Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yo B!

If I was your boy,
I think I could understand,
How it feels to love ya gal,
I swear I'd be a better man.
I'd listen to you,
Cause I know how you hurt,
When you lose the one you wanted,
Cause they taking you for granted,
And everything you have got destroyed.


have nothing to blog hence this randomness in conjunction with her arrival. random note, i realized how un-one malaysian i am. i don't even know who's the deputy pm. anyone care to top that?

+ Yo B! i don't think its the wisest choice to pick "tak tergantian" as a song choice to the ward, no? nevertheless, you were amazing. you look stunning. you sound incredible. you are unbelievably gracious. and freaking talented. and and and... i could go on forever, but point made clear i believe.

in case you're lost, click right here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


there are times when things just look worlds apart.

i remember yesterday, as i walked through the aisle, a thought ran across my mind.

"the worst, and the best"

sometimes we can be so opposite. unimaginatively two totally different beings. one a kaleidoscope of colours, another a simple black and white television set of the 50s.

yet be wholly in sync too.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tin Can Hide & Seek

past few days I've been thinking back old memories.

there was a game we used to play as kids, something very similar with hide & seek, but it had an extra "feature", which was a tin can filled with a few stones, then slightly disfigured (read as: crushed) so that the stones don't fall out. this when shaken, makes a loud noise.

we used to have a huge lawn back then. of course, we were kids and the lawn looked really big when you've got small footsteps.

games goes like this. everyone would gather at a point. now, one person will be elected to throw the tin of stones as far as he could, and the seeker would have to run as fast as he can and grab the tin can then bring it back to the original point.

while the seeker chases to catch the tin can, everyone else runs and finds a place to hide.

the tin can placed back at the station, the seeker then seeks. or if he/she is able to spot someone, he calls out their name and shakes the tin can so everyone can hear someone has been caught.

however, if a person hiding is able to run back to the station and shake the tin can before the seeker gets to the tin can himself, then the hider is safe.

basically, the tin can is either a death call (if the seeker shakes it), or your lifeline (if shaken by the hider). usually, the seeker would play cheat by just staying around the tin can and trying to spot the hiders from the station without going out and seeking.

but if you're a runner, that's definitely an advantage.

i was just thinking, no way kids will be able to play this anymore. we could never find an area so big to hide and seek. unless of course you throw the tin can down the apartments, but i think the seeker will pancit by the time he arrives back to the station.

maybe in future we'll get hide and seek virtual games? kite simulator?

what dodgy games you used to play back then? care to share?

sometimes a tug of the leash,
and you're obedient once again.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Foxtrot Will Never Agree

she's hot.

but why, are you snogging that short guy?!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Explosion & Expulsion

kanye west dissing taylor swift at her moment of glory shouldn't be taken so badly.

see it from this point, nobody likes to lose. in the entertainment industry, i guess award shows are true symbolism of your success. the more you win, the more awards, the more recognition, the more success, no? even if you don't agree, i will assume you have agreed.

anyway, what i'm trying to get at is, people don't like to lose. (who does anyway?) smiles and congratulatory words from the loser make them human, not wishing to show their real disappointment and disgust to the world. its not their party, hence they can't cry if they want to, cry if they want to.

again, getting long-winded here. my point is, after kanye west dissed taylor swift, all the other artists ended up voicing out as one (somewhat) and together-gether dissed kanye west saying he's a real piece of shit, like stepping on a kitten, etc etc.

so united.

shouldn't we at least thank kanye west just a little? he deserves some gratitude for attempting world peace. at a time of deep-shit failure and fake happiness, he managed to bring everyone together to look past that, and rejoice in hating him altogether. additionally, the artists should also thank him, for saving them from sinning, with all the lying that would have happen instead.

if you disagree, i might not bother to argue, because i'm just a little exhausted from no reason what and hence this crap i've just blogged. anyway, like i said before, i assume you agree :)

plus, what kanye west said wasn't wrong. he just be speaking the truth, don't be dissing him for speaking no lies. beyonce the bomb!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


today at the academy my friend and i ended up having a conversation with two indonesian captains who were also in the midst of their type rating training. as usual, the conversation led to "which flying school were you from?". then one of them asked,

he: so what multi engine aircraft did your school have?

me: we flew the diamond-42. but they also had the seneca.

he: seneca?

me: yup. piper seneca.

he: PA??? (aircraft model code)

me: PA34.

he: ohhh. i used to fly that aircraft back when i was in flying school in 1977. but then yours must be the new generation...

me: NOPE *gleams* the old one. way back from the 70s too!

just saying, after more than 30years, still guna yang sama *ahem ahem*


the arrival of nephew number 3 was sudden and nice timing, perhaps too. guess he knows i won't see him around as much as the other two so he decided to pop out when i was back allowing me to welcome him home :)

the boy's got some bruce lee sideburns going on. but more prominent, he's got damn long fingers and feet. that's why, for this blog's name game, i'm gonna nickname him thin-thin-long-long, or TTLL for short. think he'll be less of a tornado without me at home so much during his growing up phase :P

on a random note, with the arrival of nephew number 3, friends talking about marriage, managing the bills, restricted lepak times, and just the other day the gang was talking about how being 22 isn't as fun as saying you're 21 (its more of a blatant statement, then a hurray one)...

can't help but feel a little old.

- a little overboard, i know :P -

+ an old highschool friend just called to invite me to his wedding. whatthehell.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Inexplicable Disaster

screw windshear. screw TCAS. and screw freaking terrains!

omg. i am such a mess. i can't believe the level of stupidity and atrociousness. it was unbelievable damnit!

it wasn't a mere brain fart. it was a damn blackout. a wipe out. it was a freaking dumbass at his best of being a dumbass.

i need to consolidate. i need to recollect myself from this.

when life throws you a curveball, you don't freaking run away from it. you anticipate and LOOK AHEAD!

flights of crosswind-landings ghost. damnit!

and you know what, screw radio stations too! screw radio stations with their akon, black eyed peas, natalie imbruglia and whatever rubbish cause that does not help my frustrations.

Monday, September 07, 2009

I Have Nothing To Say

i checked my junk mail, just in case once again.

i received an email from "S". yes, just S.

with the title,

"would like to find a partner to enjoy life with".

how i wish it was miss serena van der woodsen.

-you can be my sweet dreams, or a beautiful nightmare-

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Do I Miss KB?

no, i don't. this is the view out of my room in sepang occasionally.

in the mornings, i get cows too. so in a way, i do get to relive the kota baru days of nature at its best here in sepang as well.

but i really don't miss kota baru.

Friday, September 04, 2009

A Little Less Gratifying

you can be trained with the most professional and skilled teachers in the world.

you can be the angel in front of your parents.

the example student in the thoughts of your tutors.

the chosen one around school.

and people around you can be so proud of you. your achievements, of being able to pass on knowledge to you, or being direct contact to a one of a kind amazing soul.

they'll brag about you. they'll tell everyone you were the best, of the bests. no one can compare to you. they'll defend you through their skin till their bones if someone maligns you. if they could, they'll give you a gold plate for it.

but the truth remains, no matter how well you shape a mould, the mould can take on another figure, or get damage if not looked after with eagle eyes. sometimes, its even hypocritical to see the mould from the front, and then from the back. definitely a coin with two faces.

people can change.

i'm just saying, when you're not what you were turned out to be, then what? it won't always be like playing in your backyard.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


started full flight simulator (ffs) few hours ago. full motion and graphics and real controls. it was crazy.

sitting on the pilot not flying side initially, meaning my role was to monitor, communicate and do other stuff that does not require me to handle the controls, made me go dizzy a bit. it wasn't that feeling of nauseous, but felt like i was going cross-eyed, without the eyes going crossed. maybe my vestibular system was confused with the motion?

flying this aircraft for the first time, was really crazy. the controls were different from the conventional airplanes we used to fly in flying school. there was no normal/alternate/direct law back then.

please excuse the technicalities. but these laws, i'm speaking of, is basically protections for flying so that we don't unintentionally get into an unwanted situation. nothing to do with the ISA.

as wonderful as it may sound, it takes time to understand and accustomed to.

the aircraft is so technologically advanced, that its supposed to make flying easy peasy on normal days. but of course, that requires getting used to. which obviously i'm not.

coming for approach the first time, i could not maintain centreline (basically making snakes in the sky), and almost landed out of the runway, into the mud. so go-around, and return for another approach.

again could not get it right properly, but managed to make a safe and pretty ok landing considering its like the first ever landing on the airbus for me. but then braking was so bad. i could not brake evenly.

got quite the lecture for it. (reminded me of the DA42 days. had a hard time getting used to that cockpit.) thought to myself, and it must be the seating adjustments, feet position, something along those lines weren't correct again.

round 3. again snaking, but not as ridiculous as the first two attempts. managed to land centerline, and braking was wayyyy better, smooth and no jerking. however, it was an under-performed session. the reason could be due to the new aircraft, nevertheless outcome was not good.

" i wanna, i wanna, i wanna touch you,
You wanna touch me too,
Every way and when they set me free,
Just put your hands on me. "

the sidestick (what the steering-wheel is to a car) must be an AllAmericanRejects fan, cause it kept singing that to me.

lesson learnt from today's flight?

don't over control. need to stop putting my hands on the sidestick so much. just let the fingers do the job. amazingly, two fingers is all you need to fly this airbus gracefully. need to remind myself, to think the sidestick is a pile of shit.

you don't want to be touching shit much do you?!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Delayed Post

for the eleven of us,
the cross junction of our lives were our passion,
and through encouragement from everyone around us,
the belief among ourselves and between each other,
we've made it halfway through our journey.

it's not ending yet,
we've just taken off,
the flight just got airborne,
let's keep the experience awesome,
let's keep cruising along.

-the end of "The Take Off" chapter-