Thursday, November 30, 2006

His Dance

She danced in the sunlight,
Building dreams among the clouds,
Playfully but unknowingly,
Painting dreams for him as well.
She danced in the sunlight,
While he admired her from afar,
Admiring her gentle gaze,
Till each stroke of her hair.

She danced through the garden,
Undoubtedly more serene and scenic,
As compared to any or all,
The many layers and layers of hues.
She danced through the garden,
His admiration piqued even more,
But to only a faded leaf,
Was worthy of his comparison.

She danced through the crowd,
Truly willful yet graceful,
Maintaining her groomed poised,
Even in the shed of uproar.
She danced through the crowd,
With him a mere spectator,
Or even a random peasant,
Of consented age to be forgotten.

She danced in the moonlight,
Mindlessly and endlessly,
Shredding her unwarranted skin,
Stars gazing upon her beautiful soul.
She danced in the moonlight,
As he made his existence known,
Empowered with bravery,

He took his first step to embracement.

She dances everwhere,
Now she dances with him.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tickle Me Laughter

(gonna be pretty long)

Got about a week of 'holiday' off examz, which will resume next tuesday with chemistry and FINALLY the last of all papers, physics. I tell you, the glory of science has NOT bestowed upon me. Anyways, I shall not rant here about my examz (someone else shall suffer), instead I wanna blog about the things that make me laugh during examz, but can't burst out laughing coz others will think you're mad, you know? So you control you're laughter, and try to wipe it off your mind. Then you discipline yourself to forget about it, coz you're wasting time laughing when you have a ton to write on those scripts, you know?

Well, there are quite a few things that tickled me laughter, such as the thought of mirrors, simple spelling mistakes, translation, and about a guy named Nick. But today, omg, was the worst thought ever. Cousin SC told me she did this last time, before the evolution of technological advancements in telecommunication.

Once, she used to like this particular guy, but the guy didnt like her. Then, he got a gf. She got angry/jealous/pissed, so she called his mom.
And told her she was pregnant with her son's child. Gosh, I wonder what kind of hell he had to go through...

Case 1: People used to call her house number pressuming it was a club(as in recreational club, NOT clubbin' club). Early on sunday mornings, LOTSA ppl will start calling her for bookings. Once she got pissed, she decided to take 12 bookings, all at the same time!
Out of curiosity, she called the club they were referring to find out about the booking. She found out each booked time will get 20mins, that means only one booking every 20mins! hahahahaha 12 bookings at the SAME TIME! hahahahaha...

Case 2: A lady called her house looking for a guy named D, but actually wrong number. The conversation(which distracted me from my exam today!):

Lady: Hello, boleh cakap dgn D?

SC: Oh D dah meninggal la.

Lady: *jawi words* Ye ke?

SC: Ye. Tak de org beritahu awak ke?

Lady: Tak de la. Baru dua hari lepas saya telepon dia...

SC: Ye la. Baru meninggal...kita semua turun untuk pengebumian dia...

*lady goes on abt D, and finally puts the phone down*

After about half an hour, lady calls back...

Lady: Oi! Org salah nombor cakap je la! Nak tipu tipu shj! *rambles summore*

SC just laughs silently on the other side of the phone.

-The End-

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mysterious Behaviour

Occurance: 0130 hours.

Location: On the messy bed.

Situation: Completed physics for the day, transition break before starting on mathematical halucinations, lies, and deceptions.


Physics fiasco had just ended. Bed had been temporarily 'cleared'. Physics notes abandoned directly to the east, math's weapons of brain destruction situated south west on the bed along with stationaries.

Following incident took place:

Lies down on bed, creditless handphone being skimmed for no reason. After some time, I got fed up of the handphone and left it alone.

Moved my body a bit for better relaxation positioning. Realized a certain discomfort, a bit of numbing on the rear end, ie my ass.

Reached under my bum and found my mechanical pencil.

ME: OH lucky I found you! What if you broke? Exams next week you know!


(continues) Hey, at least you're a HOT pencil now right?!



(continues) OH GAWD!!! I'm talking to my PENCIL!

*smacks forehead*

Important!: Subject was found alone at the scene.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Empy vessels make the most noise...THATS ME!

Irritation 1: Yesterday it took me nearly 20mins to open the 'creat new post' window. When I finished typing and clicked on 'Publish Post', it didn't get saved!

QOUTE: Cannot find server... FISH!!! Damn fish'd!!!

Irritation 2: I really am not suppose to be here right now at this moment, but I really can't study anymore! Examz starts monday, my head is blank, a white piece of paper, scrunged.

This is by far the worst exam ANYONE in the world can sit for!!! WHY? Coz there so much irrelevancies in it! Stuff you REALLY do not need to know!!! ARGHHHHHHHH

1) James Morrison- One Last Chance
2) Justin Timberlake- Losing My Way
3) Beyonce & JayZ- Upgrade U

NOTE: all 3 songs are yet to be released, and possibly will never be realease. Btw, think James Morrison's songs rawk! yea yea rather slowish, but hey, me likes!

Another song got me on the hook is J Timberlake's "My Love"...if u listen carefully in the chorus, at the background, not really loud, there's a lil evil laugh, kinda like the likes! hahahaha...

oh gawd, gtg...examz so friggin sucks la!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Jamuan PERTINA '06

Somebody still in the Haloween mood...

Drag queens...

The molestation....

....filled with tissues!!! HAHAHAHAHA...