Saturday, September 29, 2007


or the likes of it. everyone is guilty of it, no matter how little of it, no matter how unfrequent it occurs.

egocentric: feeling of ego being the centre

its hard not to feel such. not to be such. or maybe its just me?

its hard to avoid being egocentric at times. but i do try to minimize it. i know its bad. whats really sad, is self denial. dont you think? i mean its all fair and swell if you're egocentric, but to deny the fact, even after being told out bluntly, shown clearly of what has become, dont you think its time for some rethinking?

maybe he has. maybe he hasnt. who knows.

egocentricity. its really just a sword you're holding, albeit pointing to your own heart. sadly.

i dont know why, but i'm reminded lately of something from the past. basically the time when you understood everything, and i knew nuts about you. and all the blame i could put on you, and neglect everything mostly coz of the lack of capacity and load of ignorance. the time when i could feel free and unsuccumbed to anything, even when the world was closing in.

the time when i was probably 4feet tall. or less. dont u miss those days? when you wanted to grow up fast, and barely took notice of anything. but when you do grow up, things aren't as nice as how you perceived it to be? regret not noticing every damn thing that actually was good?

things were much more fascinating from 4feet above the ground.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


im still counting down the days to raya. and back jb i'll be!

even for such a short span.

well food here has gotten from bad to worse. note the deterioration from what to what.

so anyways, food has become worst. its always like that since less people are eating lunch. fruits have been cut down to "too much sugar later turned to fat"-inducing kuih. the thing is, they already cook food with lotta sugar, is there really a need for more wasteful sugar?

consequently (i think), im coming down with some flu n probably tonsils too. "hooray"! the unbalance diet. the lack of vitamin c.

oh n i missed the mooncake festival. whatever la.

looking forward to oct10!

kak, rumah terbuka ada tak?


before i go, quote of the week (well said i think!):

there are no dogs here, except human dogs.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


dont have anything furtive to blog, so i'll just blog a joke i heard this week.

in malay though:

ali selalu di kelas menggosok rambutnya dengan air liur. setiap kali dia mengantuk atau tak dapat faham apa yang diajar, dia meludah tangannya dan menggosok rambutnya.

suatu hari, cikgunya tanya: ali kenapa awak setiap kali gosok rambut dengan air liur?

ali pun berkata: hari tu waktu malam saya dengar ibu kata pada ayah, "kalau susah nak masuk, letaklah air liur kat kepala..."

-the end-

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Just A Ponder

doesn't it sound rather untrustworthy:


may bank to you.