Friday, November 09, 2007


i think J Timberlake is a reaaally sad case.

he sings:

"Ayo!!!! I'm tired of usin technology
Why don't you sit down on top of me?
Ayo!!!! I'm tired of usin' technology
I need you right in front of me"

doesn't that say something? hmmmm....

am very much addicted to this line:

*everybody sing along*


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dreams & SOT

SOT meaning "some other things". i haven't had much *insipid* inspiration to blog about so i guess most of my posts are gonna be SOTs. the blogging drive seems to have been depleted. i think its the KB air. or the lack of it.

i had this really peculiar dream last night. i was to deliver some sacred relic (do NOT ask me the timeframe) from somewhere to somewhere. don't remember the exact details but it involved Dato Michelle Yeoh in a green chinese fairy/empress dress, swirling around trying to gain my trust (don't know why either). see she was suppose to be some kind of bodyguard of mine against some mean guy who's also after that scared relic. and she could transform into weird creatures. talk about transformers!

dream went on, and as usual, it ended with apnoea.

APNOEA- cessation of breathing when asleep.

another random dream, not last night, but has been re-occuring a few times already, is bout my ol' fish tank. with gold fishes. in my ol' house. it starts with me in the house, realizing i haven't fed the fish nor cleaned the tank in awhile, turning around to find the tank spotless of algae and fish well fed. which amazes me, and i just stop and stare at the tank till i wake up.

anybody read dreams?


oh gosh i've got shit loads to read up on. the manuals manuals manuals. haven't opened it till today, and not to say i read much today either. i'm so friggin deadmeat in a frying pan!

then there's Met to read up on again. i am SOOOOOO gone.

being home isn't making it easier. its just been so long since i enjoyed doing nothing. then as the days go by, that awful remorse of not doing what you're suppose to be doing grows larger. i am such a goner...


Nigel"BiscuitBoy" (NBB) is so funny to watch. seeing him running. off balance. almost falling. hands waving everywhere.

then when he falls, he just lays there till someone carries him. such a biscuitboy. and he's so nice to hug. and nobody understand what he's yapping. AND he pronounces "5" as five-ish.

then there's ITT and his nonsense talk and endless "whys". imagine trying to give a logical answer to WHY i can drive, or WHY that stranger is talking on the phone by the road.

-i miss my bed in this house-