Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Book Galore

ok just a quickie for now. kinda tired, needs to sleep and wake up early later.

i've finished A Walk To Remember quite a while back ready. started with We Need To Talk About Kevin, and due to its intricate details of every milimetre of aspect, its gonna take awhile for me to finish it.


that didnt stop me from splurging on new books!!!!

i really have an obsession for books. i admit. clearly.

got Carry Me Down (randomly chose) for 20% off, Seven Cases Of Ambiguity (been wanting to get it for long time ready but couldnt find it in JB) for 25% off AND...

FOR ONE MORE DAY (yes carol!!! XP XP XP) for 50% off!!!! HALF PRICE!!!! all at kinokuniya in KLCC. couldnt resist with such an offer. could you blame me? heh.

was really good buy, saved more than 30bucks, which is equivalent to a new book. dont know when i'll actually start reading either of the 3 yet, since i'm still far from over with Kevin. and though i have no idea what Carry Me Down is about coz its all wrapped up like the other 2 new ones, i will TRY not to read it or its synopsis. i will not be unfaithful, yes unfaithful, to Kevin.

i will not neglect my books. i MUST finish them :D

but theres such a joy with new books. cant wait to open them. read while savouring its fresh paper scent. its print deep and subtle. creaseless. unwrinkled. skin so smooth. its depth yet to be adventured into. its virginity waiting to be stripped?

dont you agree? XD


Caroline said...

NO FAIR! 50% discount! NO FAIR! I ONLY GOT 20%! *sobs* ah well it was a super gud book!

vonblue said...

do ya hv tuesdays with morrie?nice nice?

sharman said...

carol: XP XP XP hehehehe dunno not yet read Kevin to finish...long way to go :D

vonblue: yep i have...nice book..but prefer 5ppl in heaven lol...good book la morrie punye..

Caroline said...

HEY I WAS IN KINOKUNIYA TODAY! only got 2 books though....sigh KL is jz so far away frm CTA1. Sob. I reli like The Lovely Bones n Twilight..=) would u believe it if i told u i finished twilight already? hehehehehe...i lov tht book a lot i wanna get New Moon and Eclipse ASAP!

Enjoy ur books!

sharman said...

hehehe enjoy yr books too...unfortunately i havent heard those books