Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Laptops Can Be Dangerous

watching HIMYM with a six year old can be dangerous.

i was enjoying season 1, one of the last few episodes about how lily and robin crashed a prom to check out the band to hire for marshall and lily's wedding, halfway through my cousin's daughter joins me on the laptop.

i thought there couldn't be anything wrong with letting her join. i didn't think of the actual consequences.

so in that episode lily speaks about some regrets like not having done any lesbian acts.

okay first mistake. i wasn't sure if she actually said lesbian because of the interference from the tv behind me. hence, i let it pass.

then they kiss. second mistake.

niece: girls kiss?

me: ermmm.. they are sisters.

niece: but girls kiss each other? *with slight disgust*

me: ya. like how you kiss your sister. sisters can kiss each other right...

niece: ohhhh

first and last episode of HIMYM i'm watching with this little girl. or matter fact, anything on my laptop. too darn dangerous.

this guy is legendary. the show would not be the same without him. who's your fav?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Got Me Speechless

at the terminal the other day while walking to the aircraft, one of the captains i've flown with loudly called me a "fake indian".

i could only chuckle in reply. in my defense, i'm only half indian :)

the cleaner of the apron in the shenzhen airport.
unusual right?

and if you think just because he rides a bicycle that shenzhen must be a small town, well it's not. it's huge. huge-er than kl.

usually on long flights like to shenzhen, captains and first officers try to entertain each other by talking random stuff. so we don't fall asleep. usually the talk would bounce about topics like who i'm dating, if she's a crew, why are you single etc etc. yes. some days i'm single, some days i'm not. it's complicated. and of recent, the world cup was a hot topic. unsurprisingly.

anyways, one of the captains concluded that i "look like a happy person".

i think it's more of, at work, i try to be as happy as possible so it doesn't feel so much of a work. and i've realized, if i try to be happy, then i get happy back. kinda like good karma. i've experienced going to the airport with a heavy heart, and the day would turn out even worse than how it began.

so since then, i always try to leave everything behind when i go to work.

that's exactly why i think secrets are important. even in relationships. keeping some details to yourself, not asking you to lie but to keep some to ourselves, is always good. it keeps us sane. it makes situations easier to deal with, sometimes. it allows us to grow as a person, by learning to deal with situations.

though some of us just need the reality check every so often.

so if that's the case, there's always justin bieber to sing-a-long to. because how can that not lift your spirits up?! knowing you have a great voice.


in the cockpit

him: in bangkok, i'm married. in kl, no. you?

me: for now, not married. single. no one.

him: so no one?

me: yup :)

him: no one love you?

now that sounds pathetic when you put it that way

him: if no girl love you, try boy.

then he burst out laughing. this coming from someone who usually is as quiet as a rock. seriously dude, i'm not used to this. for a second, i thought you were possessed.

me---> O.o wtf.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

TV Is Not Idiotic

" you can't go through life allowing pain to dictate how you behave. it's easy to sit here in your bedroom and wallow in your hurt feelings. it's hard to rise above it. "


i'm loving how innovative blogspot has become with all its easy to do layout editing. but sadly it's taken away my colour privileges, font adjustments, and post positioning. oh well. can't get everything. like how i always believe, you get something good, and you lose something else, then you're back at square one.

on another random note, i'm starting to look really crappy. unnecessary stress and sleep deprivation is really sucking the life out of me. may everything go well this coming crazy days. can't wait to get it over and done with.

i'll try not to drive myself crazy.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I Need Somebody To Love

quite the contrary actually. i am constantly being probed about my relationship status, as though it is a cause of worry. in my wildest dreams, i would never want to settle down as yet. i think, at 23, there is abundance to be seen.

there is no rush. neither do i want to be dependent. i prefer the idea of getting to know people, than taking things serious down the rocky path. less the risk, less the pain, but why sour my youth? what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger, you say? i think i've had my fair share of that.

thing is, we get it over our heads that we need to achieve this and that; we need to do this because somebody is waiting, and more often than not, we jump into things weighing the perceptions and not contemplating the truth. pressured some sort. maybe we need to believe a little more in the old saying:

" if you love someone, set them free. if they come back, they're yours. if they don't, they never were. "

okay a bit off, but don't suffocate them...

because things will come to an end. like bali.

sometimes, good things have to come to an end, else they'd never be memories. and if we hold on too tight, we'd just be drowning from the lost rather than moving on. moving on to a possibility of another escapade.

in the meantime, walking alone is good.