Saturday, April 28, 2007

Get Me Bodied

probably nobody's gonna layan this post, but i'm gonna go ahead anyways :P

i'm newly hooked on beyonce's new song (no surprise in there huh? XP)

well not sure if u can call it new since she released her whole album, as in there's a video for all her songs on her album. crazy la she. too much free time i guess hehe...

but Get Me Bodied is different. a lil bit retro and island-ish (as in can imagine people on islands singing and goofing arounf to this). not a sure shot, but its fun to listen hahaha...even the video clip is FUNNY!!! a really lame muscial BUT FUNNY!!! lol...

listen out at minute 3.50, like the song from there. BUT MAKE SURE U WATCH at 4.10!!! damn kelakar!!! ooooo and see how low she goes at minute 5 onwards. OUCH!

hehehe then if you're so free, watch this version. really good how this guy managed to get clips according to the lyrics!

(btw could someone please give me the html code/teach me how to post videos again? forgot la...)

i want beyonce's Bday Deluxe Edition laaa... dont think it'll be released in M'sia



Dilah said...

actuali, i think that there are a lot of websites online regarding video html. U can type video code generators or something and google it.

then once you get the code just paste in your blog post!

=) once btw, pls reply to my blog tag.

sharman said...

*lost* hahaha

i know i need a code like thing den insert the URL of the video (say from youtube) in the code den only can insert the video rite???