Monday, April 30, 2007

Who That?!

its kinda quizzical how she plans to read a book, which i'm currently on.

i was out with gorgeous CMIT and She-Could-Have-Used-The-Extra-GoodCharlotte-Tix (aka SCHUTEGCT) in CT Cafe to meet their ex-collegemate FizzyFiza.

my first time meeting FizzyFiza, was around her for less than 5 mins, walking around looking for a place to sit when she passed one of her collegemate (from here known as exhibitA) who asked her who she with.

FizzyFiza: ohh this Sharman, CMIT and SCHUTEGCT.

i was genuinely surprised she remembered my name hehehe... but what was MORE suprising:

exhibitA: oh i know Sharman.

wtf?!!! you couldn't have imagined how stunned i was at her answer! i seriously had no clue of her existence. she did not look at all familiar, even after she told me we studied BM under the same tuition teacher, i was wondering "WTH?!".

the good news however was that she recognized ME, not my bro, which people usually tend to do so -_-"

then we sat and chatted, and there was a couple making out at the next table, and FizzyFiza goes:

wanna make out all, get a room la. or go home. i'm sure nobody will mind.

hehehe she damn witty la. ok maybe it dont look so here, but in real life she is.

funnily, i knew the male half of the couple. he was the same guy that worked at hip hop shop a couple years back.

i was looking through the jeans when he popped up loudly:


in my head: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! coz i seriously do not remember your face. or even you. HOW YOU KNOW MY NAME?! namestealer.

of course i didnt say it out loud, it would be mean, right?

i'm no mr/mrs dummer boy.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

To Err Is Human

isnt it funny how we can be so fickle? easily have a change in heart and mind? the most exciting thing that once happened which u thought was the ultimatum at that time, but suddenly just change your perception of it later on when you've gotten tired of it?

take alec baldwin for example. he had nothing but praises for 30Rock (the comedy), saying how it was such a begining for him (at such an old age, its pretty much a great ending!).

now he's all I WANNA QUIT after the whole outburst with his only (legitimate) daughter.

its really fascinating. whatever. that's him, not me.

there is an absolute horror laying deep within everytime i'm forced to a decision. what if i regret my path? maybe the excitement and thrill of getting what i want at that time was just for that moment. maybe i wont want it anymore later on. maybe i'll even regret it.

but we never know till we try dont we?

sheer ignorance of the world is a pleasure. agreeable?

i'm constantly hounded by this question, surfaced by my own thinking.


why do we live? what do we need to achieve? where are we heading?

is life just about reaching the end of the tunnel? or is it bout how we get there?

i dont think anybody could ever google search an answer worthy to be thought about.

however, my friend once made up a thought, which surprisingly kinda makes sense.

"we're all searching for answers in life. we're born clueless, but through living we learn, and we unravel the uknown. we're slowly enlightened of life.

but once we've found out and known enough, ie closest to the whole point of life, we're 'brought' to away from our mortal bodies, so as not to share what we've learned."

since life is all about learning, its not nice i guess to cheat and give out answers, rite?

this thought calms me i guess. it allows me to be me.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Get Me Bodied

probably nobody's gonna layan this post, but i'm gonna go ahead anyways :P

i'm newly hooked on beyonce's new song (no surprise in there huh? XP)

well not sure if u can call it new since she released her whole album, as in there's a video for all her songs on her album. crazy la she. too much free time i guess hehe...

but Get Me Bodied is different. a lil bit retro and island-ish (as in can imagine people on islands singing and goofing arounf to this). not a sure shot, but its fun to listen hahaha...even the video clip is FUNNY!!! a really lame muscial BUT FUNNY!!! lol...

listen out at minute 3.50, like the song from there. BUT MAKE SURE U WATCH at 4.10!!! damn kelakar!!! ooooo and see how low she goes at minute 5 onwards. OUCH!

hehehe then if you're so free, watch this version. really good how this guy managed to get clips according to the lyrics!

(btw could someone please give me the html code/teach me how to post videos again? forgot la...)

i want beyonce's Bday Deluxe Edition laaa... dont think it'll be released in M'sia


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Book Galore

ok just a quickie for now. kinda tired, needs to sleep and wake up early later.

i've finished A Walk To Remember quite a while back ready. started with We Need To Talk About Kevin, and due to its intricate details of every milimetre of aspect, its gonna take awhile for me to finish it.


that didnt stop me from splurging on new books!!!!

i really have an obsession for books. i admit. clearly.

got Carry Me Down (randomly chose) for 20% off, Seven Cases Of Ambiguity (been wanting to get it for long time ready but couldnt find it in JB) for 25% off AND...

FOR ONE MORE DAY (yes carol!!! XP XP XP) for 50% off!!!! HALF PRICE!!!! all at kinokuniya in KLCC. couldnt resist with such an offer. could you blame me? heh.

was really good buy, saved more than 30bucks, which is equivalent to a new book. dont know when i'll actually start reading either of the 3 yet, since i'm still far from over with Kevin. and though i have no idea what Carry Me Down is about coz its all wrapped up like the other 2 new ones, i will TRY not to read it or its synopsis. i will not be unfaithful, yes unfaithful, to Kevin.

i will not neglect my books. i MUST finish them :D

but theres such a joy with new books. cant wait to open them. read while savouring its fresh paper scent. its print deep and subtle. creaseless. unwrinkled. skin so smooth. its depth yet to be adventured into. its virginity waiting to be stripped?

dont you agree? XD

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Dear juniors,

Please dont forget to study.

Else face rejection.

A lot if em'.

My 2 cents worth,


i'm off to watch Good Charlotte live in KL!!!




2 Locals and A Jap

the irony, when we have japanese for lunch, we meet a japanese later. an authentic japanese, not like those behind the local sushi bar.

unfortunately it was a guy. but still, the irony.

of the tens of people around him, he chose to walk up and ask us. yes, us! that's including ME!

its really rare to find a stranger walking up to you and speaking to you, let alone a foreigner. or maybe not, coz they seem to be more friendlier hahaha...

besides, the hoots about how those locals will jampi you, where you'll find out later you've been stunned and ripped of your belongings! its seriously not safe to talk to locals, so i've heard @_@

yea so we were walking out of the photo shop/entrance of Mcd, and he comes up to us! MAYBE we looked liked the kind of people that spoke english. MAYBE he thought wrongly, coz he asked:

jap: do you speak english? (with a faint jap accent)

me: yes.

obviously he wasnt interested in me, coz he kept staring at the GorgeousOne beside me. and she just nodded. soooooo

jap: do you speak english? (eyes on her)

me: yes.

GorgeousOne nods again with a smile.

jap: you speak english? (eyes STILL on her)

GorgeousOne laughs and says 'YESSS!'

hahahaha it was funny la. he must have thought she was one of those show-offs who just nodded.

you speak english?
you stupid?
*nods with a smile*

luckily she wasnt. but i think he was just perverted since he kinda ignored my existence XP

anyways, it was kinda sad situation. the poor fella wanted to SEE the malaysian lifestyle. he was dismayed to be in rainbow plaza. seeing it being all moderny.

the saddest thing of all, i couldnt think of anywhere malaysian-y in JB to suggest to him! closest was town, but i dont want him to be ushered then frightened by the mamasans of WongAhFook.

he kept on saying market. gosh, takkan i wanna tell him go TebrauWetMarket rite? thats JUST a market. then GorgeousOne said pasar malam, malaysian-y but the sun was pretty much blazing.

we cracked our heads, but to no justice. there just wasnt a malaysian-y place enough that would wow him, since he didnt want malls or modern stuff.

now i begin to wonder, maybe i wasnt the sad case. maybe he was wrong to think he'll find a kampung lifestyle in JB. sure its not crazily developed, but its still rather urbanized, dont you think so? i mean its not a place where trishaws and cow crossings are a norm, nor are paddy fields and sarong clad people. its pretty much malls and badly managed buses.

maybe he should take a bus! thats kinda un-modern.

but we dig it. the malls i mean. not the buses! we're rather westernized. since when hang tuah took hang li poh to a mall or *oooh wow* Segget Walk? things have changed since then.

tar-ed roads. LAMP POSTS. cinemas. MAMAK SHOPS. fences. HANDPHONES!

see, we're not that different. you're just at a wayyyyyy higher degree of standards i presume. but still the same.

its like the book i'm reading,

"there's food everywhere. but its still just food."
(or somewhere along those lines)

or is it really sad that we're not so asian anymore? shedding it for a more western society? hedonistic perceptions rule us i guess. its hard to fight, BUT WE DIG IT.

now is that really sad? or is it just a whole lot easier? cutting all those tradition lines of sorts...

think about it.

on another note, he saw me carrying a maths book and quizzed:

jap: you mackintosh?

OMGGG i had no friggin' idea wth he was taking about! seriously, i was gonna spill out:

No, i'm a microsoft windows user!!!


fortunately i saw his eyes on the book and i quipped:

me: oh i just finished my A-levels. (like la he'll understands wth is STPM)

but he gave a wide mouthed "ooohh", which kinda consoled me into thinking mackintosh was some kinda education programme. or maybe he just thought i was a loser who didnt know wtf was 'mackintosh' and replied me with a complimentary pathetic "ooohh".

he did ask me though what i majored in.

CERTAINLY, as GorgeousOne said, NOT tourism.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Same Old Prob...

in the mamak shop sat 2 seniors, so i went over to say hi, since it was in my path anyways.

seniorA was an engineering student, seniorB was a business student.

both asked me what i wanted to do, and when i said 'engineering' (coz its my back-up plan and more understanding *it seems* compared to my priority), A got a sick excited gleem in his eyes while B kinda rolled his own, but both invited me to sit down.

cuts things short else it'll be too long.

A was saying how money as an engineer was good and about the passion (something i've blogged before) in physics and maths! ok, i dont mind physics (save your rude OMG look/comments for yourself), but yai yai...

i dont mind maths, but im just not good at it. sure i can do a few sums, but give me a test and if youre lucky, i'd be lucky if i could do half the paper! it is enjoyable (i hear some groaning from some, except *inserts HER name here*) at times, but it easily frustrates me. i had a failing streak throughout form6 with maths, BUT i did enjoy class. ironically, i was kinda disappointed with my maths results (probably still am), ALTHOUGH as mom has stated out wide and loud,


wow. reality check. i just refuse to accept the truth, but it is (sickeningly) nice to be able to solve maths equations, when you DO achieve it. when you fail, its soooooo horrible.

back to topic, i still dont know what the friggin' hell im passionate about?! *inserts title here* what job requires me to read fiction, without any expectation of a worthy review? i'd accept that gratefully.

B on the other hand was saying how more interesting bussiness is. its not constricted, given you have the capital to start your own company (which i dont have btw). you can where whatever you want, work whenever, go wherever. engineering is so normal and just there. 9 to 5. probably white shirts and a tie. each day for a month, get your pay, and the month begins again. then he said,

"i know a guy who sells popiah at the pasar malam who has enough money to pay his monthly bank loan dosage of 1.7K for his Evo8!"

in my head: must be helluva great tasting popiah!

"i know another guy who deliver vegetables to restaurants and he earns 30K each day!"

phua chu kang boots anyone?

the income sounds good, but hey not everyone's gonna make it. there are the good, the bad, and those that turn out REALLY ugly. get me? BUT i ain't giving bussiness a hoot of interest coz i dont have any in it! theres no 'oooohs' and 'aaaahhhs'. at least in my view.

then theres RRonaldo who so into bussiness as well. wanting to be a millionaire by 30 and retire early. wanting to live life after that, and spend money like crazy, while earning more money doing nothing.

to me, i dont really care if i dont die a millionaire. its not in my wish list to be a millionaire. like hey, if once u get the money, people you dont know are gonna be by your side. and what if something happens to u before u are able to spend it? all goes inherited to your kids (if any).

blashphemy! no way i'm gonna let me kids have a extravagantly good life since young. its not fair. they deserve, they NEED to feel despair and worthless and unwanted and NOT get everything they want. they can crave for many things. they can envy their *good-looking/charming/handsome etc etc* father spend money on himself and the missuss, but cringe at the sound of 'NO!' i tell them when they ask for things.

not all the time. just most times.

they will learn the value of money and earn it themself later on.

gosh i sound like a horrible future father. I SHOULD NOT HAVE A CHILD.

maybe my views will change it time about them. i think it will, since i'm still so ignorant now anyways.

but honestly, money makes the world go round? i certainly dont expect to be filthy rich, although i'd be nice, but i dont craze about it. money is just a bonus to happiness. if i dont get it, then whatever.

self happiness in little things would be nicer. a good family. not just with the spouse, but continuous good relationship with the sibs (recalls present time bout others). lotsa good memories. and lotsa good food!

hehehe good sex too! hahahahahaha...(granted i'm married XP)

but seriously, simple things would be nicer than money. makes me feel whole.

gosh i sound so weird today. but at this present time, i dont really care for excessive cash(for now laaa). as long as its good money with a lil extra so splurge, it'd be fine i guess. happiness can be found more perfect in a different aspect other than cold hard cash.

maybe waking up the next day and knowing who exactly slept beside u?

or not needing money to find a person who's willing to bed u?

awesome food on the table?

picture perfect family portrait?

or really just a good book on a lazy day!

*reassures self* cash is just bonus.

and i dont want to have *inserts future child's name* Sex Tape going around.

what about you? think about it. life IS about happiness, not?

Monday, April 16, 2007


that word, was once my favourite. i'd go around saying to my cuz in a serious tone, "look at the rufflings of the leaves, its all mechanical".

same goes with the curtains, table cloth, brances, strips of clothes, etc etc and i'd say they're 'mechanical'. no idea why, but it was just in THAT moment. and i said it a lot.

annoyed quite a bit that time.

anyways, its been so rainy the past week. it rains everyday.

heavily too.

makes me feel so lazy and tired and bored and 'oh-goshhh'. i just wanna sleep. all the time.

oh, and useless too.
(but can that actually be debated? i ain't productive in my most active day...)

its just been lazy-fied days. a wave of blarghhh

which reminds me, *laughs* last time when i was younger me and me cuzs would re-enact/create wrestling matches, without game consoles. so we were the wrestlers, and the bed the wrestling ring.

we'd create fake wrestles from the top of our minds, with special finishing moves.

my wrestler was named Wuekkk (as in bluekkk), said with tongue action, and his finishing move?

Wuekkk Bomb.

So creative huh?


Saturday, April 14, 2007


in these times of modernization, i prefered to believe such things were not heard of, such things well written, maybe even documented, but still i prefered to think it never occured.

or at least anymore.

so we may not all be smart, but morals, dont we all have? a little bit?

racial discrimination. well maybe not to that extent, maybe just racial double standards. why even bother???

hard to stomach such a thought, being who i am.

c'mon, why do people even 'practice' it? its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

shallow minded?

ketinggalan zaman?

not human i think.

pathetic i guess, but we're born exclusively different, never the same from the one beside us. the stigma lays deep. stamped by who, i do not know. maybe it was your upbringing, maybe you just chose to be, you choose who you wish to be, don't you?

dare they speak so blatantly. who am i to say anything, maybe even i have my own issues, but no harm giving things a try? MAYBE i said.

i wish you could realize the happiness i encounter, but your walls too fortified perhaps?

you probably wouldnt understand anyways. the stick in you too comfortable. no amount of joy could loosen it.

so i ain't smart, but morals i accomodate, thank you.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Malay Post

during break at the pantry in the office, there were 3 of us. me (like DUH), she-younger-than-me(aka SYTM) and KD, who is a lady. we chatting and it went like this:

KD: sharman, u baru habis stpm kan? ada apply U tak? overseas eh?

me: ada. local and singapore je. nak gi over the seas lain tak sanggup arr...

KD: oooo... apply course apa?

me: jurutera. entah dapat ke tak la, but just apply.

KD: waaaahhhh bagus nyeee... eh SYTM dengar ni. nanti bila u dah ade anak kan, kalau dapat anak mcm dia nie bagus tau.

SYTM: kenapa?

KD: kalau mak tanya dia, 'nak jadi apa?'. then kalau dia reply mcm dia nie, 'nak jadi jurutera!'...WAAAHHH lega hati kita tau (with arms crossing each other over her chest, her eyes staring blankly over her head dreamily)

KD continues: tapi kalau dapat anak mcm yang lain, tanya dia 'dik, nak jadi apa?'

(her eyes rolling) KD: 'mak aku nak jadi REMPIT!'...aduhhh dunia berkecai!

coudn't stop laughing laaaa... very hard to eat and laugh at the same time k!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Been Lazy...

i was on the 6.30pm bus back to jb from s'ban on monday. alone. so i took out my current-book at that time, 'space between us' by thrity umrigar (i think spelt like that).
i think i have a weird thing for indian writers. i seem to buy their worths.

anyways, it was getting darker outside coz the sun was going down. but i wanted to read till i stopped at a nice page. the story was nice but i have this thing where i like to stop reading at a new chapter/new page/finish the SHORT paragraph on the next page. i dont like stopping when the page has been read more than half a page, i'd rather just finish that page and continue reading till i find the perfect stopping page.
so i read and read, and soon i was straining to continue reading coz it was dark. but i insisted to read further to find that stopping page, but it just carried on. finally i finished the chapter, and i'm sure the passenger beside me thought i was freak reader coz it was so dark redi!

then just for fun i flipped the next page, curious how long more the book was coz i knew it was ending, IT FINISHED! no next chapter! hahahaha so surprised the book ended not-so suddenly (well the story didn't hang, but i prefer happier endings)

anyways, i've got new reading material!!!

YAY!!! i've got a new hp!!!

finally rite!!!

don't worry, that's not what i'm busy reading currently. its actually this...

don't worry, you won't find me reading it in a public library XP

btw, mitch albom's for one more day is finally out in paperback!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007


i blame this entry on kenny sia. gosh he made this get into my head. now i can't stop laughing bout it!

if beyonce sang in malay, with of course some malaysian touch, it'd go like this...

di kiri, di kiri,
semua barang mu dikotak di kiri,
di almari, ku punya,
ye kalau ku beli, jangan sentuh.

terus merepek tu tak pe,
tapi boleh bual dan jalan sekali gus ke tak?
dan namaku di kancil itu,
ambillah beg tu, ku telefonkan teksi.

berdiri di halamanku, perihalkan,
kebodohan aku,
ku takkan mendapat seorang bagaikan mu,
jadikan ku seliuh...

pasti kau tak tau ku,
pasti kau tak tau ku,
aku boleh adakan gantian mu dalam seminit,
kebetulan, dia datang kejap lagi,
pasti kau tak tau ku,
pasti kau tak tau ku,
aku boleh adakan gantian mu sebelum esok,
jadi jangan terfikirkan buat seminit,
kau taktergantian.

oleh tu blah lah cepat,
panggil gedik tu, kalau dirumah,
alamak! kau ingatkan, ku tak tahu,
kenapa kau terfikir,
ku menghalaukan mu?

sebab kau tak benar,
beronda-ronda dalam kancil yang ku beli,
sayang, pulangkan kunci,
segera, teksi kau nak blah kang ni....

(lmao) fine maybe beyonce won't do it. but there's always jac, or siti sarah or some akademi fantasia dudette! hey, maybe even datin k! hahahahahaha

anybody wanna pay me for the translation?