Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For The Love Of Music

i love music. mainstream or not, if it catches my liking, i'd play it over and over again. however, that's not what i wanna blog about.

instead, ever had the experience where you listen to songs, and can't quite catch the lyrics because some singers are very clear with their words? or because of censorship, the word becomes something else?

my cousin's son used to sing, "rock it baby one more time", instead of "hit me baby one more time". then another would sing "pa sup pa na me na", to the "funk phenomena". or secondhand serenade's fall for you from "because a girl like you is impossible to find", is heard as "because a girl i kill is impossible to find".

the other day while driving back from work, tlc's "no scrubs" played. i still sing it incorrectly even though very consciously i know it makes no sense. "always talking about what he wants, and just sits on his broke ass", becomes "always talking about what he wants, and just sits on his vocabs" because ass is censored on the radio and apparently that was a bad word so i never knew the real lyrics till the internet many years later. it really does sound like vocabs to me with the censorship.

but the winner has to be my cousin's wrong understanding of iyaz's replay. know the part he sings "it's like my ipod stuck on replay"?

she asked me:

but i don't understand why he sings

"it's like my eyeballs stuck on replay"


how about you? any experiences?


don't you just love looking at saphanloi?

i laughed every time i saw him on screen. damn cute.
oh saphanloi is the dog in "best of times".
i couldn't get a better pic of him, so this will have to do.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Maybe I'll Just Stand Here For Now

there's been a block between the thinking thoughts and the stream that connects to fingers that blog as you can see. it's been awhile. there's always so much to say. but sometimes there's always too much to think. it's annoying.

some of us have this despicable trait of over-thinking of what could be, might be, then how. i wish i hadn't. but sometimes situation places me there. life would be much simpler if it were just don't ask, don't tell.

the bigger picture, just isn't big enough for you to see.

moving along now ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. the highlight of my flight yesterday:

my captain looked like kenny sia.

seriously. as in kenny sia the blogger at www.kennysia.com as in there's no other person named kenny sia except kenny sia the blogger.

omg. i felt like laughing my butt off everytime i turned my head to the left to speak to him because i kept picturing those silly pics kenny sia would post on his blog. thank God capt was nice so i didn't have to keep a straight face. the laugh had to be mellowed down to a snigger. believe me, i wasn't sniggering for the jokes or stories, but because of the said reason above. i can't wait to tell my friends that kenny sia is a pilot, but i think only one of them would actually know who kenny sia is.

oh on a random note, the other day at chilis with my cousin, i sat at the bar and ordered a beer.

first time in my life, i got asked my aged. as in whether i'm legal to drink. and here i've been going to clubs way before i finished school.

i know i look young. people usually think either i'm still studying (not too bad), or just finished highschool (what the...). and some people look for fresh meat. i almost got picked up at a bar by a cougar-looking lady.

show me some love, then i might consider ;P

funny how pleasant times,
with pleasant company,

can be tarnished by unpleasant people.