Thursday, June 14, 2007

In The Office Pantry

i've bout 5mins to blog before Heroes starts so lets zoooommmm

scenario: office people talking bout me wanting to become a pilot. coz everyone seems to be on break together, so choose a silly topic to bombard and blast. with me, or against me.

note: KD thinks its a bad choice. she thinks a plane crash is as common as a car crash on KESAS highway. KY thinks otherwise. in my favour.

KD: eh tak sayang ke muka cantik mati cepat?

me: well, dah lama idamkan. sooo tak pe ahhh (i've already told her its not likely to crash)

KD: boleh setuju lagi! hahahaha... tapi kesian lah. kalau crash nanti.

me just laughs.

KY: yak'lah. hidup lama pun, DOSA JE LEBIH!

-k needs to rush downstairs. bye bye!-


TKDaddict said...

tell them my whole family wants me to be a we can all get discounted first class tickets :)

sharman said...

hahahahaha bloodsuckers! lol

TKDaddict said...

eleh...look whose talking....
the ppl who waiting for free medical treatment

Dilah said...


sharman said...

big difference k atta. im not taking over an airline, but YOU are opening a medical centre. so YOU can afford to give free treatments. lol

Anonymous said...

so so unnecessary tau. *slaps forehead*

u wont crash any plane btw... me has d faith in you atta-man.


sharman said...

hehehe wat in life is necessary???

i hope nothing crashes too :D