Friday, June 08, 2007

Debate 04'

quote of the day:

well it's really how you spend that one day.

i watched Pirates3 (FINALLY!) and Shrek the Third :D

anyways as i was on the bus back home, a familiar face got on the same bus. i didnt know him that well, but he was a familiar face from the past lol so lame...

he did hold a significant part in my highschool life. see going into form5, my english teacher sent my name for the debate team. at that time, i wasnt even interested in debating. worst still, the debate team i was in, was a bunch of virgin-debaters. none of us had ever gone to watch a debate, or even wanted to be there.

but soon it all changed when the training started. the head teachr was fun. i think he's more into competitions than into teaching, but i didnt care so long as he wasnt my class's english teacher hehehe...

the build-up to our first debate wasnt so bad. since none of us were debaters before, expectations were low. but i was pretty determined not to make it just a one-round-er team. i wanted us to last at least a few rounds, make an impression, and lose with dignity.

and i was true...except the last one. which turned out a long story of could-be betrayal.
(never expected such a dull thing as debating to turn out into such a soap-opera eh?)

we were granted many permissions to skip classes, we gleamed. we were allowed to practice in comfortable rooms, we gleamed some more. we were given extra long breaks at the canteen, we gleamed even more.

we got left behind in add maths class, we sucked it up. we got picked on during add maths class BY our own add maths teachers, we tried to suck it up lol...

so the familiar face on the bus? well he was a member of the first debate team we faced. their 1st speaker sent a shiver down our spines when he first opened his speech. he walked out front resplendently. he stood bravely. he spook fluently. greeting the judges, us, and the audience. he opened his speech, straight from his mind!

we sat at the other side of the room nervously, cold and sweaty palms. DAMN! they memorized their speech! we needed our speeches in hand for reference!

then suddenly, swiftfully, he reached his back pocket with his left hand and shook a folded piece of paper into a straighten front. and started reading word by word.

you have no idea how relief we felt from that moment on. imagine losing at home grounds! at least now we stood a chance. and we did. we won 3 debates. lost the last, but managed to salvaged some dignity for my school in that one :D

it was also in that first round where i went on questioning the opposing team in one POI (each POI 20secs only i think), refusing to sit down, coz he wasnt answering my Q. everytime i was ready to sit, he would say something which i had something else to refute, and so i looked like an ignorant fool refusing to take his seat. i remember my teachers in the audience giving hand signals to me to sit, and the head teacher covering his face with his hand at that moment hahahaha...

surprisingly, i got the best speaker that time hahahaha... no one could believe it.

the 3rd round, was against an all-girls school, and they went on some weird ground saying prostitution are the longest known carrier and somewhere along the guidelines it never caused social ills.

i retaliated with "do you see prostitutes knocking on your doors at home? hey do you wanna have sex with me?"

that got the audience laughing and the opposing team's reply couldnt be heard hahaha...and i didnt get best speaker, no surprise i think.

so that was that. meeting the guy on the bus, GoodPerson, reminded of that time.

GOSH its been 3 years! so much has happened since that 3 years. and i still remember him, and he remembers me! (although he DID think he met me at chess, which i dont do, then i said 'debate?' and we both 'ahhhh yes' together and confirmed our acquintance) usually i'd act not bothered, but dunno y yesterday i didnt.

so whats gonna happen 3 years from now? hmmm...

word of the day:

fistula: a hole in your rectum that bleeds foul-smelling pus and faeces all day long.


vonblue said...

perghhhhhhh u in debate ah???hahhaa nvr knew.....cehhh debater XD pernah compete against SIGS??:P

sharman said...

now u know :P

nope didnt compete with SIGS. we were on different sides of the table. so only way i could hv faced em was in the finals, which neither of us made to hahahaha

TKDaddict said...

debate...hmmm *reminisce of old times*

TKDaddict said...

my gosh its been almost 5 yrs...fuuu...damm time is flying

Carol said...

Hey how did you like Pirates 3? I think pirates is way better than shrek..=P

sharman said...

tkd: hahaha omg yeaaa still remember YOU talking abt debate...time REALLY does fly... or we're just getting old hahaha

carol: yeaaa pirates3 was way better...shrek was rather short. but pirates is just awesome. the most unforgettable character in my life would probably be Capt Jack Sparrow!

Dilah said...

eh, betul ker you were from debate?? wah....bole tahan.?

I participated in debate years ago and i completely became gabra. but my team won some rounds. that was the first and would be my last debate. ever.

btw, how was pirates? u liked it? i think it was AWESOME!

sharman said...

hehehe yeaa hard 2 believe but i was :D

mula2 mmg nervous la..but the thrill of winning was nice :)

guess u never liked it eh?

PIRATES WAS AWESOME! SOOOOO gewd. didnt u catch the after credits?

Caroline said...

Yeah, didn't like the ending larrrr.....of all people, Will Turner had to be The Captain. Sigh, wish it was Sparrow instead of him...=(...

sharman said...

hahaha sparrow already captain mahhh...cannot simply change ships...

hmmmm wats wrong wt turner becoming the captain?

i found the '10years at sea, 1day on land' rather ...touching? hahahahahahahaa

Dilah said...

haix...i regretted not staying for the final scene after credits. coz i din know abt it.

i wanna watch pirates again.

tapi poket mcm pokai.

maybe i can go msia and watch it?

sharman said...

hahaha yea sure y not? its not far waattttt

Dilah said...

yelarh. memang tak far, soalnyer nak MASUK msia satu hal.


HAIYOH. life.

sharman said...

swim across dilah.XD

Dilah said...

ahh...banyak larh nak renang.

I dont know how to swim XD

and uh..i'll get caught and labelled "PENDATANG HARAM". lolx.

mcm glamour, tak ke gitu?

sharman said...

why u over estimating?

u actually think they will find u swimming across? dont la give so much of the benefit of doubt!!!


sharman said...

why u over estimating?

u actually think they will find u swimming across? dont la give so much of the benefit of doubt!!!