Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pictures Do The Flying

happy birthday to the sultan of kelantan. but its flying as usual for some of us. in two days i've flown ten hours. kinda :)

few days ago was the first time i actually went into the terminal building of the kuala terengganu airport. when i flew with my instructor, the first thing he commented was, "such a big airport, but under used. what's the point?". the aftermath of the renovations done is kinda cool. i like the fountain, there's a kinda calming effect, don't you think? i'll let the pictures do the talking...

the kenyir dam.

this is dung-gun. no, actually dungun town, south of kuala terengganu.

approaching redang.

redang's runway. looks scary to land, so near hills.

perhentian besar.

perhentian kecil. a lil heaven on earth, eh? must visit one day. soon!
the beaches look so awesome.

anyone wanna guess what's this tiny island called? (flyfreak and sy not allowed to spoil the fun) it has one of those weird quirky malay names. think innocently dirty.

really eager to catch yasmin ahmad's "taleNtime". its all over the tv. must watch.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Met Day

if i was born and named Meteorology, then today would be my birthday. because, i bet you didn't know this, that today is World's Meteorology Day.

so happy world's met day.

oh wait. it is my day :P so i guess you can call me the weatherman then!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Black Or White

i don't follow with american idol nowadays due to the lack of entertainment facilities where i am now. occasionally, i am blessed with good internet connection and thus i get to stream videos from youtube. i like browsing through msn, coz they get the really funky kinda news. like the lady that called 911 coz she couldn't get her mcnuggets?! its a stress reliever to some extent. good entertainment.

the other day i was reading about AI and it was michael jackson week. that's a must see coz its not easy pulling off an MJ. he's the king.

apparently there were really good comments on this guy- adam lambert's version of "black or white". i think, that song is one of the most clearly reminded songs in my memory. one of the first i heard from MJ, before i scouted back through time to listen to his other great numbers. i still remember the home alone kid in the music vid. apparently tyra banks too. i think she was one of the "its black. its white..." part where the faces keep changing. then there were the russian dancers.

anyways, my point is, that song has got to be the one of the most famous songs of the century. who doesn't know it right?

so performing it, could easily mean butchering it and getting the green light out of the competition.

but adam didn't kill it. i actually enjoyed it. theatrical and over-confident? yes, but entertaining nonetheless. and it had a lil hint of axl rose in "welcome to the jungle". i don't know. maybe its the lack of oxygen from 2000feet above ground level, but seriously, i think he managed to pull it off. he's got me humming...

" It's black,
It's white,
It's tough for you
To get by... "

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fei With Me!

extra information bout me coz this blog is about me if you forgot :P

the first and only word i learnt back in chinese class during my kindergarden days was "fei", which means fly, as in terbang not lalat. then i quit taking mandrin classes. i think i lasted like 2 lessons.

none of my classmates in kindergarden took mandrin classes. and i was coaxed by mom to do so. so after normal kindergarden classes, i had to join another class for mandrin. i knew nobody in that class. it was like i was sent to china coz all the other kids there spoke only mandrin, and i only spoke english. the language barrier was made of concrete! i was an outcast there. i think thats how guantanamo bay feels like. lonely.

so i cried. then i think the mandrin teacher adviced my mom that i'm not comfortable. though i'm sure i used to complain how much i hated going for mandrin class as well. hence my mom pulled me out of that class. how happy i was back then!

but i do regret that a lot nowadays. maybe things could have been different for me. and of course, at least i'll get less of the "oh what a waste, you could speak 4 languages then" statements. that would be a relief. believe me, its annoying hearing people and their expectations. you think you're living up to my expectations? no. so why should i to yours???

on a side note, its been a really wet march so far. what a way to start the month. don't know how long i'll be stuck here. i can't sing "i saw the sun...", coz i really haven't. bummer!