Thursday, October 30, 2008


you were the glimmer in the sand,
in the yards afar,
the tiny speck of dazzle,
that was blinding with attraction.

the back of my hand was all i knew,
not the distance,
not the size,
nor the attraction you aroused.

an empty sheet i owned,
and with it i painted with unconfident brushes,
what i saw,
and what i felt in my own perceptions.

i made a you,
of divine colours and contour,
but mostly i made a you,
you did not understand or approve.

because you were a tiny speck,
i never contemplated the distance,
or understood why you were blinding to my eyes,
i was never good at the guessing game.

play me a tune; maybe i'll sing,
tell me a story; maybe i'll recite,
give me a map; maybe i'll follow,
but not charades cause i'll be wrong.

you are the glimmer in the sand,
with a million footsteps in between,
shining brightly even in the night,
the diamond i can't afford.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wronged Ears

i was out looking for a place to laminate my map, but couldn't find one. so i ended up entering the bakery nearby with my navigation map in one hand, coz i have a thing for bakeries. i could spend lotsa money, if i had in the first place, buying buns. no not that buns, but buns made out of flour and yeast and baked in an oven.

so while i was searching for cash in my wallet to pay for my goodies, the cashier was admiring my map. then she enquired about it.

she: dapat dari mana tu?

me: ermmm... sekolah.

she: oh... koperasi jual ke?

me: tak de la... *how should i say it*... sekolah kasi.

(at this point, the map was on the counter coz i was in between keeping my wallet, getting my stuff, so she takes it and has a look)

she: ooo... saya cari peta... yang ada lebuh raya.

me: ni ada. yang warna coklat tu jalan raya. tapi peta ni bahagian utara sahaja.

she: you belajar apa?

me: belajar lesen menerbang.

she: ada ke?

me: yep. saya belajar kat kota bahru ni.

she: oh saya tak tau ada sekolah lesen menebang.

(she admires the map, and suddenly a wave of realization washes over her)

she: you kata lesen meNERbang ke meNEbang?

me: *laughs* menerrrrrbang.

she: alamak. i thought you meant lesen tebang pokok.

the pisang goreng lady had an even more colourful imagination. she thought i went all the way to kota bahru to do form6 in an asrama. gosh. what a nightmare of a thought. what was she thinking?!

i went to the post office today. last time i went there, was to post my application to NUS and NTU. a year on, look where am i now. at the other end of the peninsula.

dreams bring you to different paths. funny how situations provoke you to believing you were meant for something else.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mash The Mush

i was feeding NigelTheBrat, when he pointed to my plate, a sign of what he wanted even though he had his mouth stuffed with rice already.
me: you want this?
he nodded his head.
me: this is mushroom.
then he shook his head vigorously.
he: no noooo... this shroooommmmssss.
kids these days. do they know too much? scarily too much.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


something has happened to my explorer. it does not load my facebook page properly. you know the applications bar at the bottom of the window? that doesn't show at all. and i can't click on all the "send" buttons, like when i type a message, i can't send coz i can't click it. same goes with the wall-to-wall posts.

i cant approve or decline friend request, invitations, etc. now i've got lotsa requests on stand by. and since i'm such a neat freak at times, that's bugging me coz i can't approve or decline and everytime i log in, its just there pointing itself to me. its also gonna get me labelled as stuck up or some shyt like that i'm sure...

i tried logging out and logging in. i tried deleting the history. i tried downloading mozila. it just won't work.

i am such a noob. but i think it's because the connection isn't stable. last time it used to take years to load facebook, now it just doesn't load properly. so i'm blaming it on the connection. hmmm...

i'm so noob-ish eh? hahahaha...

nothing else to say. just felt like blogging coz i haven't blogged much.

oh yea, watched I Know Who Kill Me last night. Lindsay Lohan was in it. the movie was just rather weird. and you know what, blue surgical gloves are freaky. like navy blue ones. there was something in the movie about the colour blue.

blue gloves (for surgery AND investigation), blue books, blue undergarments, blue roses, blue walls, blue cars, blue knives and weapons, there was just a lot of blue.

i think they were strangely obsessed with Blue's Clues.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

One Book Down

i am done with To Kill A Mockingbird. it was different because of it's language. the english was rather american county styled with the many apostraphy(s) (is that how you spell it?) here and there, making words shorter than they originally were. sometimes it's like a lil game of guessing, making out what it stands for.

nevertheless it was good. it was nice to read something from a kid's point of view. about everything from growing up to rape. i think there are quite a few people in this world who would benefit a lot if they read it. sad to know people act the way they are, but at least some of us have come a great deal from them.

sadder the fact that some people have just refused to change.

Boo Radley was an awesome character. i liked the ending part very much. wish there was more of him though. didn't expect to enjoy the book to that extent, but it turned out good. maybe i should read more classics? or the movie next?

distractions in life. very, very bad.

anyways, been under the weather past few days. the usual bouts of tonsils. sigh. its been dreadful. getting better though. dosing up on vitaminC chewables for the flu hahaha... like a small kid :P

the worst thing about panadol, besides the fact of consuming them, is that you start to sweat a lot after some time. there was one night, i was running a pretty high fever. i knew coz i was feeling cold even in my room with the fan switched off. i fell asleep in my sweater and covered under my blanket, then 2 hours later i woke up drenched in sweat. it felt like i had a shower in my bed with sticky salt water. very uncomfortable.

" Shoot all the bluejays you want,
If you can hit 'em,
But remember,
It's a sin to kill a mockingbird. "
-Harper Lee-

Sunday, October 05, 2008


one of the best:

when you get water stuck in your nose, like during swimming, that it makes you start sneezing and your nose becomes really uncomfortable, then finally after many excrutiating minutes or hours bearing water in your nose, it flows out from those nostril sockets, the rush of the once lodged water flowing warmly again is absolutely unforgettable. no more mr uncomfortable nose.

one of the worst:

returning back to these four walls. damn it!