Monday, June 04, 2007

Think About It

about the original cast of power rangers, did you know?

Red Ranger dabbles in gay porn.
Pink Rager works mostly as an extra on hollywood films these days.
Blue Ranger looks about 50 years old now!
Yellow Ranger passed away in a car crash back in 2001. RIP.
the funniest has to be black ranger. Get this…he was in House Of The Dead 2 as “Locker Zombie”. It was an uncredited role.

-taken from Little Girl In A Reverie-

its sad what's happened to them dont you think? a porn star, an extra, an old man, an RIP, and a zombie? guess their teen star didnt shine as bright as justin or britney. bluerghhh.


last month when i went up to KL, my cuz Nurse lectured me on STDs. think she got the wrong cuz to lecture, but it was enlightening in some ways.

scary too!

but anyways, she was telling me the main STDs (if any others), other than HIV, which were siphilis, gonorhea and herpes (excuse the spelling please. i only know the last one is correctly alphabetically arranged).

so anyways today i will touch gonorhea. i hope its the right one i'm blogging about.

yea so she was saying gonorhea, explaining the physical transitions that could happen to your 'sacred instruments' and what not.

did you know (again!), that if you've got gonorhea, you're sacred instruments would start smelling like fish?

imagine opening your fly, to be whizzed into a fish market! euwwww...

whats worst if its a girl who has it. you could smell the fishy stink if she's sitting beside you!

SOMETHING SMELLS it from under your skirt?


and its no wonder, that whoever it is, had the inspiration to coin this saying:

"if it smells like rotten fish, don't stick your tongue in it"

he/she must have created it in bed i'm sure :D


Dilah said...

heh, love the quote. Double entendre. =))

(gonorrhea, i think it's spelt, and sphyllis)

sharman said...

hahaha read the quote on a blog recently that reminded me of this post...

hmmm thought of the double R, but wasnt sure...however sphyllis still looks wrong hahaha

AdrenaLynn said...

You got that from Srichantique lah...

eh why would you guys suddenly discuss STDs anyways...odd.. ranger..a gay didn't like him too all american to me..but he looked so ..hmm..manly..but then agin..hmmm!! Geez

Dilah said...

i loved kimberly, i think! haha.

the pink one kan?

TKDaddict said...

its spelt syphilis :)
gonorrhea is correct with double R

sharman said...

adrenalynn: yup frm sri's blog...
y we went into STDs, im not sure. but shes always telling me to take precautions -_-"

well maybe he's just doing it for the money... "he worked hard for the money!" hehehe.. anyways he's doing porn, not drag queen-ing so guess it doesnt matter if he's manly or not lol

dilah: as far as i know it was the pink one...thought she was annoying tho...maybe coz she was PINK...hmmmm

tkd: hahaha i KNEW u wud do that! thx anyways. dont promise i'll remember tho, coz i seldom use these words hehehehe...but i'll try to!

TKDaddict said... to put what i learn't to use somewhere rite :)

come...i reinforce the advice...sharman make sure u use protection k...remember don't be a fool wrap ur tool :P

sharman said...

fine fine reinforce all u want.

just dont forget to do it to nilai-an ppl too! hahahaha...

TKDaddict said...

that one where got ever listen to me one

sharman said...

u never know...maybe he just doesnt show his 'obedience' hehehe...