Sunday, May 27, 2007


went for paintball last morning, coz technically its sunday already. was an R&R thing the company does every month with different activities, and this month it was paintball!

game of 6 -vs- 6. i tasted orange *water soluble* (like it makes a difference) paint. a pellet smacked into the wooden log barricade i was hiding at, and burst into my face mask, which had a mouth ventilation obviously! so yep, i tasted orange coloured paint.

i saw this scratch, quite disappointingly, on me. after hearing AND seeing all the sordid bruises people got after playing paintball (i've seen someone's skin pecah after getting shot), this was certainly rather... sad case?

this was on my forearm actually. had to twist awkwardly to get a clear picture.

i was expecting more, honestly. and even this was such a cheap shot. i had to wave the white flag coz my marker (aka gun) got jammed, and as i was walking out of the field, people started firing at me aimlessly, and one hit me from behind! unfair.

i did get shot a few times, but the pellets didnt burst so it didnt count. anyways, this was so far the only visible bruise i got, till i went to shower and saw...

i had another on my chest, and one more on my lower back. but those two barely protruding. this however, was as close as i got to those horrific paintball aftermath stories. its not painful actually. but the worse is...

THE LEGS! omg. climbing, running, breaking suddenly, crouching and the horror of squating again AND AGAIN. dah la that day's futsal effect not yet wear out, plus today's game, when i wake later in the morning, i could use an electric wheelchair!

but the game was AWESOME. serious fun. and serious exercise. its not just shooting. but taking cover and running IS tiring.

that said, it doesnt come cheap either hehe... luckily the company subsidized!

oh yea and the game was kinda in a ladang kelapa sawit. like damn outa town they built this place nicely, but theres other infrastructure nearby. so boss and i went to chech out the battlefield and she goes:

"waahhh this place if got snake how?"

ME: well then consider it your lucky day!


OMG i just finished Kevin couple hours ago. it was such an unexpected ending! the book was superb la. it kinda reminded me of Sixth Sense, the twist which i loved so much.

the obvious scare of raising a child, be it whenever, certainly protruded. Kevin's the absolute un-ideal kinda child u'd imagine for. as everything that could go wrong, will go wrong?

it just puts into prespective that its no small past time or oops-it-happen-accident aftermath having a kid. kinda scary actually. trying to find the faint hint of you in a younger and paler complexion, but to find otherwise. you'd never think, or at least I, that things could begin from so long ago. underestimating intelligence.

it was so friggin' scary.

but it also opened up my thinking, that everyone is different. the words 'spoken' through Kevin, although sadistically inclined, did bring about the *much forgotten by me* thought that everyone is friggin' different.

not everyone's looking forward to a picnic or a trip to the museum. not everyone is into computer virus or plain sardonic talk.

*realize this sharman*

same case in mind, not everyone wants to be a watcher. some want to be a wantchee.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


But to stand with you in a ring of fire
I’ll forget the days gone by
I’ll protect your body and guard your soul
From mirages in your sight

Anggun's Snow On The Sahara

i've just been too lazy to update. Kevin has started getting very very interesting the past few days. i've still got less than a 100 pages to go, aiming to finish it by this week.

i've held it hostage too long. its time i settle it X)

Kevin, here i come!

Friday, May 18, 2007


so we havent talked in a long time. but point to note, we never were close. seriously, there were a million topics to pick from.

we could have redundantly spoken about our future plans.

we could talk stale news of who's working where.

we could have relive interestingly of the boring last year.

we could condemn the horrific restaurant at the end of the street.

we could have exclaimed about the 90 bucks CK underwear.

we could validate the dirtiness of my once-white shoes.

heck we could even have conversed why birds poop with such accuracy!

but NO, instead...

he asked ME bout a bank loan.

a friggin home loan.

do i LOOK like i know bout home loans?!


do i even look like i give a effing care bout home loans?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Short Bytes

- melinda dolittle got voted off. sure she'll be making lotsa money, but this has just thrown the entire season wide open. blake -vs- jordin? no idea. would be fun to watch no doubt.

- elliot yamin needs a hair cut.

- i saw ONE piece of underwear by CK for 90 bucks. must be really lewd whoops i meant good comfort.

- just saw the new beyonce advert for samsung hp's on tv. hehehehe XD

cool. but the hp looks kinda ugly la... she's still beautiful.

- today my nephew ITT learned the alphabet V in nursery.

me: what does V stand for?

ITT: vegetable.

me: how to spell vegetable?

ITT: v-e-g-e-t-a-b-one-e

hahahaha funny guy. apparently he hasn't learnt the alphabet L. hence, the misconfiguration of alphabets and numbers :D

the number 23

-nonsense post-

let me make this clear. if it weren't for me, this number would never have made it big.

seriously, why suddenly it's used callously? it has some depth, that number i tell u.

and its all because of ME. yes me. coz i was born on the 23 of march. undoubtedly my favourite number for no plausible reason, but its because i liked it first, that its become such a BIG number.

micheal jordan took that number when he joined the washington wizards.

david (gosh i almost typed micheal bechkam hahaha) beckham put the 23 jersey on in real madrid.

jim carrey has a movie called THE NUMBER 23! (which i havent watched laaa)

SEE. only AFTER i was arrived on this earth, this number made such a huge ass deal. its because of ME!

oh and last night, watching heroes, dr suresh mohinder's hotel room was number u-can-guess-what!

23 always affiliated with me. they should give me some rights and pay me dunno-what-for money la.

i've been back from kl since monday noon. life's been back to routine. but i have been awfully tired the past few days. maybe its because of my flustered mind. too much flusterings goin on. hence the absence of me from my forsaken blog.

my typing's been off ever since i've been back. no i'm not drunk. haven't had alco since that friday/saturday. i keep pressing in between the buttons. haizz irritating me. especially at work. need to get my "skills" back.

good news for me. they gonna show reruns of heroes. missed last week's episode la. luckily can get back on the wagon.

in the office now. lawyer's gone outa town. nothing to do.

no phone calls (thank God!). no letters to type (YAY!). no couriers to stamp or sign. the cleaners didnt come (think coz i was late hahaha). so here i am on the net. blogging.

with my home-made cheese and tomato sandwich. very early lunch this is. but its soooo gooey and syiok. unfortunately there wasnt any aluminium foil at home, or the cheese would melt oozily. thats damn syiok. if u havent tried it, you should. just plain cheese and bread in aluminium foil to contract heat is awesome.


Thursday, May 10, 2007


i was listening to a sg radio show, and the dj goes:
chaplang means to mix match and bla bla de bla blahhh

-_-" chaplang does NOT mean mix match or of that sort. it means ciplak. un-original. tainted. and the likes. get your facts right first la.

today on the bus i felt hungry and had the unavoidable thought of getting myself a Loacker Kakao waffer snack. so off i went to the BHP station mart and guess what!

it was only 1.90! not big deal, but usually it cost 2.60. i mean the small pack btw. so i bought two, which saves me enough bus fare for a trip to town! then again, i dont buy snacks everyday XP

but is it really coincidence that the day i wish to eat Loacker (hums the tune) and its on offer?

THEN the other day when i got a lil wee bit (let me be humble la SIL!) intoxicated, i was offered the bin to throw up the excess puke. right next to me bed, supposedly puked by me the bin laid.

so my bro wakes me up half an hour late for class, and says: dont forget to clean it up. think u vomited.

i digressed. so i smelt it, and it smelt perfectly fine! kinda sweet actually. then i reply: no i dont think so.

he walks out of the room and i hurriedly have me bath and goes off.

later that evening my bro in law reminds me, yes reminds, me to clean the bin.

still i dont believe his words and reply: no i didnt vomit laaaa.

"yes u did. dont forget to clean it, after become worse", he says.

so off i go, rather late at night (or was it the next day already? hmmm) and empties the bin into a plastic bag coz there was rubbish. i held my breathe, but released to be welcomed by a perfectly SWEET scent!

if thats how my puke smelt, really why should anybody have a problem with it?

i was kinda amazed/proud of my good smelling puke.

ok before u think i've gone bananas or have a weird fetish for puke, let me explain what i found in the bin.

besides puke that it.

i found the old air freshner can i threw away couple of days ago, with the new fresher's cover in it! hence the smell!

maybe i wasnt blessed with such good puke (for an instant it did fool my mom too), but do u think that was entirely and purely coincidental? i puke and there's air freshner to wisp it off?

NO. i say,



before i go, today at work someone wrote a cheque to somebody. think it was meant as:

amount: RM XXXX.00
to: ***** Pemborong Sdn Bhd

but the fella wrote instead:

amount: RM XXXX.00
to: ***** Pembohong Sdn Bhd

(lol) needless to say, the cheque got rejected!

-will be off to kl in a few hours, hope everything goes well-

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


i just watched spiderman3 few hours ago. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

OMGGG so niceeee!!!! but why did they have to make it so sad? make me feel so miserable.

starting starting i thought harry osborn was damn good of a psychopath. make me laugh whenever i see his expression. so psychotic his smile, although i think it was meant to be genuine.

THEN i saw toby maguire...

and i laughed like a mad fella!!! ended up being a horrible movie goer la. everyone so still, i sat and laughed like mad. why???

1) toby maguire trying to act cool.

2) toby maguire dressing ghotic.

3) toby maguire trying to dance!

damn funny. u should see it to believe it yourself. if you're like me, you'll laugh too.

i've decided, granted with a hopeless imaginatic wish, i dont want to be spiderman or any other superhero. i just want...


wa laooo so cool!!! i also want. anybody interested in making it for me?

super fuyohhh gadgets stuffed inside. then out of nowhere those slicing things can shoot out. and looks damn cool to surf like that la. so slumber he navigate. plus it looks cool hahahaha...

spiderman3 was worth my 11bucks.



Monday, May 07, 2007

Moralitic Story

Well, come on let's go, let's go, little darlin'
Tell me that you'll never leave me
Come on, come on, let's go again and again and again and again
-i watched La Bamba AGAIN last night-

my maths teacher aka Lau Ban/Boss used to tell us this story since we sucked with add maths.

there used to be a priest, who lived through a very pious life his whole life. he never sinned, he practically had a golden ticket to heaven with his way of living.

unfortunately he ran into some problems. see, the church he headed, had run into some financial problems due to unforseen circumstances. he was trying to figure the best and fastest way to solve it, since he had many obligations to be done.

he thought hard, and he thought long.

finally he decided, he'll try his luck with lottery! he knew it wasnt a sure shot, but he had no other options. he needed money fast.

so he prayed each night. asking God for help, let him strike lottery.

let him strike so he doesnt have to shut the church down.

let him strike so he can continue to serve the people.

let him strike coz he's never sinned.

let him strike coz he's been following all God's teaching.

let him strike etc etc...

every night he kneeled down by his bed and said a prayer like that.


God said:

i had, a very long time, agreed to fulfil your prayer since you've been so good. but...


moral of the story:

without effort, dont even think about success. nothing's gonna fall into your life for free.

except misery.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Name

S You are very broad-minded.
(very meh?)
H You are not judgmental.
(so wrong)
A You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
(very true)
R You are a social butterfly.
(i aint no butterfly. i live more than 3 days!)
M Success comes easily to you.
(yea rite. what success again? all paid for k.)
A You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
(ABSOLUTELY very true)
N You like to work, but you always want a break.

hehehe someone sent me an email. the N was the true-est for me hehehe...

funny how sometimes these emails can hold some truth. so randomly thought of, yet makes sense.

btw, my blog has (finally) got 1000 hits! lame but yeaaa

Saturday, May 05, 2007


vertigo has set in. u know its bad when you have no recollection.

a famous local blogger has written a nice entry.

it was so simple and honest.

it reminded me of stuff. it reminded me so much of everything.

but most of all, it was so relate-ble. i felt i was reading my own thoughts or talking to myself.

like speaking the words i do not dare say out loud, but shrieks inside on loudspeaker.

it was nice to read something so relate-able. touching in fact.

sorry very very very big much CMIT. didnt mean to.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


i dont want to end up in local uni.





*should have studied more, bodoh.*