Monday, April 30, 2007

Who That?!

its kinda quizzical how she plans to read a book, which i'm currently on.

i was out with gorgeous CMIT and She-Could-Have-Used-The-Extra-GoodCharlotte-Tix (aka SCHUTEGCT) in CT Cafe to meet their ex-collegemate FizzyFiza.

my first time meeting FizzyFiza, was around her for less than 5 mins, walking around looking for a place to sit when she passed one of her collegemate (from here known as exhibitA) who asked her who she with.

FizzyFiza: ohh this Sharman, CMIT and SCHUTEGCT.

i was genuinely surprised she remembered my name hehehe... but what was MORE suprising:

exhibitA: oh i know Sharman.

wtf?!!! you couldn't have imagined how stunned i was at her answer! i seriously had no clue of her existence. she did not look at all familiar, even after she told me we studied BM under the same tuition teacher, i was wondering "WTH?!".

the good news however was that she recognized ME, not my bro, which people usually tend to do so -_-"

then we sat and chatted, and there was a couple making out at the next table, and FizzyFiza goes:

wanna make out all, get a room la. or go home. i'm sure nobody will mind.

hehehe she damn witty la. ok maybe it dont look so here, but in real life she is.

funnily, i knew the male half of the couple. he was the same guy that worked at hip hop shop a couple years back.

i was looking through the jeans when he popped up loudly:


in my head: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! coz i seriously do not remember your face. or even you. HOW YOU KNOW MY NAME?! namestealer.

of course i didnt say it out loud, it would be mean, right?

i'm no mr/mrs dummer boy.



Dilah said...

oh dang!


shaaaaaanz said...

ada orang saja je nak tunjuk-tunjuk yg dia ni popular..

sharman said...

dilah: nak ku suapkan air sejuk tak? or just cold hard revenge?

shaaaaaanz: no la...ishkkk i tak self centred like that k... XP XP XP

lu mau apa, saya kasi apa. said...

apa suap suap ni?


sharman said...

ya la dia rasa pedas, so i suap air sejuk to legakannya laaaa hehehehe

Dilah said...

i agree with shant =))

oh btw, tak yah nak suap2kan nie semuer..ada orang lain da dahulukan =p

sharman said...


i was jus being kind...

u know kind? the one opposite of MEAN??????

shanT. said...

:P :P