Saturday, December 30, 2006

Back In JB: Long Way To Go

I actually have got a job. Data entry. Temporary though. Need to find a better job, cause I work for abour 3 hours a day, 5 times a week? So the pay is kinda measly. But work-wise its alright. Just wished I got paid more :).

Anyways, just finished reading Mitch Albom's "The Five People You Meet In Heaven". I liked his previous book, "Tuesdays With Morrie", so I was expecting a damn good follow-up with this second book. You know what? Even this book was good. Better in fact. One of the best books I've ever read. I'm amazed with his writting, but appauled by its price. Books are getting ridiculously priced these days.

Anyhow, if you DO get a chance to read it, please do. Its worth your time. Very descriptive, and kinda addictive, cause you never know what's gonna happen next. Especially liked the last person he met in heaven. You would never imagined who it was. Touching? Yes.

Subsequently, I have FINALLY started reading Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince(6th book) at 3.30am earlier on. Borrowed it from cuz Ash few weeks back. After reading part 1,2,3 and 4, the long wait for the 5th book made me lose interest a little bit. But after reading the first chapter of book 5, I always get addicted with the Harry Potter series and can't put it down.

Same thing occured earlier on at 3am. The thick black book didn't grab my attention. Its size put me off a little. I'm impatient. I want to know the ending. ASAP. Sometimes while reading the ending of a chapter, I'd jump straight to the last line and slice the climax! I hate myself for that. But I'm impatient! What else can I say?

So I contemplated at 3am. To read or not to read? I thought I might have out-grown Harry Potter. I admit, I have become substantially lazy. I LOVE imaginations, but I didn't know if I could bother to put my mind to an exercise of Hogwarts or King's Cross Station. I have been mentally drained quite bit this year.

"Harry Potter, magic, flying brooms. Five books, what else can be new?", I pondered to myself. Contemplated some more. "Everybody else read it more than a year ago, its not so great NOW already what?"

To long I wasted time, and just striped the book of its removeable cover, and read each word on it. From the tiny synopsis to JK Rowling's background.

Then I read the first chapter: The Other Minister.

Now I'm hooked on it again. JK Rowling, you have done it again.

Ok enough blogging for today, gotta get back to my bed.

Harry's lying on the bed waiting for me. I must say, he seems more attractive than he used to!



Sunday, December 17, 2006


I don't think this has been a good year. By far, honestly, THIS has been the worst year for me.

You never expect things to happen, even though in reality, it will somehow or rather happen(subconsciously you know that), unknowing when exactly. It takes you by a sudden ugly surprise. I hate it, I'm sure you do too.

You know that day will come sooner or later, but I guess we just prefer to avoid thinking about it. We procrastinate, as usual. Procrastinate the unwanted thoughts.

Who knows what effect it'll have on us? We're just cowards and ungrateful human beings. We refuse to face the future, of what it brings. We refuse to acknowledge such horrible thoughts. Most importantly, we refuse to appreciate one another. We refuse many things, but the last one I believe is the worst. Ego perhaps? Yes, ego perhaps.

Fascination bewilders me at how illusioned we are that men are the only ego-eccentric species. In fact, all of us equally are the same. Children exempted. Oh how I wish I was a mere child at times, don't you?

Lifelessly we roam at the shock. Such fools at times aren't we? But no human lives to be perfect. Life is all about learning. Although that is very subjective, the subject 'learning' that is. Whether we learn from our mistakes or not, is a different matter. We merely have the opportunity to learn.

Have I learnt? I know I SHOULD have learned, but I just haven't. Its a scary thought. Its not easy to learn such stuff. So I do what most of us do. I procrastinate the beautiful horror.

And suffer the unwanted truth later on. Smart? Not the very least bit. That's a fact.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Well not really. In KL actually. Came here for the whole purpose of meeting up with my primary school friend Din, but that fella went to JB. So can't meet up!

Moving along, updates on pahang will come soon. Got pics to put up, but I currently don't have a memory card reader so the pahang updates will have to wait.

Been "busy" in KL the past 2 days, having movie mania marathon with cuz ash. The last movie I watched in cinema was "Pirates Of The Carribean: something's chest", you can imagine how long that has been. Well, I just didn't want to find any excuse to do badly in my exams, so I stayed away from hangin' out much. IF I were to do bad in examz, I AM solely to be blamed. Makes me feel better in some psychotic unprecedented way. But anyways, the past couple of days, I HAD to recuperrate the loss of movie-ness, and should have made up for it. The movies I have watched the past 2 days are:

1. Eragon
2. Step Up
3. Little Man
4. Barnyard
5. Deja Vu' (friggin' good movie...MUST WATCH!)
6. Van Wilder- The Rise Of Taj (damn funny!)
7. The Benchwarmers

The local dvd sellers cheated us of 3 friggin' movies!!! Cannot play the damned dvds. Anywayz, no plans for tonight yet. But I THINK a movie should be on the list.


sharman watch your head.



Btw, there's no more discretion bout us on my side. "I can't wait till its officially us"? Well its official :P

PS: someone please buy me '7 Cases Of Ambiguity' please? I wanna read it!!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

The SMS Story

(some idiot sms-ed me at 2am, these are the exact replies)

Weirdo: Hi..good morning!

I did not reply.

Weirdo: Can we be frens?..i cant sleep...

AGAIN I did not reply.

Weirdo: Eh..can be frens anot? friendly..hehe..

(finally I decide to reply thinking it MIGHT be one of my friends)

ME: U are??

Weirdo: Can call me???

I did not reply :).

Weirdo: I heard ur cute..really am i..Haha.. =)

(not at all flattered. C'mon "cute" of all words? urghhhh)

Me: I'm married, so no i dont want to be frens wt u nor do i want to call u

Weirdo: Hey..come on la..married??..2 who?..u dumped me 1 week ago! fast married?..u really deleted my num?(look who deleted who's number)..i tot u were joking!..hey amanda baby(AMANDA WHO?)..cant we even be frens?..u really hate me dat much?(on behalf of amanda, yes i think she does!)..kinda hurts u noe..

Me: Yes im a-man-DUHH(pun intended).. Sorry i dumped u.. I wasnt thinkin straight.. U wanna get back together?

Weirdo: yes..i stil love u..but u sound weird..u ok?..

Me: Its almost 3am..i cant think straight(pun intended).. How do u expect me to sound?

Weirdo: Im sorry baby(breakup ready pun tak malu wanna call "baby" eh?)..don get angry..r u tired 2day?..u usually dont sleep so early..

Me: Now dear i'm really tired.. Billy is waiting 4 me on the bed..

Weirdo: Who is billy????..u seeing someone else?(your bussines is it?)..dont do this 2 me amanda...i love u alot..believe me..i love u..

(feeling a bit remorseful, i thought i should help patch them back together laaa)

Me: Haha jus kidding.. But i'm really tired now.. Surprise me tmrw n we'll c bout it?

Weirdo: Ok..can we meet at our usual spot?..nid me 2 fetch u?..

Me: Yes pls fetch me.. Surprise me..

Weirdo: Ok..i will..i will pick u at 2pm..c u u lots..i will be counting da seconds till we meet(*pukes* so blardy corny!)nitez..sweet dreams...dream of me ok(prasannyeee)..muackz..=)

(next day at 1.30pm i receive an sms from weirdo)

Weirdo: Hey baby..i will be there in 30mins ok..c u..muackz..

*smacks forehead n disgusted*

Since then, no replies langsung. Possibilities: 1. Amanda just screwed him up nicely or 2. She cair with his romantic move which I initiated he do. But as a whole, I think I kinda realized why amanda couldn't tahan him and his jiwang-ness. yuck.
Anywayz, just came back from kl last night, I'm off to pahang later at 7pm ++!!! Dunno when I'll be back, but i'm sure i'll find my means to blog somehow. Ciowzzz!!! *gleams*

*Its a holi holi holiday!!!*

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Read Me Rambles

EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER!!! wohooooooooooo

Who would have thought this day would come? Certainly not me. I've lived writing crazy imaginations in my mind my whole life, expecting armageddon to happen before THIS day comes. But as years have passed, all my imagination, all my all so good imaginations have not become reality. Oh well, at least I lied to myself to get through rough times?

"joy to the world, the exams are of the end!"

!no more school!

!no more uniform!

!no more omega tuition centre!

Anyways, paper today was okayyy, not as bad as chemistry, but still tough. Lets analyze the last 18 hours of my life:

- I've had ZERO sleep
- approximately 40 minutes of continuous shutted eyes
- horrible 12 hours of studying
- less than 2 hours of tv
- 3 cups of tea
- about ten trips to the bathroom? hahaha lotsa water keeps u awake to go to the bathroom, hence awake to study! NOTE THAT!
- 2.5 hours of gruelling butt-aching script writing

As a conclusive conclusion to this overwhelming crappy post, I need sleep. I DESERVE sleep. I really DO.

~Dozing off and away...good nite mate!

soon to come: SMS Story. Don't be left behind. Stay glued for the upcoming update.