Friday, July 31, 2009


i had a damnDAMNdamn weird dream last night.

i dreamed i had a half sister that was a tiger.

literally a tiger, with paws, whiskers, yellow and black stripes. and fyi, i was sober last night.

it was such a random, tak masuk akal dream. i don't know about you, but i'm amazed at how realistic these kinda weird things are in dreams. in lala land, it seems possible to actually have a tiger as a sibling.

then i was on a mysterious journey searching for something i can't remember, ala sylar's quest for his long lost father in heroes. complete with a road trip, rundown mamak shops, and frequent memory loss of the unknown. though it would have been more fun if i had abilities. maybe i did have, can't remember.

think it must've been influenced by the heroes i was watching earlier. season 3 kinda boring i must say. 1st was the best thus far. (random)

-last day of july!-

Sunday, July 26, 2009


if you haven't heard already, yasmin ahmad the film maker has passed away.

i think she deserves much appreciation for what she has done to us malaysians, no wait, to everyone that has watched her art. she has made those ignorant, or tried her level best, see what she sees.

truly, she saw no barrier between one from another.

but most of all, her guts were downright admirable. she dared to do the impossible in our restricted-minded society. she faced the worst, even though she spoke the truth.

sometimes you wonder, is honesty really the best policy looking back on her feedbacks. where does all those so-called moral values you learnt back in highschool fall to? you wonder even more, if pre-historic people ever went to school.

she was the only film maker in malaysia that i thought worth watching. besides her flair for honesty, her movies were also thought provoking. artistic, yet really interesting.

i would never have imagined myself enjoying a malaysian movie when i was young.

she changed that perception forever.

-i will not-

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Being Managed

been busy with the MFTD sessions past few days. learning new stuff, and the wonders about the aircraft's computation systems.

for all to know, auto-pilot is exactly just push-the-button and fly. you need to know which buttons to turn, which to pull, which to push. learning the basics of the auto-pilot isn't as direct as i'd expected. it did get me a lil confused, but i'm sure all will be understood in due time.

so many functions to know, with so little time. BUTbutBUT it is awesome.

sessions were also extra enjoyable since it was with a really pleasant captain. he says he's more familiar with london, compared to kuala lumpur. send him to museums and parks in london, and the tube's no problem for him. but send him to kl, and he'll get lost.

that's how much time he's spent in london. wow.

we got in a little conversation about dangerous goods today. and he said,

"we learn about dga (dangerous goods awareness), but the most dangerous of them all, are those in the tight hot red skirts!"

then during breakfast at the cafe, he remarked about a pretty crowd in front of us,

"see here. now, these are all the dangerous goods i was talking about".

"hahaha yes, sir!"

"ok stop looking at them, sharman. they're too wild for you".

hmmmm that's a first.

"but sir, sometimes its alright to be in managed mode", i quipped.


when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade.

but i want durians. yellow, aromatic, suckullent durians. heh, get what you want.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Possible Posterboy

i'm telling you. NigelBiscuitBoy could be the greatest posterboy for tiger biscuit. the other day i showed him this picture, and asked him who's that baby.

he replied: that is..... baby with tiger biscuit.

this is actually NigelBiscuitBoy himself wayyyy back.

then he corrects himself,

" that is baby with MY tiger biscuit. "

power right.


She's down in it
She tried her best and now she can't win
Its hard to see them on the ground
Her diamonds falling down.

-current addiction rob thomas's her diamonds-

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Got The Blue

finally licence has been processed. so i went down to the office in damansara to get it. (managed to navigate myself there somehow, though i did get lost, but just a little bit. big achievement since i know hoots about kl roads)

as i was heading to the office, i passed several workers in that building. culture cultivated, i smiled and greeted them with "good morning".

only to be stared down like a downright illegal immigrant waiting to be ferried back to my country. some plainly ignored my existence, and walked passed arrogantly. got me thinking, what was i doing wrong? why were they treating me like the black sheep?

then i realized, it just wasn't their culture.

i have noticed that somethings i write here are misunderstood. i try to write in a very general way. no one should be full of themselves to think that i am writing about them. please don't perceive unnecessary thoughts. if there's anything to go by with this page, acknowledge only if you are clearly stated.
besides, only i am legal to be full of myself here. thank you :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Serving The Smiling Customer

i was at this particular service office to replace an item which had become faulty.

it was a week day, nearing end of office hour. the waiting room was empty except for a lady and me. there was only one worker visible behind the desk, and she was trying her best to alleviate the problem of this man, who i later found out was accompanied by the lady in the waiting room. their "discussion" went on for quite some time.

it had been nearly 20mins before my number was called, and realized that there was more than one worker behind the desk. the man and the other worker still had not been able to settle the problem, which they found out was entirely the company's fault from the very begining.

i couldn't help but laugh at how the worker tried her best to reason with the man. all this in mandrin, so i guess they didn't know what i was laughing about. my case was a lot more simpler, so i had loadz of spare time to listen on their audible conversation. didn't help that the counters were just beside each other.

after another 10mins went by, finally they managed to settle the man's problem. then 2 ladies walked in sounding chirpy.

worker 1: they so excited.

worker 2: well i'm not excited.

one of the ladies came to the counter and enquired,

lady: what's your promotion?

worker 1: no promotion.

lady: how about discount?

worker 1: no discount.

lady: then what's so good about your company?

me: can start with the complaints :)

a bit too loud cause the workers heard it and started laughing. well i paid lotsa attention to the previous drama to pick it all up!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It Was Heart Stopping

to put it lightly, when IvanTheTerrible suddenly tells me while sitting in the hall watching tv,

"uncle sharman, i saw your girlfriend".

me: "huh?"

"yes i saw your girlfriend. and she was with the man. and he was looking at her. i saw your girlfriend, uncle sharman".

i was shocked. absolutely wtf moment. first of all, who was the girlfriend that i've yet to meet. when did i introduce her to him? and secondly, why was she with another man? downright humiliating. bad light for me.

curiously i asked, "what you mean, ivan?"

he replies, "i saw your girlfriend. on the tv, with the man on the bed. she was dancing."

-.-'' then only i realized that he had just seen beyonce's "halo" videoclip. my nephew knows me too well. the obsession :P while watching the BET awards, he said the same thing when beyonce came on. i thought him too much, i think lol

and he wasn't all that wrong anyway. beyonce's mine. but she's in bed with jay-z unfortunately.

keep dreaming!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Lie With Me

Leila, I'm not gonna leave...
Please, open the door.


it's 10 ten hours bottle to throttle. didn't say anything about thrust levers!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


my mind is.

been awhile since the last post. bit busy, plus without a connection as of yet at the rumah bujang (bak kata mak cik sekuriti).

past week has been filled with MFTD (maintenance & flight training device) sessions. an MFTD is similar to a simulator, but without the motion, or any graphic that shows movement. its a touch screen mock cockpit to put it simple.
these sessions were just like a welcome to the airbus family, i feel. familiarizion with the cockpit layout, cause different aircrafts have different cockpits, you don't want your hands hanging in the air searching for switches like doing the hokey-pokey. it was kinda cool, computarization and all. getting used to setting things up.

the last day, we entered the real simulator. THE cockpit was awesome. the thrust levers were just ass-kicking! awe-struck in there.

these sessions were just introduction, many to go. much experience to come.

reminder to self: working in a multi crew cockpit is rather different. need to get used to task sharing. need to get used to teamwork. loadz to work on that. enough of screwing up, sharman.


some pics on my laptop from 2 years ago, left abandon and forgotten. found em, and i thought of sharing. remember, they're a lil bigger and bugger now.

IvanTheTerrible supposedly as karate kid, hence the "bandana". which actually was the cloth used to tie the curtain.

NigelBiscuitBoy is crazy over tiger biscuit. seriously. the other day while shopping for groceries, he sat in the trolley. my sis placed a pack of tiger biscuit in the trolley, and he gushed:

"i lurrrrrrve tiger biscuit"

charming. advertorial material.


my mind is boggled a little. do i really keep things to myself? *wonders* or maybe i'm just being a lil paranoid as usual.