Friday, February 29, 2008


is where the heart belongs. this is not home, or anything near it.

while walking around kb mall today, i saw an advert for a product, creatively; it said:

"keras di luar, cecair di dalam mulut"

give it a thinker, guess what it was. will let you know at the end of this post ;D

slipping side that, and back to the first line. when i was in jb the last time around, i was telling my friend how good it feels to be home. you miss it much. not to the extent of wanting to be back home every second. but just to be home. like the power of the remote control? miss it very damn much.

then when i went to kl, my cuz sis told me the same thing. no matter where you go, its not gonna be the same as being from where you came from. this of course, after i sighed much about returning back to this uluness.

but truth be told, there's nothing that can replace the friends, memories; good and bad, TT sessions, lepak, and everything else that came with it.

jb is nothing compared to kl and the bigger ends. but theres a something to it that keeps you coming back for it, like a little ant chasing for sugar. sure its bad; the sugar i mean, but you just can't help it.

i mean jb is not all that bad, but theres nothing to be shouting about that loudly. you tell another whats so great about jb or any of yr hometown, and they'll go "thats all?" and they smack you in the face bout how great their joint is; regardless of whether you're interested or not.

sometimes its just about the simplicity i think. the time sacrificed growing up somewhere whether you wanted to or not. you grow a bond, or you becoming a leech to your hometown, becoming fat with all the facts of it, yet not wanting to leave it.

you are in your comfort zone. you know the roads. you know what time to leave the house so you won't get stuck behind the red light. you know where and when to fly a kite. you know where to get a kite, if you don't know how to make one. like me. you know where to get the best banana fritters; goreng pisang that is. maybe not the best in malaysia, but good enough for you to waste 15mins driving there. the best malls may not be mid valley, or even come close to it, but it holds so much shit that has happen or COULD hv happen.

simple things of the ordinary, we take for granted. hometowen may not be the most price-ful, but its damn good to be back when we get the chance. anybody not agrees?

with that, i welcome you back atta. m'sia has missed you. maybe no more futsal at the club with you, maybe no more banana fritters ala mode, but prolly some roar of the tiger shall come eh?

time to pack yr bags, and room cleaned up! like yr last post in your constipated blog.

so back to the top. what is keras di luar, cecair di dalam mulut?

i tell you this, the pious security may have worked to keep their sleeves covering skin, and eyes from wandering to selected regions of the beautiful body, but nothing can keep their dirty minds from thinking dirty thoughts.

they were selling "gelatin halal".

-outz again-

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One (new) Word For You

salam namaste to all down south! i know its been awhile. but the net connection has been really awful. and then there's the depletion of thoughts to blog about. sadly. so it'll just be a quick update.

well flew today. apparently my flying is not graceful. of all words in oxford and cambridge, he chooses graceful. it did make my mind wander to ballet. or aishwarya rai. hahahaha... what he actually meant was my control was jerky, and the antonym for that would probably be spelt g-r-a-c-e.

though when i first heard him say it, i thought of meredith grey.

"pardon sir?" o.O

"you're not GRACEFUL!".


gonna be fully grounded soon for the upcoming (but not so near UK based papers). next week will be the next time i fly, that's if i even DO get to fly, else i'll have to wait 3 whole months.

few weeks back i saw ocm again. its like a friggin ocm chronology la...

this time i avoided him. but my friend got caught by him, but he escaped saying he was just visiting me who's a usm student. this ocm really needs some kinda medical assisstance i think.

last week we went to an indian restaurant, and the order-person asked me where i was studying. and i said usm again lol... but didn't say which campus :P

do take note only the medical faculty is in this ulu-ness :D

then he asked me "kenal kakak tu tak? dia kerja sana pun".

the 'kakak' was the owner of the shop. then the order-person asked the 'kakak' pulak ahahahaha...but the blurness and un-acquaintance was mutual so i didn't get stuck in any more shyt :D

ok no idea when there'll be a next update. hopefully soon.

anywayz, a newly formed medical termed from the ulu-ness: