Monday, January 25, 2010

Stuck In A Moment

something short and simple worth sharing.

i heard this over the radio while driving. on mix fm, for the traffic info she goes:

" on the MRR2 traffic is building up because of a car accident on the left lane, between tesco and the shell station, from sri petaling heading towards ampang. due to onlookers, you guys, champion, traffic is slow on both directions. way to go. "

woman either seriously frustrated from repeating the same thing every other day, or owns a really good sense of humour. the best traffic update i ever heard.


i bought a steering cover. it says "easily slips onto steering wheel".


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ain't Nothing Like DC

i was watching hitz tv when nelly's song featuring akon and ashanti came on. it reminded me of this video instead. one of the most memorable performance from destiny's child. for me.

and of course one of my favourite dreams. haizzz... i'd marry someone catering like that :D

oh yes, i like it like this.

and i want it like this. i want it. i want it.

*composes self*

okay. good weekend everyone! though not much of a difference for me :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When She Says She Loves Me

certain things i cannot comprehend, i elude. hoping to find an alternative around the situation, or absolute avoidance when cornered. choices i make, may not seem healthy. choices i make, aren't permanent, but they help get by.

you don't understand, so stop generalizing. stop putting me in the same box as you. not that i find you far better off (which you are), but it is not the same.

you do not understand me, but since you're in a position, i unwillingly agree that we are of the same. see, i'm gracious. unfortunately, i can't say the same about everyone. because some just don't understand, and probably never will.


i've waited all my life to turn 23. and this year, it's here. yes, sharman of sharman23 turns 23. it isn't a random number i chose.

now what do i do, when i don't want it to come?

Friday, January 08, 2010

Light Me Up

i flew to macau twice this week, back to back. yesterday, was a night flight there. just beside the terminal, stood the hyatt hotel, hard rock, and crown hotel. they had colourful lights from top to bottom. the lights were coordinated.

it was quite a sight watching the three buildings changing colour from yellow to orange to red to blue to green, from left to right, then up to down like drizzling down the ceiling.

how cool is that? coordinated technicolour. and behind them stood the infamous venetian macau majestically. the temperature at macau was 11degrees. when the service door was open for disembarkation, i could feel the cold air gush into the cockpit. brrrrrrrr.....

the whole atmosphere was incredible. the sight, the cold air, sadly i was all alone in the cockpit settling the paperwork. i don't get to enjoy night stops, but i think certain moments are best enjoyed for the shortest period, else they'll go basi.

what a life :)


the sister was worried about IvanTheTerrible going to school and buying food at the canteen since ITT doesn't know how to handle money. on the second day of school, she gave him 2 one ringgit notes, and some coins just in case (in addition to packed food). when he returned, she asked him, "did you buy anything?". shocked with his reply though, because he came back home without a cent on him. alas, he has been introduced to the wonderful experience of money spending.

just for comparisons, my mom gave me 50cents to spend in primary 1. inflation, perhaps?


Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Recap

for the last few days prior to new year:

1. got called up for work, when i initially had day off for new year. it's okay, for the better future right?

2. on the eve of the eve of new year, flying back from jakarta, we got struck by lightning. it left a mark, as how a blunt nail would leave if hammered onto a metal sheet, and the paint got scraped off.

3. spent my first ever new year in flight (on the way back from shenzhen), flying somewhere over the south china sea. we did not have any countdown because most of the passengers were sleeping. i did get a free meal from the captain though :)

4. a bloody idiotic bafoon stole Miss Om's car radio antenna (it's the screw on type). already missed new year celebration, now i was left without an antenna.

anyway, it is the new year, with many things to look forward to. so HAPPY *belated* NEW YEAR from me to anyone who's reading. may 2010 be so much more awesome, exciting, and less to worry. party hard, and make incredible memories this year!

-2010 is actually here. omg. -