Thursday, May 17, 2007

Short Bytes

- melinda dolittle got voted off. sure she'll be making lotsa money, but this has just thrown the entire season wide open. blake -vs- jordin? no idea. would be fun to watch no doubt.

- elliot yamin needs a hair cut.

- i saw ONE piece of underwear by CK for 90 bucks. must be really lewd whoops i meant good comfort.

- just saw the new beyonce advert for samsung hp's on tv. hehehehe XD

cool. but the hp looks kinda ugly la... she's still beautiful.

- today my nephew ITT learned the alphabet V in nursery.

me: what does V stand for?

ITT: vegetable.

me: how to spell vegetable?

ITT: v-e-g-e-t-a-b-one-e

hahahaha funny guy. apparently he hasn't learnt the alphabet L. hence, the misconfiguration of alphabets and numbers :D


Dilah said...

cute nephew!
im looking forward to tutoring my nephew when he's older. =)

Dilah said...
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sharman said...

or do u mean yr son?


(btw was that your comment earlier?)

Dilah said...

ouh apparently my comment got published twice, so i deleted the extra one.


i dont think i can fathom myself having a child in the near future. unless of course, i take a turning point and decided to quit school.

*expels the thought*

oh btw, thank you for claiming my being a passionate and deep blogger.

how flattering. lolx, although i wonder if "deep" is good or bad.

sharman said...

hehehe u never know. teenage mom cum top of the class student/under-grad!

deep, so far is in good intention. :)

Dilah said...

being a teenage mum sounds okay, top of the class? er...can wait long long.

sharman said...

YOU dont hv to believe u can do it.

coz I believe u can. thats enuf to make it happen.

Dilah said...

aww. gee, thanks! =)

sharman said...