Thursday, May 17, 2007

the number 23

-nonsense post-

let me make this clear. if it weren't for me, this number would never have made it big.

seriously, why suddenly it's used callously? it has some depth, that number i tell u.

and its all because of ME. yes me. coz i was born on the 23 of march. undoubtedly my favourite number for no plausible reason, but its because i liked it first, that its become such a BIG number.

micheal jordan took that number when he joined the washington wizards.

david (gosh i almost typed micheal bechkam hahaha) beckham put the 23 jersey on in real madrid.

jim carrey has a movie called THE NUMBER 23! (which i havent watched laaa)

SEE. only AFTER i was arrived on this earth, this number made such a huge ass deal. its because of ME!

oh and last night, watching heroes, dr suresh mohinder's hotel room was number u-can-guess-what!

23 always affiliated with me. they should give me some rights and pay me dunno-what-for money la.

i've been back from kl since monday noon. life's been back to routine. but i have been awfully tired the past few days. maybe its because of my flustered mind. too much flusterings goin on. hence the absence of me from my forsaken blog.

my typing's been off ever since i've been back. no i'm not drunk. haven't had alco since that friday/saturday. i keep pressing in between the buttons. haizz irritating me. especially at work. need to get my "skills" back.

good news for me. they gonna show reruns of heroes. missed last week's episode la. luckily can get back on the wagon.

in the office now. lawyer's gone outa town. nothing to do.

no phone calls (thank God!). no letters to type (YAY!). no couriers to stamp or sign. the cleaners didnt come (think coz i was late hahaha). so here i am on the net. blogging.

with my home-made cheese and tomato sandwich. very early lunch this is. but its soooo gooey and syiok. unfortunately there wasnt any aluminium foil at home, or the cheese would melt oozily. thats damn syiok. if u havent tried it, you should. just plain cheese and bread in aluminium foil to contract heat is awesome.


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