Saturday, May 29, 2010

Snap A Pic, Then Snap Some More

what island is that?

ship ahoy!
loads of ships around.

awesome hong kong!

damn good visibility as you can see.

we could even see macau at the other side of the sea when landing in hong kong!
very rare because it's usually misty over here. couldn't get a pic of that unfortunately.
too dangerous to be taking pictures then.

beautiful, no?

did my first flight to hong kong at the beginning of the month. was awe-struck because hong kong is so pleasant. i ain't no flyfreak. he been there too many times already :P

and the weather was so awesome. really complemented the whole experience. there's just an energy and the place itself. something exciting, even though this coming from just a 25-minute turn-around view. if i could, i wanna live in hong kong someday.

it was that awesome.

plus, their reporting waypoints in the hong kong airspace really makes you hungry. names like: guava, chery, mango, lime, prawn, trout, tunna, lotus, pecan, acorn.

sounds a bit like something from a fantasy world.
i love hong kong. too early?


2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake,
"Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?,
I don't love him. Winter just wasn't my season"
Yeah we walk through the doors, so accusing their eyes
Like they have any right at all to criticize,
Hypocrites. You're all here for the very same reason

- 2AM (breathe) by anna nalick -

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Was Like... Ok?

i have never gotten a speeding ticket prior to this. so i had no idea what the procedure was, except for the little scene on "friends" when ross gets a ticket for driving really slow.

so anyway, the other day, i got pulled over for speeding. here's the little conversation between the officer and the gentleman(hahahaha). i think it sounds better if i keep it in the original language.

him: satu tiga tujuh.

me: ? (summon amount? offence number 137?!)

him: dari mana?

me: *thinks* nilai.

him: satu tiga tujuh bang.

me: ok?

(i wasn't paying much attention to him because i wanted to hear who was number 1 on seacrest)

him: ic and lesen.

*hands over*

him: tadi speeding, satu tiga tujuh.

me: ok?

him: satu tiga tujuh. kita ada kamera lima kilometer sana. (he has my ic, my licence, he has the summon book but doesn't write a thing)

me: ok.

him: *mumble* kalau tangkap gambar, nanti pos *mumbles mumbles* (hands over my ic and licence)

(BoB is number one)

me: huh??? *takes my stuff* saman macam mana?

him *mumbles mumbles* gambar. saman. *mumbles mumbles*

me: boleh pergi?

him: ahhh ye.

so until now, am clueless how it works. worthless experience.


have you heard of this group on facebook: stop insulting justin bieber, she has feelings too?

the bashing continues with:

" God, if you give us back michael jackson, we will give you justin bieber "

and apparently michael's not the only one. people are willing to trade justin for tupac, kurt cobain and bob marley too.

i can't help but laugh at this. well at least justin's got money to lessen the pain :P

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Good Life

we grow up, along the way making plans for the future. how we're gonna spend it, with who, and all the endless possibilities.

then, we actually grow up and let life get in the way.

we forget of all the endless possibilities, because we let reality become heavier than it actually is. we set the wrong priorities. we meet the wrong people. we get drifted away. we forget to dream.

childhood innocence, reminds me that. i'm blessed to be happy.

truly. how about you?


If God is a DJ

Life is a dance floor

Love is the rhythm

You are the music

- pink "God Is A DJ" -

Monday, May 24, 2010

You Make Me Sick

Some people think they know everything, and even worse, feel they're so much more superior too.

I think substance is important, and facts as well. It's annoying when people you have to put up with are ignorant and have the mind of an obstinate grandfather. Yet when reality sets in, the reality that they're really short of the perfection they thought themselves to be, run for help into your direction but still are able to maintain their ego.

Some like to keep the delusions going on. I guess it helps when the going gets tough.

Silent victory is sweet, don't you agree?

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breaking The Cycle

there is a certain comfort in having a routine. it prepares our heart for the unexpected because we already know what's ahead. routine provides a state of normalcy.

with the job i'm in, it is quite impossible to get hold of a routine of life. it's more of a day to day scenario. while i hate the fact that most days i can't get my sleep, i also love it that i don't have a routine. it's part of the attraction of my job. it's weird, i know. but not having to be held in a cycle, allows me to be free of being grounded by people and emotions. everyday, is different. i don't know what to expect. i don't know who i'll meet. i don't know how the traffic will be, or even if i'll eat.

of course, most times, i'm the last to know of the latest.

why this suddenly? it occurred to me while speaking to my friends. they opted to head back to jb for work instead of kl because of this. it's not a bad idea, no. but different people, different ideas. i think i'd probably feel like a black hole after a certain time. don't get me wrong, i do miss having a routine. but breaking out of the mold, isn't so bad, is it?

at least for now, i don't get tied down. sacrifices of course, but isn't that life anyway? what about you? do you think i'm way out of line?


-my current addiction. the boy's got talent-

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mid May Merry

i'm beginning to have one of those constipated blogs. damn. sorry for the absence. just a little tied up with things.

isn't it just plain odd how everything in life can just happen. it's like a blink of an eye, and it's already been 4 (plus) years since i got out of highschool. 4 years since i made the crazy pull out from university.

last sunday was may 16th. also teacher's day. i have this gang of friends (mostly seniors), who make an effort annually to visit the school. this year i joined them, and it was kinda odd, in a good way. see, the teachers were excited to meet us, even those stern no-joking ones. i know it sounds weird, but it's hard to explain this student-teacher relationship we have. you probably can't comprehend it.

it started with the english language society (els). we were like a small clan, like-minded and noisy. we planned and started traditions like song dedications for recess, teacher's day dedication cards, bbq sales. and not forgetting choral speaking. choral speaking was big for us. because we were a small clan, part of the challenge was getting others to join us to put up with our nonsense.

and because we were in a boys school, the girls school always had the advantage. choral speaking had a ridiculous rule. no swaying waist down. so the girls could boob sway and flaunt their way. if only, we were allowed to thrust our hips and show them what we got. it was a sexist competition.

but we leveled up on our scripts, till the year the government decided to stop the competition.

anyways, this little competition was a ride like no other. it was an excuse to skip class, because we wouldn't start practicing till we've had an hour of unavoidable crap-talk, and bribes from the teachers to spend us. through the brainstorming of ideas, jokes, all wrapped in hours of practice, we had a better 1malaysia than the country could ever hope for. the weekly (and sometimes daily unofficial) meet ups for the els were just crazy. probably because the teachers as well would contribute in our merciless talks about certain teachers. see, they weren't just normal teachers. they bitched too. subtly.

since leaving school, we kept in touch. and the relationship we had with the els teachers (somehow) spread to other teachers as well. on a day they were being celebrated about, they still found time to worry. "where are these boys?!". and that's why it's odd. who becomes friendly with the no-joking teachers? or the discipline head? maybe my two brothers, but not me. i wasn't the school prefect or hockey player.

it's kind of fascinating how we could let loose and share crude jokes/remarks without getting reprimanded with adults we used to fear, argued with, or didn't want to tolerate. in their eyes, we're always the ones in uniform. but most times, they embrace we've become equivalent adults too. i used to be the one in awe when they taught me. now, it's mutual when exchanging experiences.

it's a little hard to stomach how boundaries are broken, but its a gratifying relationship. people will always come and go, but its the ones that matter, that you know you don't have to say "keep in touch" to be in touch.

it'll never go away.

like family.


to loyar buruk,

your hometown from 36,000feet above the ground.
can spot your home?