plane.


With full dolby surround sound effects.

So much love.


One of my current addictives right now. I thought the video was really funny, do watch and enjoy!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Dear Kitty

I've always been keen to read this memoir for many years. I remember reading about it in the papers when I was still in school, and the name Anne Frank stuck in my mind. I never did find the book till recently and finally got the chance to immerse myself in it.

It's been awhile since I read a novel this thick. Admittedly, lately I rather read simpler stuff because I can't wait to reach the end. With rosters being quite tight, I thought I'd never get time to read. Luckily, I persevered :p

I had reservations when I got the book. Anne Frank was a teenage girl. Could I relate? Could she hold my interest? I know it's archaic to think like that despite the many commends she has received.

I smiled when I read her first entry though. The way she wrote, light-hearted and warm. It was harder to put down than I earlier perceived.

Her entries were honest. I got sucked into the innocent abandon she wrote with. There were also entries with so much details, it felt like the journalist she aspired to be. As I read through her pages, her words felt as though they were for me. It felt as if I was Kitty, as if I could receive letters from the past. As I read more, "yours truly Anne Frank" was a friend I knew growing up. The different phases she went through, the fear, frustrations, hopes, despairs, all of it as if she conveyed personally to me. How a person so young like her, in such circumstances as hers, was able to keep pulling through, I cannot imagine. Makes one rethink about perspectives of life, the wants, the needs, obsessions and inspirations.

Reading the final pages today, my heart sinks at the unhappy ending my friend has to face. If you knew her, many like her, you'd ask why do certain people even exist. And therein lies all the contradictions about life.

68 years on this very day that I read her final words, the Secret Annexe was raided. Reading the after words, I hear a heart thumping so fast in the distant. I wish I could save her.

"I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I’ve never met. I want to go on living even after my death! And that’s why I’m so grateful to God for having given me this gift, which I can use to develop myself and to express all that’s inside me!"

- words from Anne Frank -