Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Is He?

in the livingroom watching tv with family, when the maroon5's advert for their new album goes on.

and he sings:

give me something to believe in, coz i dont belive in you, anymore.

the infectious tune of Makes Me Wonder played over the telly. initially, i did not like it, but it did grow on me.

anyways as the advert went on, and i soon found myself singing along not-so-loudly, my sis makes a remark about "avril lavigne's bro" adam levine, the lead of maroon5:

sis: sharman, he's gay.

me: why u say?

sis: look at him. the way he dress up, the way he walk. haizzz so wasted. such a handsome guy... but he's gay.

me: maybe he's metro
(i know some words k. think i even used it for SPM essay paper. the evolution of clothes coined this word lol)

sis: noooo.

*i dont want to argue over something i do not bother*





AdrenaLynn said...

Hmm thin = Gay huh
Just see who's your bro in law lor...if based in that context then he's definitely damn straight lor..haha

then my husband is prolly bisexual cos he's not here not there..hehe

and yeah it's catchy.. cos they keep using that same song for alomost every advert...

but nothing beats my gatsby ad lah..haha

sharman said...

hahahaha that wud make U definitely gay la? lol

yeppp...and they over playing the song la...gonna get sick of it soon, then a year later i'd wanna listen to it again...

ya la ur gatsby the bomb -_-"

TKDaddict said...

eh u used to be very thin? does that mean u used to be a very gay kid sharman????

sharman said...

LAST TIME, when i was actually thin, i didnt even know the term 'gay'. so doesnt apply to me hahaha...

but atta, u are VERY thin NOW. what say u?